SPECIAL REPORT SERIES by Lady Michelle Jennifer Santos – TSR Founder & Publisher and Strategy/Peace Negotiator with the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations

July 13, 2011 (TSR) – French President Nicolas Sarcozy should be judged on his actions and not on his personality. He is crazy. I like crazy. Gaddafi too. So am I. It’s an occupational hazard: You have to be crazy if you want to be in high level and deep politics. When you want to change the world and make it a better place, you have to be, because the waters are infested with sharks and it is tough to swim in its dirty waters. This is why not many survive, either they jump off the ship or sell their personal integrity. But you have people like me and Gaddafi- we are stubborn visionaries in our own right and do not care what anyone thinks. This is why the West pegs us as radicals. We do not bow down to anyone nor will serve a master.

Not all too sure about everyone else, but for the record, I am the healthy and squeaky clean kind of crazy.

Let us first deal with Mr. Sarcoz-ick. Later with Italian Prime Minister Mr. Belusconi-ac, Obama, Soros, Rubenstein, etc. All War Criminals worthy of executions, just like Goerge W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, Clintons, 5 American equity executives, the banks, Western media and many others.

When it comes to Sarcozy, there are more to this “crazy” than meets the eye, if we are to examine his “not so official” biography and the alliances which brought him to power. Like an illusionist, he has diverted people’s attention by offering his private life as a spectacle and posing in celebrity magazines, to the point of making everyone overlook his political history. It’s part of the charade. In order to know, one must follow a long digression during which we shall see the protagonists who are today taking their revenge. Let us study his mafia clan.

On the surface, his personal interest in destroying Libya boils to one thing: Saving his political career and for grand Imperial accolades. But that is not everything. {{{0.95}}}

Mediterranean Union: A Warmonger’s Dream. The Mediterranean Union was part of the election campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy during the French presidential election campaign in 2007. During the campaign, he proposed that the Mediterranean Union would be modeled on the European Union with a shared judicial area and common institutions. He saw Turkey’s membership of the Mediterranean Union as an alternative to membership of the European Union, for which he opposes, and as a forum for dialog between Israel and its Arab Neighbors. This proposal failed through diplomacy and other general setbacks upon sitting in office, though institutions like the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership developed the framework for the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly and region.

Globalist inspired institutional blocs – whether it be regional (ASEAN, EU, AU, SAARC), cultural/linguistic (Arab League, OIC), economic (IMF, World Bank), trade focused (Mercosur, OPEC, the WTO), or military/ international security focused (NATO, SCO, OSCE), of “G” clubs (G7, G8, G11, G20, G33)—have grandiosely proliferated in recent decades, yet yielded ineffectual results, no power of influence and have not contributed to better governance. Sarcozy want his shot to history: Become the one who can align competing interests and push through policy changes via creation of a Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Secretariat.

Under Mr Sarkozy’s plan, the group, a loose grouping of 16 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, with Turkey to be the backbone of the club – in order to tie southern Europe with Israel and its Arab neighbors – would form an EU-like council with a rotating presidency and deal with topical issues such as energy, security, counter-terrorism, immigration and trade.

The motivations for his crusade against Libya is also to play catch up: To be part of the action since he missed his opportunity when the Tunisian and Egypt revolts began. Libya is his Charles De Gaulle moment, an important influence in his life besides Pope John II.

Since Sarkozy’s big idea is to use imperial Rome’s centre of the world as a unifying factor linking 44 countries that are home to 800 million people, it angered him that Gaddafi refused to join and give his blessings to his imperial dreams.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi boycotted the 2008 summit launching the new “Union” in Paris, and his verbal attack on the plan that interfered with the manifestation of Sarkozy’s brainchild. Qaddafi compared Sarkozy’s “Union” to the Roman Empire, and that it will fuel Islamist terrorism and will be regarded as “imperialism” by many in Africa and the Arab world.

“We shall have another Roman empire and imperialist design. There are imperialist maps and designs that we have already rolled up. We should not have them again.”

– Col Gaddafi in Tripoli, the Libyan capital, July 9, 2008

After France initiated the first air strikes against Gaddafi’s forces, the news was full of “implanted” rebels in charade waving tricolors and vowing that their firstborn would be named “Sarkozy”.

Geopolitical Analysis. The Mediterranean Sea is the main battle front in the world currently, superseding the Afghanistan-Pakistan war theater, and the empire of the new third millennium – that of the U.S., the world’s sole military superpower in the words of President Barack Obama in his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, and its NATO partners – is completing the transformation of the Mediterranean into its mare nostrum.

Careful study of Benghazi’s location with various military installations should wake some politicians up to what they are agreeing to: The NEW WORLD ORDER POLICE HEADQUARTERS.


Sarkozy is known to be extremely friendly to the US and Israel (the Israeli president has just been in Paris, the first head of state to be received with full honors since Sarkozy was elected last year) and his plans therefore resemble those which led to the creation of the original EEC which was also set up on the back of an existing US-led military structure (NATO was created in 1949, the European Coal and Steel Community in 1951).

The attack on Libya was followed by slightly more than three weeks a move in the parliament of the Eastern Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus to drag that state into NATO’s Partnership for Peace program, which if ultimately successful would leave only three of twenty nations (excluding micro-state Monaco) on or in the Mediterranean Sea not full members of NATO or beholden to it through partnership entanglements, including those of the Mediterranean Dialogue (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia): Libya, Lebanon and Syria.

Here we are: Less than three years later Sarkozy’s Mirage and Rafale warplanes were bombing Libyan government targets, initiating an ongoing war being waged by France, the United States, Britain and what the world news media refer to as an international coalition – 12 members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the emirate of Qatar – to overthrow the Gaddafi government and implant a more pliant replacement. The consistent NATO bombings with French, American and British assassins should explain their desperation to get the job done because they are behind schedule.

Gaddafi is not going to be a great puppet of the West. He has too much integrity and brains. Why would they allow anyone or any country who wants self-sufficiency, independence and sovereignty? Why would the West want a strong, unified and independent Middle East and Africa? Of all places, why should we allow the ‘Black’ and ‘Colored’ race (and the real deep spiritual Islam, not the militarized version like they did in Pakistan) to have their pride and dignity back? Why would the West allow that the former colonies of Africa, the richest continent on the planet, to embrace their true destiny of Greatness? The West simply won’t have that.

READ THE BIG PICTURE: Assault on Libya is an Assault on Entire Africa

It is very clear that the emergency summit of EU leaders in Brussels on March 11 is for re-designing and re-writing EU’s North Africa policy and fulfill the frame work of the Mediterranean Union with the courtship of NATO to get involved was of utmost important. Furthermore, it solidifies reasons for the obvious desperation of NATO, USA, France and EU to assassinate him (More about this later as we go along).

L’affaire Bettencourt: A Sarcozy’s Presidential Scandal. Cosmetics giant L’Oréal’s 87 year old billionairess Liliane Bettencourt, France’s richest woman with net worth value of €17 bn ($24 bn), was providing illegal funding via ‘envelopes full of cash’ to President Sarkozy and his ruling UMP Party, in exchange for helping with tax evasion for her vast fortune while Sarcozy demanding huge social cuts from hard working people of France.


Liliane and Andre Bettencourt

The Bettencourt affair emerged when Liliane’s daughter, Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers, sued her mother and her mother’s lover, François-Marie Banier, over control of roughly €1 billion ($1.4 bn USD) in assets. Bettencourt’s butler also secretly recorded over 21 hours of phone conversations.

