Ghana: Cocoa Producer Pricing Adjusted

Ghana Cocoa Board have decided to pay bonus to farmers at the time of sale of their produce which all Licenced Buying Companies must comply.

United Kingdom Cuts Aid to Ghana

United Kingdom has stopped funding projects and programmes due to Ghana's new status as a low middle-income country.

Nigeria makes progress in releasing ‘untapped potential’ in palm oil

Thanks to forex controls, Nigeria's economic reforms in strengthening agricultural sector is benefitting the palm oil industry and on course to meet targets for output growth.

Nigeria Now World’s Largest Producer of Cassava

Nigeria has become the largest producer of cassava in the world with an annual output of 45 million metric tons.

Nigeria: Groups Reject Planned Introduction of Genetically Modified Maize, Cotton in Nigeria

Nigerian groups urged the federal government to reject Monsanto's applications, arguing that that there is a serious lack of capacity to adequately control and monitor the human and environmental risks of GM crops.

20 bln USD idle in domiciliary accounts of Nigerians: Apex Bank

20 billion U.S. dollars is found to be idle in some domiciliary accounts of Nigerian citizens, which suggests sabotage as local currency continues to fall against dollars, says Nigerian Central Bank.

Nigeria can learn from China’s experience: Media chief

Nigeria can learn from the experience China has gained in its economic reform and development, a media chief executive officer said.

Nigerian networks block 10.7m SIM cards in crackdown on scammers, kidnappers and Boko Haram

Mobile network operators in Nigeria have deactivated 10.7 million unregistered SIM cards in an attempt to block communication methods used by terrorists and criminals in the country.

South Africa President Zuma’s estranged wife denies plot to kill him

South Africa’s First Lady Nompumelelo Ntuli-Zuma has denied involvement in any plot to poison her polygamy practicing husband, President Jacob Zuma.

US Pressured South Africa to Monitor Iranian agents, Leaked Spy Cables Show

The US’s covert war with Iran is being fought across the globe, with countries such as South Africa dragged in despite being bystanders. The leaked spy cables offer a glimpse into US efforts – often undeclared and unreported – to tighten sanctions and hamper Iran’s nuclear progress, including blocking access to scarce mineral resources in Africa.

South Africa, The Most Open Country for Foreign Direct Investments

South Africa is committed to improving its global competitiveness and reputation, and continues to compare well with other emerging markets.

South Africa’s Energy Crisis Tops Cabinet Agenda

Efforts to resolve South Africa's energy crisis and service delivery challenges in some municipalities are expected to top the agenda during the Cabinet Lekgotla (gathering) which is under way in Pretoria.