From Haiti: Clintons Bamboozled Public with Massive Foundation Scam

The Clinton Foundation (WJCF), Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) are massive public scams by the Clintons.

Duterte Cancels Expensive US rifles to Curb Violence in the Philippines

Duterte will not purchase anything that would just spread violence among Filipinos and pay unneeded expensive rifles when there are cheaper offers.

Global Cashew Market Go Nuts To Record Levels

Global demand for cashew has been growing faster than any other tree nut outpacing global supply, putting shock in prices for processors and consumers.

New SCADA Vulnerability Enabled Remote Control Of ICS Networks

The vulnerability in Schneider Electric software application can be used to remotely control industrial processes and pose exceptional risk to ICS networks.

Cyber Command Force Teams Ready to Execute US Military Mission

All 133 of U.S. Cyber Command teams achieved initial operating capability and can execute their fundamental mission of the Department of Defense.

US and UAE discuss cooperation on countering ISIL and terrorism

US Defense Secretary met with UAE Crown Prince on the campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and the battle for Mosul in Iraq.

Stratcom says US Strategic Nuclear Deterrence Needs Modernisation

Stratcom Commander warns any nation planning strategic attack on United States and its allies to think carefully about their actions and its consequences.

Ghana: Buyer Failures Vex Cocoa Farmers

Ghanaian cocoa farmers allegedly threatened to smuggle their harvests to Ivory Coast should COCOBOD fail to rectify the situation.

Nigeria ready to provide counterpart infrastructure funding with China

Nigeria is ready to provide counterpart funding for all agreements with China to fast-track ongoing efforts in closing infrastructure gaps says Buhari.

Chinese archaeologist refutes BBC report on Terracotta Warriors

BBC quoted out of context, as the article ignored much of what she told BBC reporters says the Chinese archaeologist.

China to increase funding for poverty alleviation

China has 55.75 million people living in poverty it plans to lift out of by 2020 by pledging to allocate more funds into relief in the next five years.

China reacts to EU’s hefty steel import duties

Chinese products had been sold in Europe at heavily dumped prices says the European Commission.

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President of the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Kanayo F. Nwanze (on screen), addresses the agency’s annual Governing Council in Rome 18 February 2016. Photo: IFAD

No fence high enough to keep out desperate people, says IFAD President

To end poverty and hunger by 2030, investing in rural areas is not a choice but a moral necessity, says IFAD president to governments around the world.
Lupercalia: the bloodier precurser to Valentine's Day

Dark Truth about Valentine’s Day: What’s Love got to do with it?

No matter how hard a person tries, or how sincere one is, the lust-filled pagan origins of Valentine’s Day cannot be ignored.

China, Egypt, and the new Middle East alignment

With so much focus on Syria, few paid attention to the Saudi-Egypt rift, and China’s rising influence as a crucial player in Egypt and the Middle East.