According to a primary witness in the case, Sarkozy often came by regularly for dinner at the Bettencourt’s dinner parties held at her mansion in Neuilly, where he was once mayor, and received his cash envelope. The money withdrawals were ultimately made on March 26, 2007, shortly before Sarkozy’s election in May of that year. In return, Bettencourt got a tax concession for the rich implemented by Sarkozy shortly after his election led to a tax rebate of €30 million ($42.6 m USD) in March 2008.

This became the threat that undermined Sarkozy’s political standing in the French ruling class, making it untenable for him to carry out the cuts demanded by the financial markets and the political establishment.

With bombing Libya and Ivory Coast, issuing threats against Syria, and getting closer to the United States and Israel, recent polls show seven of ten French dislike or detest the hyperkinetic, flashy Sarkozy – know as “president bling” – and don’t regard him as properly French. He has an all-time low of 26 percent poll ratings, the lowest in French history.

Bettencourt, who never had a single tax audit since 1995, maintained overseas bank accounts in Switzerland and Singapore and the island of D’Arros in the Seychelles, without declaring them to French tax authorities. She would withdraw €50,000 ($71,000 USD) per week from her accounts and spread the money around pretty widely. Each politician came to get his cash envelope up to €100,000 ($143, 000 USD) or €200,000 ($285,000 USD).

When Sarkozy was running for president in 2007, Bettencourt’s financial advisor Patrice de Maistre asked her to withdraw an unusually large sum: €150,000 ($213,000 USD) to finance Sarkozy’s presidential campaign and to be given to Eric Woerth, the treasurer of Sarkozy’s Le Mouvement Populaire who was in charged with financing the campaign. Mr Woerth’s wife, Florence, also worked for Mrs Bettencourt as a financial advisor.

France’s Unpopular Pension Reform. Sarcozy Administration, overseen by Woerth, needed to slash public spending by €100 billion ($142 bn USD), to bring France’s public deficit down from 8 percent to the Eurozone-mandated limit of 3 percent by 2013. Major international banks and credit rating agencies were threatening to increase France’s borrowing costs by removing its AAA credit rating, should it fail to implement these massive cuts.

Thus, on September 15, 2010, France’s National Assembly adopted the unpopular pension reform, to allow them to save €19 billion by 2018, passed a bill to raise the minimum retirement age on a full pension from 60 to 62 to 65 to 67 years old, as well as increasing the number of work years needed in order to claim a full pension, from 40.5 years at least 41.5 in the year 2020.

The Sarcozy Administration was able impose these cuts in the face of mass popular opposition only because there was no attempt to rally the working class for a political struggle against it. In posturing as opponents of the reform, the unions and pseudo-left parties like the Nouveau Parti Anti-Capitaliste (NPA) were misleading the population. In fact, they were helping to pass the cuts by diverting workers’ resistance to austerity policies into one-day actions that are largely impotent. The unions supported the cuts, and the petty-bourgeois pseudo-left parties supported the unions.

Other Political Scandals. Sarkozy faces some highly dangerous financial scandals. The most dangerous is the scandal over secret kickbacks he may have authorized over the sale of French submarines to Pakistan in the 1990’s that may have led to the deaths in Karachi of a number of French naval technicians.

The Clearstream scandal in 2007 revolved around the Luxembourg bank Clearstream Banking S.A., which allegedly helped many prominent French politicians and companies to evade taxes. A list of private accounts held by French individuals at Clearstream was sent anonymously to investigating magistrate Renaud van Ruymbeke on four different occasions. The lists were proved to be false and the people named on them, including French politician Nicolas Sarkozy, who was then preparing for his Presidential campaign, pressed charges for false accusations.

Presently, a new scandal similar to one where the former head of the International Monetary Fund Dominique Strauss-Kahn in France. This time the accused is the former Secretary of State Georges Tron who is believed to be close to President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Many in France and abroad believe that the persecution of the former head of the IMF is politically motivated. He wanted to become a presidential candidate from the Socialist Party and would face head-on the current head of state, leader of the “Union for a Popular Movement”, Nicolas Sarkozy.

An April poll showed Socialist Dominique Strauss-Kahn was running ahead of Sarkozy at 30%, followed by far-right National Front leader Marine LePen at 21%. Sarko was trailing at 19% in a first round of the two-part vote. Strauss-Kahn would then wallop Sarkozy in the second round vote. Strauss-Kahn was expected to step down shortly as head of the International Monetary Fund and announce his run for president. He was expected to easily beat out the other Socialist contenders for the nomination: Francois Hollande, Martine Aubry, and Segolene Royal.

Georges Tron may have committed in the period from 1994 to 2010 when he was the Mayor of the Draveil (he later began combining this position with his work as the Secretary of State). Two women who used to be his employees accused him of sexual assault and went to court. They do not hide the fact that they were motivated by the detention of Strauss-Kahn.

The scandal must be serious enough since Tron was forced to file a statement of resignation as the Secretary of State on May 29, but was allowed to retain the post of the mayor of Draveil. He denied all the charges against him, filed a counterclaim for defamation and stated that the case was fabricated by his political rivals. Tron was taken into custody on June 21, but quickly released. A couple of days later he was charged with a double rape and is now facing 20 years in jail. However, this raises another question: why, did Sarkozy appoint Tron as the secretary and kept him as the mayor of Draveil?




These report series is dedicated to my mentor, brother and best friend, a British (Lord) Royal and the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations, who is presumed captive and missing days after the last surprise suicide bombing attempt they did to us in Geneva, Switzerland at the same time as the London Conference on Libya for which the media and the Powers that be blocked out from the world. My dearest brother, wherever you are, I love and miss you terribly. I am still standing. I will honor our pact before we got separated that no matter what happens I will not stop being who I am. I will tell the world the TRUTH and will not fear Sarcozy, Cameron and Obama and their minions. I will not stay silent about these malevolent crimes against Gaddafi, his family, the innocent Libyan people, us and humanity. I will honor the lives of our 67 friends and staff, the thousands who have died for standing up and not selling their integrity and Soul. I will not let you down. A promise is a promise. I will fearlessly continue to stand, though alone, and hold up my little candle against these Vampires until my last breath and wake up humanity from this Wicked Web. I love you very much. Come back soon. – Lady Michelle Jennifer Santos

Meanwhile, another scandal is emerging in France that may overshadow the story of Tron and the adventures of Strauss-Kahn in New York. Former Education Minister Luc Ferry appeared on national television and said that one of his colleagues in the government participated in orgies with boys in Morocco.

Both French and Moroccan police have begun an investigation. If this is true, the upper echelon of the French authorities will display not only a person accused of rape, but also a possible pedophile.

When two ministers are held for serious criminal charges at the same time, this raises questions to the president. After all, he is the one who selects candidates for ministerial posts. Sarkozy’s personal life, too, to put it mildly, is not flawless. Neither he nor his second and third wives were examples of fidelity as Carla Bruni is rumored to be pregnant by a Muslim.

Thus, the portrait of the French political elite looks very unattractive these days. The two gentlemen represent two different parties: Tron is a Gaullist, while Strauss-Kahn is a socialist. Whichever of the two major parties may come to power, their representatives will bring along criminal and sexual scandals.

These scandals further tarnish the image of France in the international arena and Sarcozy was concerned that this would have prevented the appointment of Christine Lagarde as the head of the IMF. The former head of the Central Bank of Mexico Agustin Carstens would be much more convenient for the US. The French authorities (and the EU in general) have far more different interests from the Americans than the Mexican authorities.

