India’s Tiger population up by 30% in the Past Three Years

Tiger population is falling the world over, yet their numbers are increasing in India for the past three years.

Wedding Surge: Government urges Indians not to buy gold

India's Finance Minister P Chidambaram has appealed to the people, once again, to moderate their demand for gold. While insisting that the government would not rule out a complete ban on gold imports, as has been discussed in some quarters, he pointed out the precious metal has cost the nation $50 billion in foreign exchange.

Visa Restrictions by US amount to ‘Non-Tariff Barriers’: India Finance Minister

Flagging India's concern over the immigration reform bill with US authorities, Finance Minister P Chidambaram has said the visa restrictions proposed on knowledge workers amount to non-tariff barriers.

India: 15 Goa Government Websites hacked by “H4x0r HuSsY” from Pakistan

A hacker with ID handle "H4x0r HuSsY" from a Pakistan-based cyber group has managed to take control of few Government websites which belongs to India's richest state Goa and has defaced them.

Public Litigation filed in India Supreme court against PRISM related Tech companies

A Public Interests Litigation (PIL) filed against the issue of the US National Security Agency monitoring internet data of India reached the Supreme Court on Tuesday to initiate action against internet companies for sharing information with foreign authority in breach of contract and violation of right to privacy.

Indian government to banks: Stop telling people to buy #gold

India, the biggest consumer of gold bullion, is witnessing over-the-top demand—to the point where the government is trying to curb demand.

India rolls out new regulations for gold jewellery purchases

New norms in India regulating every 15 grams of jewellery purchased have shaken the market and will crimp gold sales, traders say.

India to Boost Maritime Relations with Saudi Arabia

December 17, 2012 (TSR) - India is seeking to enhance maritime relations with Saudi Arabia and is making efforts to maintain security in the high seas, says Indian Ambassador...

India still the world’s biggest gold market

by Shivom Seth November 15, 2012 (TSR) - India has toppled China to emerge as the largest gold consumer in the third quarter of 2012. Though global gold demand fell...

India, China to Resume Military Exercises from 2013

September 3, 2012 (TSR) - Chinese Defense Minister General Liang Guanglie has arrived in the Mumbai for a five-day visit, after stopping in Sri Lanka with the 23-member delegation...