April 25, 2013 (TSR-SANA) – Former Head of the Israeli Military Intelligence and Head of the Institute for National Security, Amos Yadlin, stressed that Israel’s benefit requires the fall of the regime in Syria.

“Who is not aware that the fall of Assad is a positive development for Israel, would be incapable of reading the situation correctly,” the Israeli Channel 2 quoted Yadlin as saying in a statement at the conference of the Institute for National Security Studies (INNS) in Tel Aviv.



He reiterated that “Israel’s benefit requires weakening and withdrawing him, because this would break the Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah axis.”

“This would weaken Hezbollah, then Iran, which will not have any strength in the region, and all this would benefit Israel,” he added.

Yadlin warned of the Syrian Army’s power and did not rule out a confrontation between Israel and Syria.

He indicated that “we are not talking about a war with Hezbollah or Hamas Movement, but about a tough war, because a war with the Syrian Army means that Scud missiles, and maybe more advanced missiles, would hit Tel Aviv.”


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