The Anti-Muslim Monologues. On Oct 3rd, 2007 meeting with Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, Nicolas Sarkozy shocked his surrounding by devoting himself up to 20 minutes of anti-Muslim abusive language and made confusing statements about the clash of civilizations.

Sweden and France have completely different positions on Turkey’s place in Europe. Sarcozy doesn’t want Turkey to join into the EU. He has also made that clear when he met Ireland’s prime minister Bertie Ahern several weeks before. The French president said that there are too many Muslims in Europe and that Muslims have difficulties to integrate – to justify his position on the Turkey EU question.

Early this year, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that it is impossible to get along with the Muslims. According to him, the policy of multiculturalism had failed.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, also called a failure of British policy of multiculturalism, calling for greater integration of young Muslims into the society as a measure to prevent the development of so-called “extremism” among permanent residents. ?German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Spain and Jose-Maria Aznar had also said about the failure of the policy of multiculturalism.

AFP quotes him, “Of course we must all respect differences, but we do not want… a society where communities coexist side by side. If you come to France, you accept to melt into a single community, which is the national community, and if you do not want to accept that, you cannot be welcome in France…The French national community cannot accept a change in its lifestyle, equality between men and women… freedom for little girls to go to school”, the French head of state also said referring to the attendant argument of Islamophobes that Islam ostensibly prohibits girls educating. In fact, this is a manipulation and rough lies. Education for a girl is considered by Sharia Law as the most important duties of parents as a girl is the future mother, who must raise her children. And an educated mother will bring up educated children…our Muslim compatriots must be able to practice their religion, as any citizen can…we in France do not want people to pray in the street.”

However, in defense for Islam: Their religion forbids the mixing of the sexes (boys and girls from 10 years of age) in schools and requires separate education.

Please note also the historical context of “the praying in the streets” comment: About the time of German occupation of France in the years 1940-1944, there are 10 to 15 places in France where Muslims are gather to pray in the street because of the overflow of mosques.

Inside the Sarcozy Closet Number 1: CIA. At the end of Second World War, the United States secret services relied on Italo-US godfather, Lucky Luciano, to control the security of American ports and prepare their disembarking in Sicily. The main contacts of Luciano — held at that time at a New York luxury prison — to the US intelligence services went notably through Frank Wisner, Sr. Later, when the “godfather” was liberated and chose to exile in Italy, they operated through his Corsican “Ambassador”, Étienne Léandri.

In 1958, worried about a possible victory of the FLN in Algeria which could open the way to Soviet influence in Northern Africa, the United States decided to provoke a military coup d’Etat in France. The operation was jointly organized by the CIA’s Directorate of Planning – theoretically led by Frank Wisner, Sr. – and by NATO. But Wisner had already become senile by that time, and it was his successor, Allan Dulles, who supervised the coup. Out of Algeria, French generals organized a Public Salvation Committee which pressured the Parisian civilian authorities to vote full powers to General de Gaulle without having had to use force.

Yet, Charles de Gaulle was not the pawn the Anglo-Saxons had believed they could manipulate. The CIA and NATO supported then all kinds of plots to eliminate him, among which a missed coup and some 40 attempts to murder him. However, certain of his followers approved of his political evolution. Around Charles Pasqua, they created the SAC (Civic action services), a militia to protect him. Pasqua was both a Corsican bandit and a former resistant and directed the Ricard company, which, after commercializing absinthe, a forbidden alcohol, won respectability by converting to the sales of another alcohol based on liquorice (anisette). The company continued however to serve as a cover for all sorts of traffics connected to the New York Italian American family of Genovese, and that of Lucky Luciano. Pasqua called on Étienne Léandri (Ambassador of Luciano) to recruit the hands that constituted the Gaullist militia. A third man played an important role in the formation of the SAC, the former body guard of de Gaulle, Achille Peretti, also a Corsican.

With such protection, de Gaulle designs an audacious national independence policy. Even though asserting his belonging to the Atlantic camp, he questions the Anglo-Saxon leadership. He opposes the entry of the United Kingdom into the European common market (1961 and 1967); refuses the deployment of UN Blue Helmets in Congo (1961); encourages the Latin American states to become free of US imperialism (speech of Mexico, 1964); kicks NATO out of France and withdraws from the Atlantic Alliance’s integrated command (1966); condemns Israeli expansionism during the Six Day war (1967); supports the independence of Quebec (Speech of Montreal 1967), etc.

Simultaneously, de Gaulle consolidated the power of France by endowing it with a military industrial-complex including a nuclear deterrent and guaranteeing its energy provisions. He conveniently distanced the encumbering Corsicans of his entourage by entrusting them with foreign missions. Thus, Étienne Léandri became a leader of the ELF group (today Total), while Charles Pasqua became the trusted man of the Francophone Heads of State in Africa.

Conscious that he could not defy the Anglo-Saxons on all fronts at the same time, De Gaulle allied himself to the Rothschild family, choosing as Prime Minister, Georges Pompidou, who was the fondé de pouvoir of the bank. The two men constituted an efficient tandem, the political audacity of the first never losing sight of the economic realism of the second.

When De Gaulle resigned in 1969, Georges Pompidou succeeded him briefly at the Presidency before being taken out by a cancer. The historical Gaullists did not admit his leadership, however, and worried about his anglophile proclivities. They howled treason when Pompidou, supported by the General Secretary of the Élysée, Edouard Balladur, had “perfidious Albion” join the European Common Market.

Sarcozy’s mother was the secretary of De Gaulle’s bodyguard, Achille Peretti, who after founding the SAC, pursued a brilliant political career. He was elected Deputy and Mayor of Neuilly sur Seine, the richest residential suburb of the capital, and later President of the National Assembly.

Unfortunately, Peretti’s brilliant political career came to a grinding halt in 1972. Time magazine revealed the existence of a secret criminal organization « the Corsican Union » which controls a large part of the drug trade between Europe and America, the famous « French connection » which Hollywood popularized on the large screen for which Peretti was involved. Time names the name of a mafia boss, Jean Venturi, arrested a few years earlier in Canada, who is none other than Charles Pasqua’s commercial delegate at the liquor society Ricard. The names of several families headed by the “Corsican Union” are cited, among which that of Peretti. Achille denies all charges, but is forced to renounce the presidency of the National Assembly.

In 1977, Pal Sarkösy of Nagy-Bocsa (Sarcozy’s father) separates from his second wife, Christine de Ganay, who then gets together with the N°2 of the US State Department central administration. She marries him and settles in America with him. The world being very small, as everyone knows, her husband is none other than Frank Wisner, Jr, son of the previous.

Nicolas, who remains close to his mother in law, his half brother and his half sister (Pierre Olivier and Caroline), begins to turn towards the United States where he “benefits” from training programs of the State Department.

During that same period, Nicolas Sarkozy adheres to the Gaullist party, coming into frequent contact with Charles Pasqua, who was not only a national leader then, but also the head of the party’s Haut de Seine department section. Having finished Law School in 1982 and joined the bar association, Nicolas Sarkozy married the niece of Achille Peretti. His best man was Charles Pasqua. As a lawyer, Sarkozy defended the interests of his mentor’s Corsican friends. He bought a property on the Island of Beauty, in Vico, and went as far as envisaging to make his name more “Corsican” by replacing the “y” by an “i”: Sarkozi.

The next year, he was elected Mayor of Neuilly sur Seine in replacement of his uncle in law, Achille Peretti, felled by a heart attack. However, it was not long before Nicolas Sarkozy betrayed his wife, and since 1984, he had a secret liaison with Cecilia, the wife of the most famous entertainer of French television at that time, Jacques Martin, whom he had met while celebrating their marriage, a function he exerted being mayor of Neuilly. That double life lasted five years, before the lovers decided to quit their respective couples in order to build a new home.

