China RMB billboard seen near Bangkok Airport, March 2015.

by Lady Michelle Jennifer Santos

In an under-reported heated currency war, the Chinese Yuan, the US dollar and the price of gold have all been moving in tandem with each other in recent months.

Who do you think is winning?

Recently, China has put up a billboard up near Bangkok’s Airport featuring a picture of a gold coin and announcing the Chinese Yuan as the “New World Currency.”

It is well-known fact that U.S. dollar is merely a fiat money, with no gold backing, whereas respected analysts and China followers postulate that the Middle Kingdom could actually be holding as much as 30,000 tonnes of gold in various government accounts and that within the next three years the nation will link the yuan to gold.

It is therefore expected that China asserts her leadership quality by giving a warning and direct criticism of Barack Obama, and of all of the pro-Obama, anti-Putin, and EU leaders with their  “zero-sum” attitude toward Russia in a much-ignored huge news report from Reuters. Of course, just like any extremely important news that the masses need to know, it is under-reported as usual.

Anyone who is still in denial about who is the real Superpower needs to wake up very soon.

Leaders and citizens in developed nations need to be prepared for a major psychological, economic, cultural and political shift, which will impact the rest of this century. As of Monday (September 29, 2014) and beyond, China reclaimed her crown as top World Economic Superpower, demoting the United States of America into second place as I have reported on September 28 – the day U.S. funded sedition Occupy Hongkong broke out.

It took until October 8, 2014 – the day of the Blood Moon, for the mainstream media to write about it for obvious occultic reasons they adhere to, as a subtle fearmongering strategy for Doom and Gloom followers to look at it as an “omen”.

It is an omen.

An Omen that our world is now shifting to using Respect, Equality, Justice, Truth, Love and Peace as the way to resolve issues between individuals and nations, not aggression, manipulation and blackmails.

It is an Omen that it is time to remove primitive thinking and Ego-centered diplomacy, and embrace Humanity as one Family.


Lady Michelle Jennifer is the Chief Visionary Founder and Visionary of TheSantosRepublic. She also specialises in high finance, commodities, strategy and geopolitics. Her Twitter is @mj_santos and Facebook/ladymjsantos

You can follow TSR on Twitter: santosrepublic and Facebook/TheSantosRepublic.


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