May 4, 2013 (TSR-State Agencies) – Zionists are doing everything they can to expand conflict, undermine Syrian advances, and provoke Syria and Iran to give US justification for military intervention.

Israeli Foreign Ministry and Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) refused on Saturday to comment on foreign reports about an Israeli attack on a missiles convoy in Syria overnight Thursday.

The Zionist warmongers’ silence is for good reason: No one is buying the chemical weapons propaganda that Benjamin Netanyahu concocted because Syria does not have any of that. Everyone can see through, with Russia leading the charge, that they are trying to pull another Iraq-FAKE WMD scenario as pretext for invasion.

The Russian airplane “Syrian attack” propaganda did not work either.

Predictably, Netanyahu’s Zionist PR team at the helm needed to think of another psywarfare to demoralize people,  and “leaked” the information via CNN “Sources: U.S. believes Israel has conducted an airstrike into Syria,” about some alleged airstrikes it claims it has conducted against a convoy carrying missiles from Syria to militant Hezbollah along the Lebanese-Syrian border, even claiming to cite “high-ranking U.S. sources”.

Lebanese media reported that the Israeli air crafts have been flying in Lebanon for four days in a row.

As expected tactic, both spokesmen of the IDF and of Israeli Foreign Ministry refused to comment on the alleged attack. However, Israeli media reported that an unnamed Israeli source had confirmed to foreign media that Israel is behind the attack.

Playing the PR game, the Israeli embassy in the United States responds to U.S. reports, said that “what we can say is that Israel is determined about preventing the transfer of chemical weapons or other means of warfare that are game changers by the Syrian regime to militant factors, especially to Hezbollah in Lebanon.”

Truth on the ground is very different from what Zionist controlled CNN and its partners report: The Syrian Arab Forces are pounding and consistently cleansing their country from the U.S. funded and trained Al-Qaeda.

The following are what happened the last 24-48 hours alone.

A unit of the army on Saturday clashed with al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups in the surroundings of Kweiris airport in Aleppo countryside, killing the majority of them.

An official source in Aleppo told SANA that among the terrorists killed were Abdul-Razak Masaad al-Wasmi, Mohammad al-Wasmi, Abdul-wahab Khashelih, Yousef Ahmad al-Mihshi, Hussein Jneid, Abdul-Rahman al-Haji, Mazen Hamada, Mohammad al-Mheimid and Abdul-Rahman Karaout.

The source added that another army unit confronted armed terrorist groups which tried to attack Ming airport, killing a number of terrorists and injuring many others in addition to destroying their criminal equipment.

Military Source: The Army Confronts Terrorists’ Attempt to Attack Military Post in Mismiya, Daraa

A military source stated that a unit of the army today confronted an attempt by an armed terrorist group to attack one of the military posts near al-Mismiya town in Daraa countryside, killing most of them.

The source added in a statement that what has been broadcast by media ,which is partner in the Syrian bloodshed, about terrorists’ encirclement of a military post in al-Mismiya was mere rumors, describing them as untrue and baseless.

Large Numbers of Terrorists Eliminated in Several Areas in Idleb

Meanwhile, units of the armed forces destroyed a number of gatherings and dens for terrorists in several areas in the countryside of Idleb, killing and injuring scores of terrorists.

A military source told SANA that an army unit destroyed terrorists’ den and a warehouse containing machine guns, explosive devices, ammunition and a 23 mm caliber anti-aircraft gun in Basniya town in Harem city.

The source added that numbers of terrorists were killed in the area, among them Mohammad Ibrahim al-Toumi and Fadl al-Toumi from the so-called ‘Ahrar al-Sham Movement’.

Units of the armed forces carried out special operations in the city of Harem which resulted in destroying gatherings for terrorists near the Bakery and in the surrounding of the Agricultural Guide Unit, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists, according to the source.

An Armed Forces unit targeted a gathering of terrorists between the areas of Qmeinas and al-Nairab in Idleb countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them, in addition to eliminating two terrorist snipers near Bilal Mosque in Ariha.

Terrorists Infiltrating into Abo al-Duhour Airport Repelled

SANA reporter quoted the source as saying that an army unit and guards at Abo al-Duhour airport in Idleb repelled an armed terrorist group which tried to infiltrate from the southwestern side of the airport, leaving most of the group’s members killed and injured.

In the same context, several terrorists were killed and injured in the areas of Amoud junction, al-Majidiyeh, Zarzour, al-Jamiliyeh, al-Janoudiyeh and al-Shughr in the countryside of Jisr al-Shughour.

Dens for armed terrorist groups, with all weapons and ammunition, were destroyed in the villages of Sarjeh, Kfarlata, Filoun-Bkafloun junction, Sarmin, Maartamsarin, Rodko and near Seed Multiplication Establishment on Idleb-Harem road.

On Aleppo-Idleb road, an army unit clashed with a terrorist group that was committing acts of looting and blocking roads near Atshan town junction and killed and injured all of its members.