In 1992, Nicolas was best man in the marriage of Jacques Chirac’s daughter, Claude, with an editorialist of Le Figaro. He couldn’t refrain himself from seducing Claude and having a short liaison with her, while officially living with Cecilia. The cuckold husband committed suicide by absorbing drugs. The break was brutal and without pardon between the Chirac’s and Nicolas Sarkozy.

In 1993, the left lost the legislative elections. President François Mitterrand refused to resign and entered into cohabitation with a right wing Prime Minister. Jacques Chirac, who was ambitious for the presidency, and was thinking at that point of constituting with Edoaurd Balladur a couple comparable to that of De Gaulle and Pompidou, refused to be Prime Minister and left his post to his “30 year long friend” Edouard Balladur. In spite of his sulphurous past, Charles Pasqua became Interior Minister. While keeping a high hand over the Moroccan marijuana trade, he took advantage of his situation to legalize his other activities, taking control of casinos, gambling and horse races in francophone Africa. He wove ties with Saudi Arabia and Israel, and became an officer of honour to the Mossad. Nicolas Sarkozy, for his part, became minister of Budget and spokesman for the government.

In Washington, Frank Wisner, Jr. became the successor of Paul Wolfowitz as head of the Political Planning department of the Department of Defense. Nobody noticed at that time the ties to the spokesman of the French government.

It is then that tensions, similar to those which rocked the Gaullist party 30 years earlier, broke out between the historical Gaullists and the financial right wing incarnated by Balladur. The new element was that Charles Pasqua and, along with him, the young Nicolas Sarkozy, betrayed Jacques Chirac in order to join the Rothschild current. Mayhem broke out. The conflict reached a climax in 1995, when Edouard Balladur ran for president against his former friend Jacques Chirac, and was beaten. Most importantly, following instructions from London and Washington, the Balladur government opened negotiations for membership status to the European Union and NATO to States of Central and Eastern Europe who had freed from Soviet control.

Havoc reigned then in the Gaullist party, where the friends of yesterday were ready to kill one another today. To be able to finance his electoral campaign, Edouard Balladur attempted to grab the secret slush fund of the Gaullist party, hidden in the double-deckered accounting of the books of the oil group ELF.

Throughout his first mandate, Jacques Chirac kept Nicolas Sarkozy at arms distance. Discretely, however, he continued to weave ties to the financial circles. In 1996, finally succeeding to bring to conclusion an endless divorce procedure, Nicolas Sarkozy married Cecilia. Two billionaires were their best men, Martin Bouygues and Bernard Arnaud (the richest man of the country).

Way before the Iraqi crisis, Frank Wisner Jr. and his colleagues at the CIA planned the destruction of the Gaullist current and the coming to power of Nicolas Sarkozy. They moved in three phases: first, the elimination of the leadership of the Gaullist party and the take-over of the party apparatus; then the elimination of his main right wing rival and the securing the nomination to the presidential election for the Gaullist party; finally, the elimination of any serious challenger on the left to make sure that Nicolas would win the presidential election.

Then one day, revelations by a real estate dealer dying from a terminal disease decided to video-tape his confessions, which opened up a Pandora’s box: The main victim of the series of scandals was Prime Minister Alain Juppé. The “cassette” landed in the hands of a Socialist party leader, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who forwarded it indirectly to the media.

To protect Chirac, he assumed alone all the penal sanctions. The removal of Juppé from the front lodges opened the way for the take-over by Sarkozy of the leadership of the Gaullist party.

Sarkozy exploited his position to force Jacques Chirac to take him into the government once again, in spite of their reciprocal hatred. In the end, he became Interior Minister: The post gave him control over the prefects and the internal intelligence apparatus, which he used to gain positions of power over the large administrations.

He dealt also with Corsican affairs. Prefect Claude Érignac was murdered. Érignac was not directly killed by the nationalists, but by a paid killer, immediately exfiltrated to Angola, where he was hired to the security of the Elf group. The motive of the crime was precisely connected to the previous functions of Érignac, responsible for the African networks at Pasqua’s cooperation ministry.

A new scandal broke out then: phoney computer listings were circulating, falsely accusing several personalities of hiding bank accounts in Luxembourg, at Clearstream. Among the defamed personalities: Nicolas Sarkozy, who filed a suit insinuating that he suspected his right wing rival to the presidency, Dominique de Villepin, to have organized this machination. Sarkozy didn’t hide his intention either to throw him in jail. In reality, the false listings were put in circulation by members of the French American Foundation, of which John Negroponte was the president and Frank Wisner Jr, the administrator. What the judges ignored, and what we reveal here, is that the listings were fabricated in London by a common office of the CIA and MI6, Hakluyt and Co., of which Frank Wisner is also an administrator.

Villepin denied the accusations, but was indicted, confined to his residence, and de facto eliminated from political life temporarily. The road was thus free on the right wing for Nicolas Sarkozy. It remained for the opposition candidacies to be neutralized. The membership fees to the Socialist party were reduced to a symbolic level, in order to attract new activists. Suddenly, thousands of youth took membership cards. Among them, there were at least 10,000 new members who were in reality militants from the “Lambertist” Trotskyite party, named after its founder Pierre Lambert. This small extreme left group historically served the CIA against the Stalinist communists during the cold war; it is the equivalent of the Social Democrats/USA of Max Schatchman, who trained the US neo-conservatives. It is not the first time the “Lambertists” have infiltrated the Socialist party. They introduced there two notorious CIA agents : Lionel Jospin (who became Prime minister) and Jean Christophe Cambadelis, the main advisor to Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Primaries were organized inside the Socialist party to designate its candidate to the presidential election. Two personalities were competing: Laurent Fabius and Ségolène Royal. Only the first was a danger for Sarkozy. Dominique Strauss-Kahn came into the race with the mission to eliminate Fabius at the last moment. Something he did with the help of the votes of the infiltrated “Lambertists”, who voted not for him but for Royal.

The operation is possible because Strauss-Kahn is since long on the payroll of the United States. Frenchmen ignore that he teaches at Stanford, where he was hired by the Provost Dean of the University, Condoleeza Rice. From the beginning of his term, Nicolas Sarkozy and Condoleeza Rice will thank Strauss-Kahn by having him elected to the leadership of the International Monetary Fund.

Here, watch a briefing: DOCUMENTARY: U.S. Foreign Policy – Secret Wars of the CIA

Fast forward to Nicolas Sarkozy inaugurated president of the French Republic.

The first decree he signed was not to enact an amnesty, but to authorize the casinos of his friends Desseigne and Partouche to multiply the money machines.

He composed his working team and his government. Without surprise, one finds there an ominous casino owner (the minister of Youth and Sports) and the lobbyist of the casinos of his friend Desseigne (who became a spokesman of the “Gaullist party”.)

Nicolas Sarkozy relies above all on 4 men :

Claude Guéant, secretary general of the Elysée Palace, the former right hand of Charles Pasqua.

François Pérol, under-secretary general of the Elysée, an associate manager of the Rothschild bank.

Jean-David Lévitte, diplomatic advisor. Son of the former director of the Jewish Agency. French ambassador to the UN, he was removed by Chirac who judged him too close to George Bush.

Alain Bauer, the man of the shadows. His name does not appear in the directories. He is in charge of the secret services. Former Grand Master of the French Great Orient (the most important Masonic organization in France) and former N°2 of the US NSA in Europe.


