Russian President Vladimir Putin holding a meeting regarding state armament with Security Council members in July 3, 2012.

by Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos, Founder & Publisher, Political Strategist, and Strategy/Peace Negotiator with the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations

July 27, 2012 (TSR) – President Vladimir Putin held a meeting on Thursday ordering the supplying of weapons to the Strategic Nuclear Forces and Aerospace Defence Troops to ensure Russia’s security, sovereignty and regional stability to be on standby.

The meeting was part of a series of meetings on implementing Russia’s armament program that initiated in June.

“Nearly all the nations that possess nuclear weapons and aerospace assault weapons are working to improve and develop them. They are actively developing control systems to make reconnaissance, surveillance, and information-gathering operations more efficient,” he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin holding a meeting regarding state armament with Security Council members in July 3, 2012.

“It must be kept and remain in constant combat readiness, taking into account the plans of a potential enemy to develop the first-strike means and plans for developing offensive measures, and ensuring precise and operational coordination with other arms of service,” Putin said, without spelling out the name of the “potential enemy”.

With destabilizations, “regime change” efforts and “defection” psyops of the USA with their media spin doctors in various parts of the world like Libya, China and the latest deliberate “weapons of mass destruction” out of context propaganda on Syria, Putin has been cautious and self-aware of the agenda.

Prime example is his recent signing of the mandatory registration and audit of NGOs which receive funding from overseas as “foreign agents” into Russian federal law. The bill was initiated and pushed by his political party, United Russia, in order to crack down any covert subversions towards Russia that started many months.

He said nuclear weapons remained the “most important guarantee” of Russia’s sovereignty and integrity, adding they still played a key role in keeping global and regional equilibrium and stability.

Russia said that it was not going to start a new arms race, but would keep its nuclear weapons and aerospace defense “constantly ready for action”.

President Vladimir Putin told a government security meeting on the country’s armament program “… no one should doubt the reliability and efficiency of our nuclear potential, as well as the aerospace defense”.

Meanwhile, Putin also highlighted the importance of allocating considerable funds for the upgrade and development of the aerospace and nuclear forces.

Russia plans to upgrade up to 85 percent of its strategic nuclear weapons and up to 70 percent of aerospace defense weapons by 2020, paralleling America’s Pacific Century 2020 plans . The government has earmarked 20 trillion rubles (about 600 billion U.S. dollars) for the massive re-armament program until 2020.

Vladimir Putin initiated the series of meetings on the implementation of the state armament program which began in June, ordering the supply of aviation systems for the Russian Army and Navy.

Subsequently, Putin held another detailed meeting early in July on the supply of modern weapons and equipment to the Russian Land Forces and Airborne Troops which plays a key role in ground operations.

He addressed the tasks related to the defence of the Russian Federation state border, the neutralisation of possible local conflicts, as well as participation in peacekeeping operations.

“Nearly all the leading countries in the world are increasingly focusing on capacity building of their land forces and airborne troops, as well as other rapid reaction units. New intelligence and control systems, precision complexes and modern armoured vehicles are being actively put into service,” he said.

He also said that the ground forces “must bear all of these trends in mind and emphasise relevant aspects in our defence planning” and should havethe ability to operate effectively as part of multi-service forces, their high mobility and combat readiness.”

The Russian armament program allocated funds through to 2020, with more than 2.6 trillion rubles [about $80 billion], is assigned to be used in reequipping the troops and to fully satisfy their needs for new equipment. By 2020, the proposed share of new equipment would be at least 70%.
There is also a plan to deliver new communications and command systems, cutting-edge intelligence systems and individual equipment. The ground troops are to receive ten Iskander-M missile systems, nine S-300V4 air defence missile systems, over 2,300 tanks, about 2,000 self-propelled artillery systems and weapons, and over 30,000 units of automotive vehicles.
Putin want to lay the groundwork for the future as there is an “obvious imbalance” for a number of important directions in weapons and military equipment development are “severely underfunded”. With more than 75% of the total funding accounts for only five research areas, he also highlighted the need for research and development in the equipping of servicemen, for small arms, individual body armour and communication equipment.
It is essential to ensure a balanced and comprehensive development of weapons systems” and “that all weapons and equipment orders must be completed in full” and “on time”, Putin urgently stressed.


AUTHOR: Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos

Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos is the Founder & Publisher of The Santos Republic. She is also political strategist and analyst, investment consultant and advisor, and the Strategy/Peace Negotiator with the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations involved in brokering peace in the Middle East since 2011. She is also the Principal of MJS Global Group whose core competency is strategy, image/media, branding, geopolitics, international trade and development, communications, intelligence and security, aerospace, technology, entertainment, wealth management, mining, energy, infrastructure, commodities (gold, diamonds, oil and gas, sugar, cement, edible oils, rice, et al), and capital markets. also serves as a Senior Consulting Advisor for DeMatteo Monness LLC, a specialized agency brokerage with equity trading operations in New York and Boston and a member firm of the NASD and clears trades through Goldman Sachs Execution; Clearing LLC. With a background in working for international political campaigns, she is also a public speaker and lecturer on politics and motivational topics. Lady MJ has appeared and been featured in international media outlets (radio, television, print and internet) in Europe and USA such as Fox Business News, NRK, CNBC, CBS and AOL News. You can follow her on Facebook and on Twitter (@mj_santos). You can read more about her here.


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