NDE Catholic Priest who died for 48 minutes says God is a Woman

A Catholic priest from Massachussetts, who was officially dead for more than 48 minutes and revived by doctors at the Massachussetts General Hospital, is convinced that it is God who sent him back to tell the world who “She” really is.

The 9 Most Overlooked Threats to a Marriage

For generations, couples have always blamed marital communication as the leading cause for split ups. But it is not. Lack of communication is just a reaction to the real problems and nine of them are overlooked according to a clinical psychologist.

Beware: Facebook can hurt your reputation and wallet

A football fan is plucked from the World Cup audience, handed a modelling contract and gets 2m views on YouTube – but it is all taken away after photos emerge of her hunting big game in Africa. When will people learn that social media can bite back?

Looking Back in Philippine History: Jose Rizal on Trial

As many revisionists do, true historical details are often left out of academic textbooks to serve a particular agenda. For instance, Filipino students are taught to look down on Jose Rizal and paint him as a traitor to the Philippine Revolution against the Spanish imperialists because he did not fire a gun, when in fact, he was the principal organizer, the very soul of the Philippine insurrection and supreme head of the national revolutionary movement according to the writer.

Alien Warning to Humans: All weapons of evil must be removed

Paul Hellyer, former Canadian minister of Defense in 1960s, declared that UFOs are a serious business and publicly stated that we are not alone in the universe, and some guests from outer space actually live here, on planet Earth. Some in fact have been shopping in Las Vegas undetected because they look just like us. Lt. Col. Donald Ware (retired) passes on this Alien warning video that occurred 37 years ago when the Celestials took over the local British station at 5:12 pm on 26 November 1977.

Miss Philippines takes the Miss World crown amid religious drama

Miss Philippines made history and won the title of Miss World on Saturday, beating 126 contestants from around the globe. The crown was passed on by last year’s pageant winner Miss China Wenxia Yu, making Megan Young the first woman from the Philippines to win the beauty competition which was hosted in Bali, Indonesia. Miss World 2013 was fraught with an unusual amount of drama — and not the standard beauty pageant variety of behind-the-scenes backstabbing, but religious drama.

‘YOU complete me’, Soulmate: Human Brains are hardwired for Empathy, Friendship

Perhaps one of the most defining features of humanity is our capacity for empathy – the ability to put ourselves in others’ shoes. We are hardwired to empathize because we closely associate people who are close to us – friends, spouses, lovers – with our very selves, new study shows.

Vicious Cycles: Cruel words from parents are like ‘sticks and stones’

Dysfunctional Parenting: A majority of parents use harsh verbal discipline—defined as shouting, cursing, or using insults—at some point during their child’s adolescence may be doing just as much harm as if they physically abused them, research shows.

Military service changes personality, makes vets less agreeable and neurotic

Military service, even without combat, has a lingering effect on personality, and may make veterans less agreeable and neurotic.

Self-esteem issues determine how people edit their Facebook profiles

How social media users create and monitor their online personas may hint at their feelings of self-esteem and self-determination. People with lower self-esteem tend to be much more concerned with what others post about them on Facebook, according to an international team of researchers.

Word of Honor: 7 promises parents should never make

To break a promise is to break trust with your child. When you give your word, back it up. You are the one molding the child's future by your living example. Here are some common promises parents make (and break), and tips for how to steer clear of them.

How librarians redefined themselves and survived the internet search engine

Although librarians adopted Internet technology quickly, they initially dismissed search engines, which duplicated tasks they considered integral to their field. Their eventual embrace of the technology required a reinvention of their occupational identity, according to a study.