Ambassador Frank Wisner Jr.

Frank Wisner Jr., who in the meantime was named “special envoy” to President Bush for the independence of Kosovo, insisted that Bernard Kouchner be named minister of foreign affairs, with a double mission priority: the independence of Kosovo and the elimination of France’s Arab policy.

READ his resume/curriculum vitae here.

NOTE: They are doing the same thing to Libya as they did to Kosovo- Break it apart, and set up military camp. Kosovo hosts the biggest military base in Europe.

Kouchner started his career by participating in the creation of a humanitarian NGO. Thanks to financial support from the National Endowment for Democracy, he took part in operations of Zbigniew Brzezinski in Afghanistan against the soviets, alongside Osama Bin Laden and the Karzai brothers. One finds him again in the 90’s working with Alija Izetbegovic in Bosnia Herzegovina. From 1999 to 2001 he was high representative of the UN to Kosovo.

NOTE: The National Endowment for Democracy is one of the groups who instigated the Arab Spring and funds the International Criminal Court.

Under the rule of the youngest brother of president Hamid Karzaï, Afghanistan became the first world producer of opium poppies transformed in heroin locally and transported by the USAF to Camp Bondsteel (Kosovo). There, the men of Hacim Thaci take charge of the drug and distribute it mainly in Europe and accessorily in the US. The benefits are used to finance the illegal operations of the CIA. Karzai and Thaci are longstanding personal friends of Bernard Kouchner, who undoubtedly ignores their criminal activities in spite of all the international reports which have been dedicated to them.

To complete his government, Nicolas Sarkozy named Christine Lagarde (now, the new IMF chief), minister of the Economy and Finance. All her career was made in the US, where she directed the prestigious law firm Baker and McKenzie. At the Center for International and Strategic Studies of Dick Cheney, she co-presided with Zbigniew Brzezinski over a working group which supervised the privatisations in Poland. She organized also an intense lobbying effort for Lockheed Martin against French airplane producer Dassault.

Nicolas, Cecilia, their common mistress and their children went on holidays to the United States at Wolfeboro, not far from the property of President Bush. The bill was paid this time by Robert F. Agostinelli, an Italian-New Yorker investment banker, Zionist and a pure brand of neo-conservative who writes in Commentary, the magazine of the American Jewish Committee.

The success of Nicolas had impact on his half brother, Pierre Olivier. Under the American name of Oliver, he was named by Frank Carlucci (formerly N°2 of the CIA after having been recruited by Frank Wisner, Sr.), and director of the new investment fund of the Carlyle Group (the common investment firm of the Bush family and Bin Laden). Having become the 5th largest business dealer in the world, he handles the main assets of the sovereign funds of Kuwait and Singapore.

Inside Sarcozy Closet Number 2: Carlyle Group. On March 2008, the Carlyle Group hired P. Olivier Sarkozy, Nicolas Sarcozy’s half brother, as Managing Director and head of the Global Financial Services group. Prior to joining Carlyle, he was Global Co-Head of the Financial Institutions Group at UBS Investment Bank. He joined UBS in January of 2003, after spending 11 years at Credit Suisse First Boston, where he was a Managing Director in the

P. Olivier Sarcozy. Perhaps the Americans would be thrilled knowing this face now since he worked on Sallie Mae.

Financial Institutions Group. While at UBS, he worked on many of the largest mergers in the U.S. financial industry, including advising Sallie Mae in its attempted $25 billion take-private transactional and subsequent recapitalization, ABN Amro on its $21 billion sale of LaSalle Bank to Bank of America, Mellon on its $17 billion merger of equals with the Bank of New York, Charles Schwab on its sale of U.S. Trust to Bank of America, MBNA on its $36 billion sale to Bank of America, Wachovia in its $14 billion acquisition of Southtrust, National Commerce in its $7 billion sale to Suntrust, and Regions Financial in its $6 billion merger of equals with Union Planters. While at CSFB, Mr. Sarkozy advised Wachovia in its merger of equals with First Union and concurrent defense against a competing hostile proposal from Suntrust, Dime Bancorp in its merger with Washington Mutual, Corestakes Financial it its sale to First Union, Wells Fargo in its merger with Norwest ,and Wells Fargo in its successful hostile acquisition of First Interstate, amongst others.

One of Sarcozy’s communications advisors, Jacques Seguela, is also consultant for political communication at the NED, where he is in charge of diverse CIA operations in Western Europe and Latin America, proposes to detract the public’s attention with new “people stories”. The announcement of the divorce with Cecilia was publicized by Libération, the paper of his friend Edouard de Rothschild, to cover up the slogans of demonstrators in a day of general strike. Stronger even, the communications agent organized a meeting between the president and the former top model, Carla Bruni. Some days later, her liaison with the president became official, and the media hammering covered up once again political criticism. Some weeks later, the third marriage of Nicolas occurred. This time, he chose as best men Mathilde Agostinelle (the wife of Robert) and Nicolas Bazire, a former cabinet director of Edouard Balladur who became assistant manager at the Rothschilds.

Ah, the Carlyle Group. Sorry, Uncles. All I am doing is give the icing on the cake. You took all my resources and privileges. All I have is my knack for writing. 🙂 More later.

Inside Sarcozy Closet Number 3: Nazis. The Bettencourt affair is of an entirely hypocritical character. Details and avoidance of airing Liliane Bettencourt’s political biography, the origins of her fortune, and her links throughout the entire political establishment are studiously ignored by the media in the course of the scandal.

Liliane’s father, Eugène Schueller, founded L’Oréal and financed the fascist group La Cagoule during the second half of the 1930s. La Cagoule was widely feared and hated for its violent attacks against Jewish and Communist targets in France, including the firebombing of synagogues and the assassination of Soviet officials and Italians fleeing the fascist dictatorship of Benito Mussolini. It also ran arms to the fascist rebels of General Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War.

During World War II, La Cagoule largely supported the Nazi occupation of France, though some of its members shifted their allegiances when it became clear that Nazi Germany would lose. La Cagoule helped found the Légion des Volontaires Français, a volunteer force fighting with the Nazis against the USSR on the Eastern Front.

Several young men who met Schueller while active around La Cagoule in the 1930s went on to play prominent roles in French politics. These included his future son-in-law, André Bettencourt, who died in November 2007, and, above all, François Mitterrand—the future leader of the PS and president of France from 1981 to 1995.

Under the Nazi occupation, André Bettencourt wrote for the Nazi-financed newspaper La Terre Française (The French Earth). In the Easter 1941 edition, he denounced Jews as “hypocritical Pharisees” whose “race is tainted with Jesus’ blood for all eternity.” When these writings were brought to light by sacked L’Oréal board member Jean Frydman in 1994, Bettencourt acknowledged that the writings were his and attributed them to “errors of youth.”

He claimed that he joined the French Resistance in 1943—in particular, the cell run by Mitterrand, then a Vichy official. Bettencourt claimed that he helped Mitterrand escape to London by plane in November 1943.

Bettencourt worked under de Gaulle at the end of World War II, going on to pursue a prominent career in politics. He held high office from the 1950s to the 1970s under a succession of conservative and social-democratic governments, and held legislative office as a senator from Normandy until 1995.

Following the liberation from Nazi occupation, his testimony—together with that of Mitterrand and Parti Communiste Français member Jacques Sadoul—helped Schueller avoid conviction for collaborating with the Nazis, a verdict that would have led to the confiscation of his holdings in L’Oréal. To this day, this money goes to support the anti-working class policies of the French ruling elite.

