New discovery offers hope for families against tame yet deadly virus for cats

Scientists have uncovered the mutation that transforms a harmless virus into what is the most lethal infectious disease in cats.

New tool helps Vets and Owners when to let go of beloved ill pets

A new tool could help people assess their seriously ill pets’ quality of life, a key factor in deciding whether or not to prolong a pet’s life with additional procedures.

New protection areas set out for Critically Endangered Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has identified the Cordillera Mountains and Iligan City in Lanao del Norte province as new distribution and conservation areas, with Leyte as rediscovery site, for the Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi) as part of the ongoing efforts to improve the chances for survival of the critically endangered bird.

Hunting Cheetahs Rely More on Agility Than Speed

Cheetahs have a very high top speed, but they don't always use it. They actually owe their hunting prowess to their ability to rapidly accelerate and maneuver around tight turns, a new study finds.

How A Very Special Great Dane Changed an Abused Women City Shelter

There are many unreported and under-reported cases of abused women and children who get separated by pet-unfriendly crisis centers around the world. This is a story about a women's city shelter who added pet facilities because of the heroism of an intelligent, compassionate and courageous Great Dane and the refusal of a deeply grateful abused woman from being separated from her furry loved one. The dog saved the woman from the beating of her boyfriend and absorbed much of his uncontrollable rage and both ends of the hammer, surviving many injuries, including broken hip, broken ribs, and other broken bones. It is a story to remind our societies to grow up soon and treat these furry family members with respect, love and loyalty and honor, the same way they give us, humans.

Double-Standards: MSC’s “Sustainable Seafood” Label Too Lenient and Misleading, Study finds

Conservation groups have raised concerns about London-based Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)’s certification process, calling into question the organization’s claim that its eco-labeling program is “the best environmental choice in seafood.” A joint project between World Wildlife Fund and Unilever, to create positive incentives that would improve the status and management of fisheries, its certification process is paid for by the fisheries that many times are not in compliance with domestic laws, with rates dependent on the size and complexity of the fishery. Thus, the MSC’s narrow definition of sustainability and double-standard “effective management” principle is out of step with the general public perception of what that term and standards it promote means and a consortium of researchers strongly proposes that it is now time that these be re-evaluated.

Cruelty-Free: Europe bans all sales of animal tested products today

After 23 years of effort, a BAN on testing cosmetic products on animals comes into force in all 27-nation bloc of the European Union on March 11, 2013 making them the world's largest cruelty-free coalition.

Scientists declare that Animals have conscious awareness, like humans

August 28, 2012 (TSR) - An international group of prominent scientists has signed The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness in which they are proclaiming their support for the idea that...