Saif's sustained hand injuries in a Nato air strike

Dec 2, 2011 (TSR) – The barbaric war of the NATO alliance in Libya is concealed by the media in Germany consistently. We collect the information and prepare for them.

Various sources report about continued violent clashes between soldiersof Libyan Liberation Army LLF, which existence was never reported by the press-and opinion-free media before, and mercenaries of the NATO / NTC near the international airport of Tripoli and the offices of the NTC, too.“Green” sniper are said to succeed in the killing of three traitors who have been commanders of the so-called “revolutionary battalions of Tripoli”.

Saif's sustained hand injuries in a Nato air strike

In addition the resistance fighters attacked the support point “Broad Shields” of the NATO and killed 28 armed militants.
Bani Walid is under control by the Green Army, but the city is surrounded.There are reports of air attacks by the Israeli Air Force. It is said that an attack on Bani Walid over land will begin in the coming days. The main forces are said to be foreign mercenaries from Misrata.

On November 29,  patriots of the Green Resistance attacked an NATO convoy near Brega. This NATO convoy was on the way to the oil port of Brega and attacked in an ambush. Military vehicles and trucks are destroyed also all the mercenaries of the convoy were killed.

In the south of Libya there is heavy fighting between the NTC brigades of Misurata and Sabha. They also take civilian areas of southern Libya under fire and trying to expel the militants from the Green Resistance out of the area of the southern oil industry.

Tripoli: In many parts of the city there is fierce fighting between the Liberation Army and the NATO mercenaries / NTC. Very heavy fighting near the international airport of Tripoli, too.

The green opposition blocked many roads. The day before yesterdayfighters of the Liberation Army LLF attacked NTC people in the district of Andalusia. Senior representatives of the NTC are said to have been killed.With an RPG an NTC patrol in Al-Fateh was attacked – three soldiers were killed, others fled.

On November 26, the delegation of the “prime minister” Abdel Rahim al-Keeb was attacked. He was not injured but two members of his delegation were murdered and five were injured.

There are more and more credible information about the arrival of new soldiers of the NATO in Tripoli which are said to differ significantly from the rest of NATO. Most likely they were “guests” agents of the CIA or MI6 and their probable purpose – hunting for Saif al Islam Gaddafi, the son of the murdered Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

It seems like the NATO doesn`t trust (correctly..) their own pupils anymore. There is an increase of the risk for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.

Saif al Islam Gaddafi Interview Summary with the Ukrainian surgeon

Two fingers of the right hand from Saif al Islam Gaddafi had to be amputated.
According to a report of the “Izvestia” the son of the murdered Muammar Gaddafi was examined by the Ukrainian surgeon Andrei Murachowski from the hospital of Zintan.
The half of his right thumb and index finger had to be separated. They fester, the bone protruding. But the risk of infection shouldn`t be high and the general condition is said to not be impaired. Besides the pain in his hand Saif al Islam Gaddafi has not complained. He wanted no further investigation.

How can such an injury happen?

He argues that a bomb hit his car. But the patient has no other visible damage. So I’m inclined to believe that it is due to the explosion of a fragmentation grenade. But that’s just my opinion; the wound is at least a month old.

Saif al-Islam agreed to the amputation?

He agrees in principle. But there are problems of non-medical nature. He does not want to leave the secret accommodation. This is the only place in Libya where he can feel relatively safe. There is only one person to guard him.

The amputation could happen in his secret accommodation. This would be easy. Mainly because we have the necessary equipment. I don’t have the decision about a surgery, but if I am allowed to, I will do it.

Under what conditions does he live?

Although he is a prisoner, he is not in jail. This is a normal house on the outskirts of the city. There is also a man with a gun. The address of the house is secret. I was just in a room, a living room with normal local furniture. Carpeting, mattresses, a table in the middle. There was fruit and water. Around 5-6 people were there. They were talking.

How did he behave?

He was not desperate and seems to be brave. I have seen no depression. He behaves accordingly. It could also be a little fawning at his keeper.

How did they bring you to Saif al-Islam? At night, blindfolded?

Nothing like that. In Zintan there are many roads and intersections. They brought me so that I could not remember. I would not find this house and the street again.

Why you have been brought to Gaddafi’s son?

In Zintan there are only only two surgeons. Me and one surgeon from North Korea. I was elected.

The press has talked a lot about Ukrainian mercenaries in Libya. Have you seen wounded or killed Ukrainians?

No, there was a Russian journalist with a fracture, I cannot remember his name – he had a surgery at our hospital.

There were rumors that Muammar Gaddafi was not killed. What do they say about these rumors in Libya?

We believe that he really died.

Gaddafi was surrounded by a crowd of Ukrainians, the wife of Saif al-Islam, Nadia, is also Ukrainian. The nurses of Gaddafi were Ukrainians, too. What is the reason for such a choice?

We are 15 Ukrainians here. Ukrainian doctors came to Libya because they were paid much better. I am here already for a long time. All are already friends and acquaintances. I’m here with my wife – she’s anesthesiologist and work together. The Ukrainians were provided with good conditions. We have a small clinic, three X-ray machines, four ultrasound machines, CT scanners, a well-equipped operating room, the normal supply of medicines. My wife and I are living here at a 2-room apartment with garden.

I’ve spent in Libya more than 8 years in Libya, even throughout the war. During the war it was scary. We initially thought that it would be over quickly. And later we were not able to get anywhere, we were blocked. Of course we could have tried to come out but it was dangerous.

You could have been hit by a stray bullet. It was safer to stay here so we stayed here under attack.

I don’t know anything about the woman Nadja you mentioned.
I know that Gaddafi senior had a Ukrainian nurse called Galya but she was able to go away.


AUTHOR: Jerry Dandridge



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