by Susanne Posel

September 4, 2012 (TSR) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu continues to decry that Iran is endeavoring to build a nuclear weapon and admonishes Obama’s slow move toward military strike.

A “clear red line” must be set forth for Iran not to cross, suggests Netanyahu. “This is a brutal regime that is racing ahead with its nuclear program, because it doesn’t see a clear red line from the international community. The greater the resolve and the clearer the red line, the less likely we’ll have conflict.”

Netanyahu claims that anti-Semitic remarks were made by Iran at a recent UN meeting. Allegedly, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Israel is “an insult to humankind”.

Last month, more verbal bashing resulted from General Amir Ali Hajizadeh of the Revolutionary Guards supposedly saying that if Israel strikes Iran, they will be blown “into the dustbin of history.” Hajizadeh continued: “Iran’s response to any practical threat to or aggression against the Islamic Republic will be very fast, categorical, destructive, and overarching.”
General Martin Dempsey, member of the US Joint Cheifs of Staff has come out to explicitly say that he is not in accord with the US military being used for Israeli agendas.

Gilad Erdan, Israeli Environment Protection Minister explains: “Dempsey’s comments don’t compute with statements made by the White House spokesman with regards to the strength of the relationship between Israel and the US. Israel needs to maintain its right to defend itself, it is the right thing to do and Israel will not place its security in the hands of others.”

Sending a message to Iran through European channels, Obama warned that the sovereign nation to not seek to disrupt US interests in the Persian Gulf. This contingency would preclude a military strike against Iran should Israel attack independently.

The mainstream media are reporting that Obama is trying to talk Israel out of an offensive military show of force against Iran; however Obama is cryptic when it comes to his promises of support to Netanyahu.

More propaganda set to frame Iran is being touted in a threat relayed by Hezbollah (the state-funded terrorist group) that Iran will attack US bases if Israel follows through with their strike against nuclear power facilities.

Iran is taking Netanyahu’s threat seriously with US planned naval exercises with antimissile systems in the Persian Gulf and stricter sanctions on Iranian oil. Yet this all plays into the scripted agreement between Obama and Netanyahu for plans against Iran.

In New York, at the UN General Assembly, Netanyahu and Obama discussed their plans to use military and propaganda to justify and cover their agenda against Iran.

In their scenario, Obama will inform Congress in writing that he will use military force against Iran in response to their alleged nuclear weapons program. In asking for their approval, Obama could be enabled to circumvent their decision.

It is decided that Obama will speak in Israel just weeks before the US elections wherein he will devote the US military to Israel’s plan to attack sovereign Islamic nations. Paralleling this strategy, the federal intelligence and surveillance agencies in the US will be “upgraded” so that regardless of who is elected this November, the US government will be equipped with the necessary resources to attack Iran.

This is slated for the spring of 2013.



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