Bangladesh Central Bank SWIFT Hacked for Billion Dollars

Bangladesh Central Bank account at NY Federal Reserve was hacked to transfer nearly $1 billion to accounts in The Philippines and diverted to casinos.

2015: The Year Of The Breach; Close To 200 Million Personal Records Exposed

Consumers all over the world are learning their personal information is not safe with businesses, health insurers, financial institutions, the government, and even the educational sphere.

ProtonMail Paid Hackers $6000 Ransom in Bitcoin to Stop DDoS Attacks

ProtonMail was forced to pay a Ransom of almost $6,000 to stop sustained Denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that have knocked its service offline.

Ashley Madison was a bunch of men talking to each other, data analysis suggests

Ashley Madison is a site where millions of cheating married men write mail, chat, and spend money for women who don't exist.

Hackers dump 37M Ashley Madison accounts of Married Adulterers

Hackers have outed infidelity of millions of people around the world by releasing confidential details of 37m user accounts on Ashley Madison site.

U.S. Cybersecurity Expert Calls Sony Hack an Inside Job

Instead of blaming North Korea for the hack, the U.S. Cybersecurity firm Norse, based in California, believes that the hack was actually an inside job, led by a former Sony employee.

Snowden Honeytrap: Almost every Tor developer was (or is) funded by US govt

For the past decade, Internet privacy activists and organizations had been promoting Tor Network as a scrappy but extremely effective grassroots technology that can protect journalists, dissidents and whistleblowers from powerful government forces that want to track their every move online. It was supposed to be the best tool out there. You have been deceived by the Snowden Honeytrap.

With Cybercrimes Rising, Prevention better than Cure

Experts emphasize prevention is better than cure when it comes to securing internet usage, protection of privacy and identity, personal data and finances.

Cyber Criminals target Macs with Windows Malware

For years, Apple computers have impressive security in protecting its operating system from malwares. However, cyber criminals and malware authors have now found a backdoor to exploit Mac as well - using Windows malware.

43 Agencies and 18 U.S. States use Govt mobile spy tracking devices

More than 40 law enforcement agencies and 18 states have been identified that ventured into NSA territory's “Collect It All, Know It All” private data collection on U.S. soil using invasive surveillance equipment on anyone's phone to mass-compile data, sweep up records of every mobile telephone call, text message, and data transfer up to a half-mile from the device. And that is just a tip of the iceberg.

Germany expels top U.S. CIA official over spying

The German government has ordered for the top CIA official in Berlin to leave the country immediately in response to America's "failure to cooperate on resolving various allegations, starting with the NSA and up to the latest incidents".

China slams ‘biggest cyberbully’ US on ‘absurd’ spy charges, ties harmed

The U.S. indictment of five members of People's Liberation Army with "ungrounded" and "absurd" commercial cyber espionage against American companies are based on fabricated facts, grossly violates the basic norms governing international relations and has harmed China-U.S. ties, the Chinese government says.

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