Philippines, China agree to enhance bilateral ties and dump US Dollar

Philippines, China agree to enhance cooperation and ties, including dumping the US Dollar.

Putangina: Reuters and USA Owe Apologies, Not Philippine President Duterte

Reuters' contextless mistranslation of Duterte's statement and its continuous spin makes USA, Obama and Clinton look like gullible fools.

Gina Lopez, a “Crusader,” Sets Philippines Water, Mining Safety on Unexpected New Course

Philippines' new environment secretary vows to enforce rule of law to safeguard the environment, farmers and indigenous peoples.

Duterte: US Destroying the Middle East, Importing Terrorism

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte blamed US-led interventions as they are the ones importing terrorism around the world.

Philippines willing to share South China Sea: Manila

Philippines is willing to share natural resources with Beijing in South China Sea areas even if it wins a legal challenge says Duterte Administration.

Philippines Defies USA, Becomes Founding Member to New China-led Bank

The Republic of the Philippines joined other US allies and defied American pressure by formalising its Founding Member status to the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

Fewer Filipinos back gov’t moves in South China Sea

The latest SWS survey shows at least 80% of Filipinos have been concerned that the South China Sea dispute could escalate into a full-blown conflict with China and blame incompetence of President Benigno Aquino government for resolving it diplomatically.

Quid Pro Quo: 300 Japanese Factories Relocate to Philippines as Aquino agrees US, Japan...

The Philippine constitution explicitly bans all “foreign military bases, troops, or facilities” as it also causing environmental havoc, but is being cynically circumvented by having the Aquino government maintain the base facilities, at which the foreign troops are stationed as so-called “guests” because US and Japan is one of Manila's biggest trading partners and financial aid donors. The new US-Japan-Philippine security alliance "coincides" with 300 Japanese manufacturing companies operating in China and Japan to relocate to the Philippines.

France’s Hollande seeks climate change ‘alliance’ with Philippines

French President Francois Hollande called for a climate change “alliance” with the Philippines that could spur similar co-operation between rich and poor nations at a crucial UN summit.

Philippines grants visa-free to 7 more countries (Full List)

The Philippines announced they would grant visa-free entry to 7 more countries, totaling 157 as of this year.

Philippines: How fake NGOs raked in P10B from government

The Philippine National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is looking into an alleged P10-billion scam by a company that set up fake nongovernment organizations (NGOs). The organizations are believed to have benefited from the pork barrel of several lawmakers, as well as the fertilizer fund mess and proceeds from Malampaya.

Women’s Rights: Reproductive Health bill can withstand legal scrutiny says Philippine gov’t

The Philippine government is confident that the Reproductive Health (RH) Law could withstand legal questions and could be implemented soon.