Recommendations for the REAL FAIR War Tribunal. In addition to the aforementioned, Nicolas Sarkozy is also thriving on the six simultaneous wars: The French have troops in Mali, Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Somalia – and, most visibly, over Libya and in Ivory Coast – an envy of every blood-and-money-thirsty warmonger. He fooled everyone in France, with a “sincere” motivational speech that France’s failure to stop the Rwandan genocide was dishonorable (as a junior minister, he argued in favor of intervention). In 2009, he authorized a raid against Somali pirates, resulting in the rescue of hostages and the pirates being showily taken back to France for trial.

The real goal of Sarkozy’s Club Med (Mediterranean Union) is not to reinforce the geopolitical weight of France, but instead to consolidate the power of NATO and the United States over the Middle East, with NATO/USA becoming the World Police. Is it not obvious this is what is going on after USA demanded all bank account access last year and now the Passenger Number Record (PNR)?


‘Illegal’ Snatch a lá BIG BROTHER: USA now wants all passenger data

If we look at history, there is a striking resemblance between Sarkozy’s plan and the existing Mediterranean Dialogue set up by NATO in 1994. Numerous Maghreb states have already signed partnership agreements with NATO. In other words, the Mediterranean Union would be but a political superstructure over a military organization which already exists and which is under US leadership.

USA needs Africa for this Massive Great War preparations for raw supplies. This is why they sent Hillary Clinton to DRC, fooling everyone, via their media propaganda, that she was there for women’s rights.

That was the charade and spin.

The real story of the story is that she came for the Globalist Corporations-Neo-conservatives-Dominionists who are masterminding this New World Order, with Obama, to set up a military base.

DRC is very rich in natural resources – oil, precious gems, gold, etc. This is why the entire state is in disarray. (I will teach you later how to strategically destroy a country). It is meant to be that way so they can take what they really need: URANIUM. The Democratic Republic of Congo is the origin of uranium used for the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb.

Also, the Emirate of Qatar owns Al Jazeera. The spokesperson, Shamman for the so-called Libyan rebels is one of the  seven (7) board members, and the only Libyan. Incidentally, Mr. Shamman announced through Al Jazeera that they are creating a new TV network which will be under the aegis of Al Jazeera. The same spokesperson is the one signing for Sarcozy’s 35% of oil profit agreement (evidentiary support forthcoming). Qatar is one of the countries who supply the “rebels” with weapons, not only the French. More later.

To a REAL JUST WAR TRIBUNAL: If you want a real war criminal, look no further. More names to come, but if there is a real honest, competent, non-bribeable International Court and Prosecuting Judges who represent me and humanity somewhere, you may take this frog-leg eating philandering French first. The French hate him anyway, and I would too if I have a president who is selling my nation to slavery for selfish gains. I doubt he will be sorely missed. I know I won’t. I think Angela Merkel would be delighted too since he needs to keep his hands to himself.

Furthermore, NATO has carried out about 12,000 terrorist missions over Libya. One air strike hit a Libyan Down’s Syndrome Society for children of whom western press has been silent on and government’s commission for children. The school was home to children with Down’s Syndrome up to the age of 6 teaching them to go to normal schools, giving speech therapy, handicrafts and sports sessions and teaching them to read and write. It handled 50 to 60 children a day. Human Rights Watch will never report this side of truth because they are funded by George Soros. Yes, I thought it would be one spider web, and I was done with my job. But it turns out, there are so many layers and so many culprits whose lives are dedicated to the destruction of the entire human race. In addition to the depressing reality, we don’t know who we can trust to put all this to justice. Everyone seems to be in bed together. Bear with me as I write and present all this to the world. My hope is that real fair and honest leadership will stand up now and say “ENOUGH!”

Honest and Fair Ladies and Gentlemen of a Real War Tribunal, Mr. President Bling is good and ready to go for the real penalty of committing crimes against humanity: Execution.

PERSONAL REMARKS: Maybe the Chinese would be willing to help me and humanity execute since they are the ONLY honorable country who executed those Hongkong executives we found in cahoots with the American big equity firms who made a deal regarding military weapons in exchange for the oil. China stopped the weapons to be delivered to Egypt and Tunisia, and charged these 12 people for treason. 6 were executed. 6 are in prison. 10 men. 2 women. China’s culture and core philosophy: Not embarrass the Middle Kingdom’s face. They are peace-loving people and has absolute honorable intentions, keeping their NON-INTERVENTIONIST policy in tact for centuries. Know real history! These are the same instigators tried to ruffle China too with the Jasmin Revolution. More report on that later. But Obama won’t turn the Americans over, now everyone will know the reasons. You made your choice and now, your neck will be included for war crimes, Mr. Hopey Changey.

Regarding URANIUM. Yes, Globalists. One of Obama’s personal ‘friends’, whom I worked with in a particular commodity physical trading, told me about what they were doing there at DRC. This information was confirmed by other sources and my UN mentor and best friend, the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations this year. This would not even come up, if you didn’t try to set me up ‘innocently’ on my what to be my first Uranium physical commodity trading between India and DRC. How convenient it was to have someone representing India to call me out of the blue and ask for uranium and I happen to have a ‘Presidential’ candidate from DRC, who wants me to run campaign as his chief political strategist, who also happens to have access to the product – the same time USA was approving the Indian government nuclear program, after France and Russia gave their blessings. I am also quite sure someone in Israel and CNN tipped you too, during the Nobel Peace Prize when I attended, that I’ve met and ‘hid’ a dying exiled man who has evidence of how plutonium was being transferred using Ambassadors, and the ‘weapon market place’ you got in the borders of Afghanistan using his company. Funny enough, CNN didn’t report it, but released a twisted lie about Iran 2 years later. Why demonize the Iranians when they love Lady Gaga?! Actually, that is pretty disturbing to me considering who she really is. I understand. My TRUTHS are always very inconvenient to you. You were busy promoting the Climate Change faulty science originating from a Serbian scientist with Hollywood and Al Gore with a wonderful Nobel Prize to ‘validate’ just like you gave Mr. Hopey Changey for his stupendous achievement in bringing the ‘peace’ on Earth.

While we are at this, why do you always demonize China about their human rights violations (just like Libya), when USA & Co., have broken all Guinness records for atrocities against humanity? China has helped most of your economies stay afloat. But NONE of you have noble virtues, morals and never bestow honor to whom honor is due. You show gratitude like a bunch of spoiled rotten children demanding more from Daddy China, and when you get what you want after repeated tantrums, you then turn your back and speak ill of them. You call yourselves “friends” of humanity? You scammed everyone with your toilet paper currency and ‘impose’ some rule prohibiting them to dispose, devaluing their investments, as you irresponsibly pay for your war toys and evil schemes to destroy sovereign nations from within. The greed doesn’t even stop there. You then lie to your people, like the hardworking Americans who HIRED you to run the country, tax them and their unborn children now to death, because you misused their money. I used to think your economists and accountants are idiots. But I take that back. Managing to lose billions and trillions of $ U.S. Dollars of the American people and $100 billion USD of Gaddafi/Libyan Sovereign Wealth Fund, I think it is time that we hand over the trophy bestowed to the Nigerians. For by far, I do not know of anyone who can beat your place as the BIGGEST SCAMMER and FINANCIAL TERRORISTS on this planet right now. Therefore, you don’t want to pay and take responsibility for your debts, thus, killing Gaddafi would absolve all your sins.

