Free Russian language schools to open worldwide

The Council on the Russian Language, which is to be established by the end of August, will promote the Russian language and culture across the CIS, most of the European Union, the United States, China, Japan and the Middle East. The priority list includes around 50 countries. Nearly $46 million has already been allocated for the program.

AP exams, personality traits more likely to predict long-term college success

Advanced Placement exam scores and certain personality traits, along with standard admission practices, could improve predictions about who’ll finish college.

Mind-Controlled Puppet: A Mirage Called Malala, Another Daughter of the East?

Had Edward Snowden exposed the dirt of the Taliban, he would have been standing behind the lectern in New York at the UN hall on Friday, July 12. Whoever drafted Malala’s speech was taking no chances because they wanted a cinematic moment from a “mind-controlled victim” of the elite according to an Indian writer.

WORLD ILLITERACY: How much longer?

There are about 775 million illiterate adults worldwide. Despite the efforts made, UNESCO acknowledges that full literacy remains a distant goal. What is needed is collaboration among governments, support for educational programs and training for the personnel required. If this cannot be mustered, the number of people denied literacy will shamefully remain in the millions.

“Do we, too, have a fabricated history?”: President Moncef Marzouki of Tunisia on The...

President Moncef Morzouki of Tunisia ponders after reading Shlomo Sand's The Invention of the Jewish People, and asks about the lessons and consequences it might have for other nations and peoples. Applauding the courageous historian who meticulously outlined in his book the various methods of fabrication pursued by the Zionist historians of 19th c. Europe as they weaved this legend to which the Palestinians became victims, to which until this day is taught in Israeli schools (and around the world) as absolute and complete truth. When TRUTH be told, Ben Gurion, one of the founders of the State of "Israel", concurred until the end of the 1920s that the Palestinians were the grandchildren of the Ancient Israelites, and that they would open their arms and hearts to their immigrating brethren. But when the Palestinians held on to their Arabness, Ben Gurion's views changed and he flipflopped as it wasn't convenient for his political agenda —and so did the conceptual paradigm, making the Palestinians into foreigners who had conquered the Land of the Fathers and the Grandfathers, and therefore must be expelled. Our present generation, therefore, is now facing a unique phenomenon in figuring out where to start since there is TRUTH in that all national histories, which are taught in high schools all across the world, are in fact fabricated from A to Z, thanks to the massive sophisticated propaganda and historical distortions of the mainstream media and publishing houses that Zionists control. This is one of the very reasons for The Santos Republic's existence and the heart of Universal Fusionism - to usher the New Paradigm based on TRUTH so our world can come back to harmony, mutual prosperity and peace. The lies and propaganda have only contribute to suffering and destruction.

Raise the legal dropout age to keep teenagers in school, study recommends

Raising the age at which students can legally drop out of school could determine their future earning power and quality of life, according to a new research paper.

Aging baby boomers, few replacements threaten U.S. mining sector, Academia and lifestyle – Report

by Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb Mar. 25, 2013 (TSR-Mineweb) - A new report by the National Research Council of the National Academy of Engineering is concerning that the loss of a...

Gender gaps linger in reading and math

by Rachel Barson, University of Leeds, University of Missouri March 21, 2013 (TSR) - Twice as many boys are in the world’s top one percent of math students, but girls...

USA “Superpower” Shocker: 80% of New York City graduates unable to read

March 10, 2013 (TSR-RT) - New York City’s literacy rates are on the decline: nearly 80 percent of high school graduates lack basic skills like reading, writing and math...

Qatari First Lady slams Israel on Education and Palestine at UN Human Rights Council

by Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos, Founder & Publisher March 7, 2013 (TSR) - The 22nd session of Human Rights Council held a “High-Level Panel on Human Rights Mainstreaming” on Friday, March...

Ironic: German education minister stripped of doctorate PhD degree for plagiarism, urged to resign

February 7, 2013 (TSR) - Germany's education minister has been stripped of her doctorate because of plagiarism, in the second such case to hit Angela Merkel's government in two...

Mind games: Reading classics stimulates brain activity

Jan. 14, 2013 (TSR) - British scientists have proved that reading Shakespeare and other classics can stimulate the mind and has a beneficial effect on brain activity. Scientists at Liverpool...