Welcome to the World Without the West

There is a concerted effort by the emerging powers led by China to construct parallel multilateral architectures that is reshaping international politics and economics in fundamental ways, which the United States and its allies can no longer dismiss nor rest on its laurels or they will be left behind.

President Xi Jinping at APEC: China committed to regional peace, development

Chinese President Xi Jinping said that China is committed to promoting regional peace and development, and building a cross-Pacific cooperation framework as well as sticking to the denuclearization of Korean Peninsula during his speech at the APEC 2013 summit in Bali, Indonesia.

Kerry, McCain’s FAKE “Expert”: How A Fake PhD Hijacked Syria Debate in USA

Why the political elite world is laughing at USA and Obama needed rescuing from total embarrassment: John Kerry's and John McCain's source and go-to "Syria policy expert", "Dr." Elizabeth O’Bagy, who worked at Institute for the Study of War (ISW), an influential neoconservative-aligned think tank, is a FAKE. Her PhD was fabricated, yet the "pundit" made regular appearances on Fox News and being published in Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, and well, The Wall Street Journal and had become known as a go-to expert on the Syrian rebels among foreign policy experts. Here's the inside story.

Brzezinski: Little Media, Global Political Awakening Makes Syria War and NWO Hard

Former US National Security Adviser, America's Global Domination Strategist who wrote the insane plan to destroy Russia and China, and who led to the covert creation of Al Qaeda through the CIA funding of the Afghan Mujaheddin, Zbigniew Brzezinski has admitted that little media like The Santos Republic and global political awakening is making war with Syria difficult. More significantly, he said that it is derailing and threatening the Luciferian New World Order from becoming a reality and that American domination was no longer possible.

Obama eyes recycling Clinton’s Kosovo model again for Syria strikes

In an effort to bypass the United Nations and veto by peace-loving nations, national security aides to President Barack Obama are looking at the war in Kosovo in the late 1990s that Bill Clinton and NATO used as a possible blueprint for military action against Syria. USA knows the world will not allow them to do this and therefore, they need to do it by violating all international laws again, like in Libya, Iraq and everywhere they invaded like locusts.

Foreign Ministry: US role in inflaming crisis in Syria is clearly exposed

The reality about the U.S. intentions has been exposed to everybody as they aim for violence and terrorism to continue in Syria to disrupt security and stability in the region in service of Israel's aggressive goals, according to Syria's Foreign Ministry.

Saudi-linked Syria opposition chief to meet French president

The foreign-backed Syria opposition president and Saudi-linked Ahmad Assi Jarba set to meet French President Francois Hollande next week as he embarks on a tour of Western capitals,

EU to ban Israel trade ties over illegal settlements: An Ultimatum for Peace

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reacted angrily to a new European Union decree issued on Tuesday. The ban from Israel's largest trading partner conditions all future co-operation agreements with Israel on a directive that they not include Israeli new illegal settlements, which was built beyond 1967 borders. The binding policy serves as an ultimatum and reflects ongoing European displeasure over Israeli illegal settlement activity.

Russia, Syria exchange data on foreign militants

Russian and Syrian special services are exchanging data over reports that hundreds of foreign militants – including Russians and Americans – are fighting in Syria.

Netanyahu Scrambling: Israel demands US to continue Egypt aid

Israeli regime has urged Washington not to freeze its annual $1.3 billion in aid to Cairo following the ouster of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi by the military.

US orders diplomats to leave Egypt: US official

A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the official wasn't authorized to discuss it publicly, says the State Department is ordering nonessential U.S. diplomats and the families of all American embassy personnel to leave Egypt after the Egyptian military removed Morsi and in anticipation of potential violence.

Obama orders US to review aid to Egypt

U.S. President Barack Obama urged Egypt's military to hand back control to a democratic, civilian government without delay, but stopped short of calling the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi a coup d'etat.