BAKU, Dec. 16, 2014 (TSR-AzerNews) – Foreigners and stateless persons will be more easily employed in the territory of Azerbaijan, as the country is considering to eliminate work permit in several fields of employment.

The Ministerial Cabinet’s law in regard to granting a work permit to foreigners and stateless persons envisages the mentioned decision, which will open wider prospects to attract more foreigners.

The foreigners and stateless persons, involved in mining and processing industries, information and communication, finance and insurance, as well as education, transport, electricity, gas supply, water supply, utilization of the waste and wastewater fields will not be urged any more to apply for work permits, since the new rule excludes the permit for working in these fields.

The foreigner and stateless persons are allowed to be employed in the territory of Azerbaijan based on a paid work permit, which is issued for a year. If the employee’s labor contract is signed for a period less than a year, the term of work permit should match the labor contract’s availability period. Azerbaijan’s legislation allows the migrant workers to extend their existing work permit for only one year or less.

Employers should take into account the duration of the hired foreigner employee’s work permit and prepare the labor contract based on the availability period of the permit. The application to get the work permit in the territory of Azerbaijan is considered within 20 working days by the State Migration Service.

The State Migration Service is empowered to grant or deny work permit to foreigners and stateless persons given the accomplishment of the required procedures.

For instance, the migration service could refuse to issue a work permit in case of the evasion of state duties by the employer, as well as his or her failure to get a temporary residence permit in the territory of Azerbaijan.

In case of a pre-term termination of the labor contract and lack of other reasons to stay in Azerbaijan’s territory, labor migrant should leave the country’s territory within ten business days.

Current state duty for getting a work permit or extending the period of being employed in the territory of Azerbaijan is $447 for three months, $766 for six months and $1,277 for a year.


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