Peru's exports to hit record US$50 bn in 2013.

LIMA, February 8, 2015 (TSR -ANDINA) – In five years from now, Peru could become the world’s biggest agro exporting superpower due to the vast potential for the development of this activity available in the country, said Production minister, Piero Ghezzi.

The Head of Peru’s Ministry of Production (Produce) indicated the Peruvian agro exporting sector grows at a yearly 18% – 20% rate, leading to an income worth over US$5 billion a year.

“Peru has all the conditions to grow even more, to become a world leader and to turn this activity into one of the new economic engines, which guarantees our growth in the long term,” he expressed.

According to the minister, Peru can lead and grow higher in products, such as grapes, asparagus, avocados and others, like cranberry.

“Our growth is very important and we can grow even more due to the advantage we have, in terms of sun, climate, ground, water and the energy costs, which is lower compared to other countries. We are at very promising times,” he pointed out.


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