Cost of future flood losses in major coastal cities will soar to $50 billion...

Major coastal cities will have to improve their flood management, including better defenses, at a cost estimated around US $50 billion per year. Inaction is not an option as it could lead to losses in excess of $US 1 trillion, experts warn.

Why people take the risk of illegal immigration

Threats of arrest and punishment aren’t enough to deter illegal immigrants, according to new research that considers non-economic reasons people migrate.

UK: Immigration system backlog will take 37 YEARS to clear, MPs reveal

The people applying to stay in the United Kingdom, could fill Wembley Stadium to capacity six times over and will take 37 years to clear. The figure includes immigrants applying to stay in the country, asylum seekers and 4,102 foreign offenders waiting to be deported.

Saudi princes buying vulnerable Syrian refugee children as disposable sex slaves

The U.S. is on record saying they oppose human trafficking. Yet, they are silent and condone their allies to do just that: Wealthy Saudi Arabian men, in their 60s and 70s – some of whom closely associated with the Saudi royal family – have been purchasing Syrian girls and young women aged nine to 14 for disposable sexual pleasure. After they became tired of the girls, they are handed down to other Saudi men, and the girls somehow just disappear, witnesses say. Girls as young as six or seven are kidnapped and raped by US allies, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, then they bring them back to the camp.

First Nations: U.S. Feds warn Navajo Nation about unspent $434M housing funds

The Navajo Nation has had trouble spending hundreds of millions of dollars in federal housing funds over the past several years, which has been no secret to the tribal housing authority or the federal government. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development says the unexpended balance has hit an unacceptable level of more than $434 million and has threatened action against the Navajo Housing Authority.

Mark Rubio’s Plan to Shrink the Republican Vote: Clueless GOP and its Further Demise

America’s white majority, which accounts for nine in 10 of all Republican votes in presidential elections, is not only shrinking but it is declining in numbers, as well. The Grand Old Party Republicans are in an ongoing crisis as former U.S. Presidential Candidate, Pat Buchanan elaborates: Minorities, peoples of color—Hispanic, black, Asian—gave 80 percent of their votes to Obama. And while the minorities’ share of the electorate was 26 percent in 2012, minorities constitute 36.3 percent of the population. And their share of both the electorate and the population is inexorably rising. Obama won only 39 percent of white America, lowest ever of any victorious presidential candidate. But he did not need any more white votes, when he was carrying people of color 4 to 1. Between 2008 and 2012, some 12 million eligible Hispanics did not bother to vote. And when one considers that Romney lost Hispanics 71-27. Only 48 percent of eligible Asians voted. But when they did, they went 70 percent Democratic. Asians’ numbers, too, are growing, and as more go to the polls, the GOP crisis deepens. Republican damage control: Sens. Marco Rubio, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Republicans are pushing for amnesty and “a path to citizenship” for the 11 to 12 million illegal aliens in the country today. Although still constituting three-fourths of the electorate and nine in 10 Republican votes, White folks are losing interest in politics and voting and those 12 million illegal foreign aliens who will become citizens, once registered, will vote 4-to-1 Democratic. The Republican party doesn't get it. It is too focus on warmongering.

We are all Cousins: Europeans are basically One big family

The entire world is filled with all cousins, i.e. all related to each other. Everyone with ancestors from the European continent are likely cousins who share the same family members from about a thousand years ago. This was predicted in theory over a decade ago, and we now have concrete evidence from DNA data: We are genetically ONE. It's something to truly meditate about before people kill innocent civilians on false "defense" policies on peaceful sovereign nations who have not done anything to them and have little capability of defending themselves from neo-colonialist aggressors.

“Do we, too, have a fabricated history?”: President Moncef Marzouki of Tunisia on The...

President Moncef Morzouki of Tunisia ponders after reading Shlomo Sand's The Invention of the Jewish People, and asks about the lessons and consequences it might have for other nations and peoples. Applauding the courageous historian who meticulously outlined in his book the various methods of fabrication pursued by the Zionist historians of 19th c. Europe as they weaved this legend to which the Palestinians became victims, to which until this day is taught in Israeli schools (and around the world) as absolute and complete truth. When TRUTH be told, Ben Gurion, one of the founders of the State of "Israel", concurred until the end of the 1920s that the Palestinians were the grandchildren of the Ancient Israelites, and that they would open their arms and hearts to their immigrating brethren. But when the Palestinians held on to their Arabness, Ben Gurion's views changed and he flipflopped as it wasn't convenient for his political agenda —and so did the conceptual paradigm, making the Palestinians into foreigners who had conquered the Land of the Fathers and the Grandfathers, and therefore must be expelled. Our present generation, therefore, is now facing a unique phenomenon in figuring out where to start since there is TRUTH in that all national histories, which are taught in high schools all across the world, are in fact fabricated from A to Z, thanks to the massive sophisticated propaganda and historical distortions of the mainstream media and publishing houses that Zionists control. This is one of the very reasons for The Santos Republic's existence and the heart of Universal Fusionism - to usher the New Paradigm based on TRUTH so our world can come back to harmony, mutual prosperity and peace. The lies and propaganda have only contribute to suffering and destruction.

How the Jewish People was Invented: The Deconstruction of the Zionist “Eretz Israel” Mythical...

Contrary to popular mythical belief, the "Jewish" diaspora was the consequence, not of the expulsion of the Hebrews from Palestine, but of proselytising across north Africa, southern Europe and the Middle East. The current interpretation of Jewish history was developed as talented, imaginative historians built on surviving fragments of Jewish and Christian religious memory to construct a continuous genealogy for the Jewish people. Until about 1960, the complex origins of the Jewish people were more or less reluctantly acknowledged by Zionist historiography. Thereafter, just as anyone who present factual TRUTHS, they were marginalised and finally erased from Israeli public memory and all the world's reference books since 1967 when the Israeli forces seized Jerusalem. TRUTH undermines a cornerstone of Zionist thought, which has manipulated the world to believe they are the "Jews" - the descendants of the kingdom of David - but are not - God forbid! - because they are genetically the heirs of Berber warriors or Khazar horsemen as Israeli historian and published author bluntly presents historical facts that have been suppressed for decades to manipulate the masses and always fall into the victimhood trap in order for these Khazarians get what they want from the international community and naïve Christians.

Oman grants asylum to some members of Gaddafi’s family

Move comes in coordination with Libyan government following pledge by Gaddafi family that they will not use Oman as base for political or media activity.

The State of Palestine Exists: Now the Occupation Must End!

by John V. Whitbeck, International Lawyer and Legal Advisor to the Palestinians Jan. 11, 2013 (TSR) - On January 3, Mahmoud Abbas, acting in his capacities as President of the...

Syria: A Christian community trapped and completely worn out in the north of Aleppo

January 11, 2013 (TSR) - About a thousand Christians among Greek-Orthodoxs and Roman Catholics are trapped in the small village of Yaakoubieh, all Christian, in the north of Aleppo....