Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

December 6, 2012 (TSR) – In this context, Israel’s Maariv newspaper mentioned Wednesday that Israel may be part of a possible military campaign on Syria if President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons.

Based on the British “The Times” daily, Maariv noted that “US and Britain have schemed a military plot to attack Syria, with forces from Jordan, Turkey, and “Israel” that aim at controlling chemical storages and warehouses.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

“75 ground forces and Commandos units will control the installations,” as the plot reads, “and only need to be put into effect by political approval.”

An American source told the newspaper that, “the plot aims to impose a no-fly zone above Syria to prevent Syrian Air Force weapons from throwing chemical warheads.”

He further underscored that “the preferred way for a military intervention is through a multi-national alliance composed of Jordan, Turkey, “Israel”, and Britain.”

Moreover, Maariv claimed that “despite fears of al-Assad’s regime mobilizing chemical weapons, it is unlikely that the UN’s Security Council would agree on such military intervention due to Russia and China’s refusal.”

However, an American official hinted to “the possibility of a military campaign outside the framework of the Security Council, based on the dire violations of humanitarian international law in Syria.”

Furthermore, “Israeli” PM Benjamin Netanyahu expressed concern of the Syrian regime mobilizing chemical warheads, indicating that “Israel” places a close eye with the international community on the Syrian chemical weapon warehouses.

Netanyahu further accentuated “Israel” and the US Administration’s strict stance on this note as stated by the US President Barack Obama.



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