China reacts to EU’s hefty steel import duties

Chinese products had been sold in Europe at heavily dumped prices says the European Commission.

China Sent Ships to West Philippine Sea Only to Dispose Abandoned Filipino Ship

China admits in sending several ships to Quirino Atoll in the West Philippine Sea but only to remove an abandoned Filipino ship that had run aground on the shoal in late 2015 which might cause possible impediment to navigation safety and damage to the marine environment.

China shuts down 28,000 illegal websites in national crackdown

Fifteen million illegal publications and websites were confiscated and closed down, with another 28,000 illegal sites were shut down in China. The campaign against online pornography will continue through 2016.

China to announce lowest defense budget rise in six years

China to release its lowest military budget increase in six years following last year's announcement of a slimmer military.

China not joining US-led coalitions fighting terrorism

China refused to join any US-led coalitions that have a military nature and this also applies to international counter-terrorism cooperation.

Xi Jinping: China Backs an Independent Palestine Based on Pre-1967 borders

Xi Jinping declares China supports the creation of an independent Palestinian state with eastern Jerusalem as its capital, based on the pre-1967 borders.

IMF Endorses China’s Renminbi to Global Reserve Currency Status

IMF Chief Christine Lagarde and Fund Staff endorses China's renminbi to become Global Reserve Currency, ending the U.S. Petro-dollar reign in November.

China’s Reforms Are Enough To Support RMB’s Inclusion Into IMF’s SDR Basket

Experts are cautiously optimistic that China’s plans for further financial reforms would be sufficient to help its currency Renminbi (RMB Yuan) meet the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) criteria for joining its benchmark currency basket later this year.

China: We’ve halted building man-made islands

China caught everyone off guard during the ASEAN Regional Summit by dropping a bomb saying that they have stopped the reclamation work in South China Sea.

‘War inevitable’ unless US backs down: China state paper

A war between the United States and China is “inevitable” unless Washington stops demanding Beijing halt its construction projects in the South China Sea, a Chinese state-owned newspaper warns.

Corrupt officials sought sniper kills of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan: Boxun

President Xi Jinping of China and his top graft-buster Wang Qishan may be targeted by assassination attempts from corrupt officials who have been allegedly buying high-powered sniper rifles from the United States.

Copper Tells You What’s Happening in China and the World

When copper starts to bottom, it clearly reflects growth in China and the world.