(Sorry, Everyone. I will have a better report regarding this. I just needed to say this as I cannot stand self-righteous hypocrites.)

To the Journalists: There are two scenarios here for reasons why you get killed. If you work and sold your integrity to these instigators and report LIES, leaders like Gaddafi and China have to kill you to keep the peace in their respective countries. The other, if you do report the truth, these CIA and warmongers will kill you too. I suggest stick to the real and unbiased truth, even if you lose your jobs, at least when you die, you will go to Heaven with a clear conscience. Otherwise, why are you journalists to begin with?

To the WOMEN: Yes Ladies, Hillary does not nor ever represented any women’s rights- only her own. She is also clueless on foreign relations and requires her speechwriters. She didn’t even know who Gaddafi was! I have to put this little tidbit for fun because I know for a fact, she can never win a geopolitical debate with me, and thus, hates my guts. 🙂 She needs to go home to the house we got her in New York and learn knitting. That is the best way for her to represent women right now. It is quite rude to have the Chinese help US economy float and expect them to also knit sweaters Americans will need after they empty the wallets of their own people and cannot pay back all their debts to India and China.

To the Americans: Can a country like the USA still call themselves, a ‘Superpower’ when all it has to offer is bullying, extortions, debts to the Third World and destroying the very foundations of what America is about: Land of the Free, a Constitutional Republic? I love America and her people. My best friends are there and it pains me to watch them suffer from the hands of these people. The enemy of America is its leaders, corrupted US Congress on both House and Senate and Cabinet members ruled by the Creed of Greed in the hallways of Washington DC. It is also the place where ongoing sexual slavery and trafficking of women and children happens. You want real change, America, clean out your government. They are on all your political parties, even the Tea Party is now being infiltrated. They do not want you free anymore, just like they are putting Libya under submission with Greece, Spain, et al. You are now being imprisoned with a $120 trillion debt for a reason. Learn the Fascist playbook.

Here, get yourselves educated with real historical facts

(also these people didn’t get a War Tribunal):



Demand where your taxes go. Demand full disclosure of the Black Budget, but be warned that not all aliens are friendly. It is pointless to elect anyone right now until you clean out all your government and Wall Street. The CHOICE is yours, America. Claim back your true Greatness. Become the beacon of Liberty that you were. Remember your heritage of FREEDOM.

To Humanity: The reason for NATO expansion is a geopolitical positioning threat to Russia. It is putting chess pieces together. Look at the map.

NATO expansion is to surround Russia


If this was not an urgent imperative from the top, why would the Prime Minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, send snipers to my UN mentor and best friend, an honest compassionate clear-thinking British Royal, UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations? Why are the Neo-Nazis and practically every Islamic radical after us? The deal is this: You kill my mentor, the OFFICIAL TRUMP of the Middle East, you trigger World War 3 (too soon) as well. I am the one in-line after him. We are the ones who survived. He is missing and I am vulnerably cornered to silence and threats. We spent a lot of time calming the Queen of England down not to send any of her military and certainly, she was not happy about Sarcozy’s nonsense. She did not like that Prime Minister Cameron was in Libya and she was running the country instead. It is important to note that Sarcozy is Cameron’s mentor. Great planning of Will and Kate’s wedding though. Awesome strategic distraction while you killed Gaddafi’s son and grandchildren, plus excluding me and my UN mentor to the festivities.

These warmongers’ plans got complicated when I felt and followed my intuition that the mole was our head of security, a British Royal with  “no entitlements”. A major investigation was done and they did find sure documentation for fraudulent and severe disloyal conduct tracing a massive insider-betrayal in large scale. Not sure if they found the proxy bank account (named after his ‘surrogate’ teenage daughter) to where he funnels his monies he earned for giving our locations to get us all killed. MI5 has also marked him plus some others as terrible instigating threats. I was told that what I provided resulted in a large scale internal family and company conflict. This resulted in the removal and termination of employment, relationships and housing. Two former executive employees been also charged accordingly to Terror-Legislation and as commoners they are risking life imprisonment for their deeds, but the Royal, who has Italian-blood, is not held accountable due to his birth name and rank within English traditions.

I am really sorry, England. I didn’t mean to break up your entire country, institutions and European elitist world from the inside. I was only trying to figure out who wants my mentor/best friend killed and why key people hate me so much. I can understand why some of you are angry with me right now. But the head snake of this massive betrayal can be traced back in a particular argument in Egypt my UN mentor won. My confirmation showed up when General Wes Clark negatively reacted to my article, Libya and the Middle East: Endgame, not Democracy and removed me as his Facebook friend. That became too obvious give away for me to dig that he is part of the International Crisis Group with George Soros and El Baradei with Google execs – one of the main organizations who instigated the Arab Spring. Interesting company name ‘Crisis’ – you create then you solve. Brilliant, Soros.  Just like the New Bretton Woods II so you can all introduce your NWO currency. More on that later too.

Plus, the consistent ‘male’ voice I keep hearing on my Skype “Incoming, did you get it?”, recording and tapping my phone conversations and interception of my emails to where I cannot get help. I mean, come on! Now, you send me a US Major General with an African- French accent “based in Iraq” over the weekend pretending to be my friend who slipped up asking me for my specifics over Skype? He has to be the lousiest spy you’ve ever sent to date. You folks didn’t know that I KNOW NSA controls Skype? I KNOW for a fact that the founders do not use it all! Or the fact that only 2 companies have control of all our email SPAM (why would you consider a grandmother’s email a SPAM by the way?) ? You think I did not hear you when you said, “I thought you took care of her! Why is she still alive?!” Well, I am alive due to Divine Providence because humanity needs to come together against you a few thousand evil people. Somebody has to say something.

I guess you didn’t know that I KNOW about the Major General who worked for UN forces, the one who threw the grenade to our secret meeting at UN Geneva while you were distracting the world with the London Summit hosted by Cameron, right? You forget I have a very good memory and I am told by my UN mentor that you all hate me because I am brilliant, too honest, unbribeable and honorable. And I should apologize for that? (By the way, you Globalists owe me new laptops since you keep targeting my IP address).

So those whom my UN mentor/best friend put in charge to do my comprehensive life protection, SHAME ON YOU for not doing your jobs! When he wakes up from his coma, you can forget your jobs. Oh, that is probably why you are holding him ‘hostage’ and left me in the wilderness. You don’t want me to write this at all and tell the world because YOU ARE ALSO MOLES paid by these Fascists! You are all part of Gaddafi assassination because you know very well that our report will clear Gaddafi from all these LIES. You all should be charged by treason too by England and USA!

Honestly, with the snakes and incompetent people at the UN Security Council, who voted YES to Iraq that was 95% charade and based on LIES, and now backed this bogus NO FLY ZONE and referral to the International Criminal Court for Gaddafi (those of you who didn’t stand up and KNOW this was all wrong when you should, I also got issues with you), I do not know who to give my report at all! Just take a good look at your bribed Judge and incompetent International Criminal Court!

Exclusive Official Documented Report: Debunking Biased ICC on Gaddafi

I do not trust any of you or anyone at all now, except for my UN mentor/best friend. But those of you that took him away from me since April, I will never forgive you if you have hurt and killed him too.I hope the world wakes up in time before destruction befalls it.

I do not fear death anymore. I do not want anything for myself. As you say, I can “waste” my life, have rocks as my pillow and eat rice with salt for the rest of my life. I prefer that than take a penny from any of you in exchange for a lie.

