I took the challenge that Psychometrics Center of the University of Cambridge made: Take a Prediction API by Apply Magic Sauce.

The API translates one’s digital footprint into a detailed psychological profile.

According to the researchers, the AMS could be used to predict psycho-demographic traits of a user based on digital footprints. In other words, You can be explained based on what you like on Facebook.

“It’s not magic, and it’s not psychic,” said The Washington Post. It’s a tool that researchers can use and it is built from personality tests and social media profiles.

Their models are based on over 6 million social media profiles and scores on psychometric assessments. They said this is “by far the largest database of its kind in history.”

Here are my results:

Results from the University of Cambridge Apply Magic Sauce API taken from Facebook profile. Click to enlarge. (Part 1)
Results from the University of Cambridge Apply Magic Sauce API taken from Facebook profile. Click to enlarge. (Part 1)
Results from the University of Cambridge Apply Magic Sauce API taken from Facebook profile. Click to enlarge. (Part 2)
Results from the University of Cambridge Apply Magic Sauce API taken from Facebook profile. Click to enlarge. (Part 2)


The dataset merits added details: The model is based on the myPersonality dataset of over 6 million users published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Kosinski, Stillwell & Graepel, 2013). They said they are continually updating it, and “our model’s accuracy is even higher than previously reported.”

API currently accepts Facebook LikeIDs, “but we are developing predictive models using other input signals too. LikeIDs are a convenient language to use in the digital world.”

Predictive models? How would these be used in the real world? The site reveals likely applications:

“We help you rapidly assess and give feedback to job applicants,” said the site.

For general business efforts to gain customers, said the Apply Magic Sauce team, “we enable instant psychological assessment of your users based on their online behavior.”

Their APIs can “tailor your messaging to the individuals and psycho-demographic groups with whom you communicate.” and helping “mould your product and business around the distinguishing attributes of your user community.” Another plus, they said, is the ability to use the API and test delivery platform “to collect the insights you need without invading users’ privacy and without having to handle sensitive personal data.”

For research, “Avoid asking unnecessary questions. Personality questionnaires take time for participants to complete. Using our API allows you to collect information on psychological characteristics without inconveniencing your participants. This is especially important for large online studies.”

The Apply Magic Sauce invites visitors to login with Facebook to submit Facebook Likes to its prediction engine and view output of the API.

The Psychometrics Center focuses on psychological, occupational, clinical and educational assessment.

The API uses models were built using actual psychological data and social media profiles from over 6 million people, allowing us to accurately predict a range of traits without asking you any questions. We share anonymised samples of this data with academics in order to support high-quality research into online behaviour, resulting in over 40 journal publications since 2011.

I’m not sure what to think of being profiled as a 60 year old man by social media, Facebook and University of Cambridge. In hindsight, it now makes sense why I am being chased by Viagra to “expand my manhood” and Ashley Madison “to cheat on my wife” for years now.

It is important to note that Scientists concluded with the ever-rising population of the earth that the average I.Q. will undoubtedly continue to fall. It is speculated that if the world’s population continues to grow at the rate it is going now, and it has been proven that people with similar I.Q. scores are more likely to breed with each other, the average I.Q. by the year 2050 will be an 86.32, which is about a ten point drop from 1950.

I can at least comfort myself that I am 95% more intelligent than the global population and the 2.2 billion members of Facebook.



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