Russia, Syria exchange data on foreign militants

Russian and Syrian special services are exchanging data over reports that hundreds of foreign militants – including Russians and Americans – are fighting in Syria.

Israel’s secret uranium deal

A new article sheds some light on Israel’s secret world of nuclear activities hidden from the eyes of the international community.

Israeli MP says Netanyahu regime sends foreign diplomats to strip clubs

A Zionist lawmaker has disclosed that the Netanyahu regime’s Foreign Ministry sends visiting diplomats to local strip clubs during official visits to Israel.

Strontium lattice clock and the new ‘Second’: World evolves to 21st Century Optical ‘Time’

A new atomic clock, using optical frequencies rather than microwave frequencies, may be used to redefine the SI unit of time, the 'second'. Believed to be three times more accurate than any previously built clock, we are now evolving to the 21st Century timekeeping.

Root Cause: Egotist CEOs Put Companies and Investors’ Funds at Risk, Study finds

CEOs need to demonstrate strong leadership and good decision-making skills, but CEOs with over-confidence and bloated Egos can involve their companies in riskier ventures and put investors’ funds at risk, according to a new study.

Grand Actions Now: Toward a Living Legacy for Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela’s exceptional and exemplary life has and will produce worldwide celebrations of his extremely unique blend of character, personality and resolve for broad-gauged justice. To truly memorialize his contributions, however, requires grand actions writes an American activist, attorney, author and former U.S. Presidential candidate.

30,000 inmates, two-thirds of 33 prisons to start world’s largest hunger strike in US

More than 30,000 inmates in California lockups have gone on a massive hunger strike in protest to violation of their rights by prisons’ authorities. Prisoners from two-thirds of the US state's 33 prisons, as well as four out-of-state facilities refused to take their meals to start a hunger strike which they say would be world's largest ever hunger strike.

Russia: Syria rebels used sarin in Aleppo attack, Slams US-Israel Fabricated Evidence

Russian experts have found that militants in Syria made sarin nerve gas and used it in a deadly attack outside northern city of Aleppo in March. Russia had informed UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of the Russian findings. The evidence slams US-Israel fabricated 'evidence' President Obama claimed this year.

US Secretary of State John Kerry yachting all day during Egypt Coup

Many have been wondering U.S. State Secretary John Kerry's whereabouts when the popular coup in Egypt broke out and ousted former President Mohamed Morsi. Apparently, he was having a pre-Independence Day vacation and yachting all day while the President of the United States, Barack Obama has been scrambling with his National Security advisors of what to do.

Sarkozy resigns from France’s Constitutional Council

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has resigned from the country’s Constitutional Council following a ruling that said he breached spending limits during his 2012 presidential campaign.

Declassified: French nuclear tests ‘showered vast area of Polynesia with radioactivity’

Declassified papers reveal that plutonium fallout hit the whole of French Polynesia, a much broader area than France had previously admitted. Tahiti, the most populated island, was exposed to 500 times the maximum accepted levels of radiation. The impact spread as far as the tourist island, Bora Bora.

Egypt police arrest Morsi, top Muslim Brotherhood members, including El-Katatni

Egyptian security forces arrested Morsi and the head of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and another of the movement's top leaders on July 3, an FJP official and security sources said, after the army toppled Mohamed Morsi from the presidency.