I just want justice for all the blood that has been shed. For the Middle East. For the Arabs. For Africans. For Europeans. For Americans. For Asians. For Latin America. For Japanese victims of the tsunami that I am quite sure you have caused just to lower than the price of Rare Earth metals to agitate and curb the Chinese economy. For the women and children whom you traffic, sold and kill for your sick rituals. I just want justice for humanity. I want a better world. I do not want New World Order. You want CHAOS like what you are about to do in Europe, USA and the rest of the world. I was notified of that ‘secret’ World Bank memo and what you are about to do in a few months.

100 US and European cities heading financial collapse in 2011 due to $2tn debt crisis

I know what you all do at Bohemian Grove. I know personally what at least 3 current living American presidents have done. I know about your set ups to use them for blackmail. I know about the models and celebrity women you ‘control’ to be given as gifts to your puppets. I know how Hollywood is the capital of human sex slavery and trafficking. I know of your celebrity spies you send around the world. Goodness, one of them slipped up years ago and told me that since I am such a great singer, I will make a great spy! This is one of the reasons why I didn’t do an album. I wasn’t fully aware what you were doing to me until a few years ago! Even my roommates, former church friends, employers, friends, and even colleagues are either connected to all of you, Bush, Clinton or Pentagon. I wanted you to leave me alone, but you didn’t!

I just want love and respect for all. I want to hear children tell me of their dreams and hear their laughter again. Instead I hear them getting anti-depressant prescriptions from doctors you ordered to have them prescribed.

I know what you did to John Kennedy, Jr. I know what you did to Princess Diana. I know that NONE of the monies collected to help Africa with WE ARE THE WORLD song by Michael Jackson never went to help the continent. I know about the mind-controlled slaves, child assassins you were training and what you do to the missing children everyday. I know what you did to Michael and to Elizabeth Taylor.

I want a BETTER and REAL WORLD ORDER: I want peace. I want compassion. I want unconditional love. I want harmony, not sameness. I want fairness and justice. I want common prosperity. I want full equality and full rights bestowed to women.

ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS. I want international and state laws protecting EVERYONE under the sun: regardless of color, gender, orientation, creed, age, specie, etc. NO MORE PATRIARCHY. ALL ARE EQUAL ON THIS PLANET!

Apropos, you MEN at the top are a bunch of hypocrites about homosexuality because you practice sodomy and are paedophiles yourselves, yet used key ‘Christians’ after WW2 to promote hate and twisted the Bible for your gain. You are the very same people who invented the HIV and AIDS, meant to eradicate Africa, but you didn’t count on an American who contracted it and took back to San Francisco. Interesting you use your religious arms to start defamation of the homosexuals so you can blame them for your charade, just like you invented ‘Al Qaeda’ to cover up what really happened with the World Trade Center. Now, you invent other nonsense virus then create vaccines. Furthermore, humanity is either doped with some substance, drugged, depressed, sex/porn addicts, obese, materialistic and drones. Even the children are addicted to a secret cocaine type of additives included in soda soft drinks and junk food you’ve fed them! You poison our air with your CHEMTRAILS in ours skies, our water, our food and everything else under the sun!

I know all this since that ex-Illuminati Jesuit priest whom you’ve also assassinated a few years ago briefed me since I was 9 years old! The same priest whose job was to infiltrate churches, mosques, and other religious gatherings with twisted dogma – all to put hate and fear among peoples since childhood. All to separate humanity into divisions.

It has been very difficult all these years knowing how you used my cousin as your ‘Al Qaeda’ victim set up and have her body explode in a bus. Until now, we have not found all her body parts. To my ‘relatives’ who were part of this, you are not my family at all. Spirit transcends farther than blood.

You have always taken everything and everyone I ever care and love deeply away from me (even my pets). You have taken my UN mentor who will be the closest I would ever have as a father. Now, you sent your Hollywood vampire luring the One person I have ever loved, whom I want to marry, with illusory promises of fame and fortune, when in fact ‘grooming’ them to your ‘trade’. Add the distortions your ‘paid’ psychic mind-controllers have done, painting me as the Anti-Christ, when in fact, it is the exact opposite. If Jesus was here now, you would put him in your Homeland Security Wanted List as Extreme Radical. Don’t worry, I have space in my cave for Jesus. I anticipate Muhammad the Prophet, whose angrily turning over in his grave for what you are doing to his children, and Buddha to stay with me. Heaven knows, the 4 of us need a real support group witnessing the most fragmented and darkest moment of our planet’s history. Gandhi would even go for longer fasting if he finds out what you have done. Better yet, if this continues, just give me a big spaceship with enough space for the children, some good adult humans and animals, so we can go on exile to another universe – far away from you people as possible. We will live in peace somewhere else.

You all taught me enough since I was born, and I cannot in my good conscience do anything or everything that you want, I decline the offer of running as President, knowing you will use that against me and the people, and no matter how noble my plans are, you will thwart it with your minions. I do not want to be like the new Prime Minister of Thailand. I also know what you do to people who do not bow down to your ‘policies’. I am not ruled by greed nor do I have any power Ego trips.

When I compile all this into one full pdf/book report, I dedicate it to my UN mentor/best friend, my Baby Love whom I wanted to marry, with the innocent people killed around the world, my friends and family whom you’ve killed, those women children under these American presidents raped and killed in US soil and abroad, those missing people whom you’ve conspired as some ‘accidents” and ‘suicides’, the voiceless and those now whose lives you are destroying with your financial scam, mind control numbing shows, junk food, etc. Yes, this is what you are about to do with Egypt and the entire world. Seriously, you are the savages. I don’t think you are humans because a real human being has a conscience and a heart. You are something else. You are cockroaches who won’t die and worse, you multiply.

Democracy is a farce. You know it and I know it. It is your code word for DOMINATION.

I am quite sure humanity (and the Middle East) will be very enthused when I reveal how they pulled off the Arab Spring with your names on it. I would like to be happy for Thailand having their first female Prime Minister, but having that connected to all this, you can just imagine my lack of enthusiasm. I prefer the proposal that His Majesty the King of Thailand gave, which is opposite of your Agenda 21.

This is why it is overwhelming to write this report because it has so many layers and history. This is not just a 2008 onward event all based about the world’s biggest financial heist in history, ‘resources’ or anything obvious. It is bigger than that. “Getting rid of Gaddafi” means taking over and destroying the planet, and killing two-thirds of the human population.

Who hold these snakes accountable? NO ONE, because they either bought, coerced, and placed puppets in every single government around the world!

Thank you for your patience and letting me express my heart towards the end of this report as there is much to say and so little time.

More names and stories to be revealed. Stay tuned with Publisher Recommends section.

Remember, remember, Humanity. Remember July 12, 2011. D – Day. The day Democracy died and Universal Fusionism is born. Let us rise together in unity with one single purpose: Global Reform.

May the real descendants of Noble Dragons and Tigers rise now from the East, for me and with me. It is time to crush some Reptiles and cockroaches, defend Humanity and noble virtues, and take back our planet.


AUTHOR: Lady Michelle Jennifer Santos – TSR Founder & Publisher and Strategy/Peace Negotiator with the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations (Author BIOGRAPHY here.)

NOTE: To the people who wonder who I am and where I got my information, the only way for you to verify is you can ask the highest level executives and world leaders at the United Nations. My name is in the most highly classified papers. My UN mentor is a First Level Ambassador. It is the highest ranking ambassador and diplomat on the planet. His uncle was one of the founders of the United Nations. He was grooming me. I am very much an insider and these TRUTHS are being suppressed purposely. Many of the things I write are parts of the puzzles I’ve solved for the purpose of Defending Humanity.


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