Terrorists Targeted in Homs and its Countryside

Units of the armed forces continued chasing terrorists in the neighborhoods of al-Qarabis, Jouret al-Shaiyah and al-Khalidiyeh in Homs city and left most of them dead or injured.

SANA reporter quoted a military source as saying that destroyed the terrroists’ weapons and ammunition in the aforementioned areas.

The Armed Forces also continued pursuing terrorists in Bab Houd neighborhood, killing and injuring a number of them and dismantling explosive devices.

In Homs countryside, the Armed Forces eliminated terrorists at the water purification station south of al-Qseir, while another unit clashed with a terrorist group in al-Sa’an farms in Talbiseh countryside, killing and injuring its members.

In Hasya area, the authorities arrested 17 terrorists, while an Army unit targeted terrorist gatherings in farms west of al-Rastan and in the town of Aqrab in al-Houleh area, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

Weapons Warehouse Destroyed in Hama

In Hama, the authorities seized a warehouse containing automatic rifles, advanced sniper rifles, RPGs, pistols and large amounts of ammunition in al-Shahbaa neighborhood in the city.

A source told SANA reporter that the authorities killed Abdul-Jabbar Turki al-Barghash, leader of an armed terrorist group, in al-Sawa’eq neighborhood in the city, and seized an automatic rifle and five grenades he had with him.

An army unit inflicted heavy losses upon an armed terrorist group that was committing acts of looting and killing in Jub al-Ahmar village in Hama countryside and seized their weapons.

Terrorist Leaders from Jabhat al-Nusra Killed in Hasaka

A unit of the armed forces carried out a special operation targeting a number of Jabhat al-Nusra leaders in Tall Adas to the south of al-Rmeilan area in the countryside of Hasaka.

Another army unit killed and injured members of an armed terrorist group calling itself “Ahfad al-Rasoul Brigade” that was blocking roads and perpetrating acts of looting on Tall Tamr-Hasaka highway.

Terrorists’ Dens Destroyed in Large Numbers in Damascus And Its Countryside

A unit of the armed forces destroyed two dens for the armed terrorist groups in a special operation in Deir al-Asafir town in the Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside.

An official source told SANA reporter that a 23 mm caliber anti-aircraft gun was destroyed during the operations, in addition to killing several terrorist, including Ammar Hamsho and Zuhir al-Saeidi.

The source mentioned that units of the armed forces continued operations against terrorists’ gatherings and dens in al-Abbadeh town after they tightened the ring around the town.

Numbers of terrorists were killed in the operations, among them the bodies of Ahmad al-Mohammad and Mohammad al-Hijjeh were identified.

In the same context, many terrorists were killed during clashes between an army unit and armed terrorist groups at al-Manasher roundabout and to the west of the Sport Hall in Joubar.

Terrorists Ahmad Saad and Badr Eddin Daraj were identified among the dead.

In the meantime, units of the armed forces destroyed a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists’ gatherings with all the weapons and equipment inside them in al-Jarajir town to the east of Deir Attiya, killing numbers of the terrorists, a military source told SANA reporter.

The source added that an engineering unit dismantled 9 roadside bombs, weighing 10-30 kg, planted by terrorists on the road of Shaqhab al-Qal’eh in al-Kusweh area in Damascus Countryside.

Units of the armed forces pursued members of terrorist groups in Barzeh and al-Qaboun in Damascus, killing many of them including Abdul-Latif al-Habboul and Ammar al-Baghdadi.

Syrian Armed Forces Destroy Terrorist Dens in Harasta, Douma, Sbeineh and Darayya

The Armed Forces carried out a series of operations against the terrorist gatherings in Harasta, Douma, al-Sbeineh and Darayya towns in Damascus countryside.

An official source told SANA reporter that a unit of the Armed Forces destroyed a terrorists’ den in Harasta and killed 7 terrorists.

The source added that a den of an armed terrorist group was destroyed in Douma near the Medical Tower.

Meanwhile, a number of snipers were killed in Darayya, including a leader of an armed terrorist group.

In al-Sbeineh, a unif of the Armed Forces eliminated scores of terrorists who were committing crimes of looting and terrifying people.

Syrian Armed Forces Eliminate Terrorists in Idleb Countryside, Homs and Der Ezzor

Units of the Armed Forces destroyed a number of terrorists’ dens and gatherings during a series of operations in Idleb countryside, Homs and Der Ezzor.

A military source told SANA reporter that a unit of the armed forces eliminated the majority of an armed terrorist group in Ariha district in Idleb countryside and destroyed their weapons and ammunition.

In al-Qseir countryside in Homs, a unit of the Armed Forces destroyed terrorist gatherings and ammunition in al-Haidaria town.

In Der Ezzor, clashes erupted between the Armed Forces and terrorist in al-Sinaa and al-Sheikh Yassin neighborhood in Der Ezzor city.


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