United Nations, April 26, 2012 (TSR) – On Tuesday, Cuba denounced the illegal practice of using information technologies to subvert the political systems of other countries and violates their sovereignty through interference in their internal affairs.

They also repudiated daily radio and TV aggressions from the US government violating international laws and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) norms and rules.

Alternate Permanent Representative at the UN Oscar Leon Gonzalez exposed the violations at the General Assembly Information Committee adding that the World Conference of Radio-communications and the ITU pay attention to the US illegal actions.

The diplomat reminds that in spite numerous ITU requests, the US Administration did not halt their damaging interference with its more than 2,000 hours weekly anti-Cuba radio and TV broadcast through more than 30 different mid-wave, short wave and FM frequencies.

They twist history and reality, encourage ilegal emigration and feed violence, crime and terrorism.

In 2011 Cuba was target of 26, 320 hours of radio and TV programs and two new short wave stations were activated, he added.

He stressed that several such stations give services to terrorists linked to certain organizations and still act against Cuba from the US with Federal government complicity.

At the same time, the US Congress annual budget for these activities exceed more than $30M rising to $600M the expenses for these actions.

The Cuban diplomat warned that unequal access to communications and information technology expands the gap between North and South countries and worsens inequality and social justice.

Access to Internet in 2011 in developing countries is just 15 percent compared to 70 percent for their industrialized competitors.

Multiple social networks help promote different issues but 793 million illiterate adults and 139 million children and teens are denied the right to education, he warned.

The developed countries monopolize information services and manipulate many more, “imposing lies and slants, giving discrimination a legal status violatory of freedom of speech and information.

In view of such reality, the diplomat urged for ways allowing for those technologies to be properly used, as to close both the technical and social gaps.”


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