The pregnant women inmates at Guato Women Center. (

by Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos, Chief Visionary Founder & Owner

April 24, 2013 (TSR) – There is so much propaganda and lies of how “bad” people have it in Cuba, and how the Castro brothers destroyed the country, when that is far from the TRUTH. It is the U.S. illegal embargo and sanctions that is destroying everyone just like the other countries whom they force to bow to them, like Iran and North Korea, whose main wish is just to be treated as an equal. But they have natural resources that US wants, and those who do not comply to its wishes are either threatened, blackmailed or assassinated. These are the same nations, just like China, who are in fact have better human rights records, but mainstream media needs to comply to the narrative that Washington demands.

However, for the sake of TRUTH, let us do specifics.

Lady Michelle-Jennifer SantosThere are now 27 095 inmates in Cuba who are enrolled in this study program at different levels of education, with courses ranging from overcoming professional technical education to higher education, and who are training voluntarily in a trade by or on site courses in the prisons.

Statistics show that from 2011, there were 3244 prisoners who joined the schooling program, where 2956 were trained in trades and a total of 6031 were incorporated into the practicum work.

The prisoners are guaranteed three meals, a medical post and a consultation of stomatology in each prison. Stomatology is the branch of medicine and dentistry relating to the mouth and mouth disease. The press knows this and if not, they will know this if they manage to interview any inmates.

The frequency of family visits, the clearance and the right to conjugal or family depends on the type of school, whether it is high security prisons, work-study centers or Youth detention for delinquent behavior. The Cuban government also gives guarantees for individual and collective prisoners a religious assistance and practice if they request it.

In women’s prisons, pregnant women receive medical care and special diet. When the women give birth, their children are not taken from them, but actually remain beside  their children during the first year of life according to Lieutenant Colonel Sonia Rubio, director of the Guato Women Center’s prison.

In that particular prison, they have 500 women inmates and there are some who are there, nationals from about 8 countries, for committing the crime of drug trafficking.

The Interior Ministry officials said that each prison cells are allowed to have a refrigerator and a kitchen for their different eating habits. They also have the right to attend the dining room with the rest of the inmates.

The number of women prisoners is much lower than that for men to be in the country, a little less than 4000, the Cuban prison authorities believe.

However, 85 percent of them fail to reintegrate into society after serving sanctions, especially those who are mostly on charges of fraud, embezzlement and robbery. Robbery crimes are almost always have a man as an accomplice.

U.S. loves to point fingers and sanctimoniously criticize everyone, except themselves, about human rights. In addition to continuing its illegal war criminal activities around the world, and still unaccounted for Abu Ghraib, let us remind people that about 130 prisoners are on a hunger strike for nearly 80 days in Guantanamo prison to protest for the harsh discipline and violation of international laws. They live in barracks, they are forbidden to practice their religion and are denied the sacred books to your prayers.

The pregnant women inmates at Guato Women Center. (
The pregnant women inmates at Guato Women Center. (

Ironically, the U.S. government violates international laws and human rights laws on Cuban territory. The human rights of these prisoners are under the aegis of the inequitable U.S. National Defense Act of 2012 that allows indefinite detention to keep people “suspected” of collaborating in acts against the country. Anyone who are truly paying attention to the Boston bombing? No evidence, just camera footage, but they need an escape goat. Witnesses at the scene that was not mentioned in the mainstream media said that he was taken naked. So was there a shooting or was the shooting just a Hollywood stunt and they just grabbed him while he was sleeping? The kid was not even given any Miranda rights and President Obama gave the verdict even before they questioned him. What does that tell you?

U.S.A. is a war criminal many times over. The present and future generations are wondering when the international community with the American people and the United Nations find their spine and prosecute the war criminals just like Nuremberg trials, but this time honest and zero Zionist influence. Otherwise, what is really the point of of having United Nations and International Criminal Court?

America is the spoiled teenager on this planet. So those who are mature and wise, perhaps a good dose of disciplinary action would help just like you would do when you ground and discipline a disrespectful, demanding and egotistical teenager as a parent.

Talk is cheap. As crazy as it sounds, I propose embargo on USA. See how that feels on reverse. The hypocrisy, corrupt officials on all levels and killing must end. We must do this for the sake of the children and the future of our civilization.

This world was not made for the greedy and lustful few. It is for everyone. Learn to share and instill the African “Ubuntu” mentality.


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