Assad’s victory in the upcoming elections would be a landslide victory. (

April 10, 2014 (TSR) – The recent military developments on many Syrian regions and the achievements in Yabroud and Rankous represent a major and devastating blow to the takfiri groups in Syria.

Military experts say the downfall of the Syrian government has become almost impossible, they predicted the Syrian official forces are fighting a war of attrition against the military and takfiri groups in a highly planned and selective way.

The recent significant military achievement in Yabroud by the Syrian army has caused structural disorder in the Takfiri groups ranks. It is estimated that more intensified internal military battles and bloody clashes are likely to break out among the rival takfiri groups after they traded accusations of treason and collaboration with the Syrian government.

Assad’s victory in the upcoming elections would be a landslide victory. (
Assad’s victory in the upcoming elections would be a landslide victory. (

Military observers have given little credit to Takfiri military groups in their new offensive in Kasab north of Latakia on Syria. The observers said the gains those groups made are much exaggerated compared to the media fuss they caused.

Syrian army officials have promised new conquests and military achievements in Qalamoun area, same sources say the complete fall of the remaining villages and military posts held by the Takfiris in the area is a master of days whereby the whole region will be under the total control of the government forces.

The new Takfiri networks would fall soon into the hands of the Lebanese official security apparatuses as intensified efforts are being made and an atmosphere of positive competition is prevailing now to fight those terrorist groups.

Palestinian officials in the Lebanese camps are considering an initiative to take measures and conclude an agreement to refrain from any intervention in the ongoing crisis in Syria and its Lebanese consequences. This is because the recent developments have revealed some Palestinian elements were involved in suicidal attacks in the Southern suburb of Beirut.

Since last month, it is expected that resistance movements in Gaza have prepared a series of military surprises that will put Israeli occupation into shame and defeat in case it ventures to escalate the situation or attack the strip. It is equally estimated the resistance is capable of engaging the Israelis for long months as well.

Syrian government officials and foreign observers agree that the balance has shifted in a major and complete way to the interest of the Syrian government in the ongoing battle in Syria. They expect major achievements soon in many fronts in both political and military spheres.

US officials have stepped up their efforts and mounted pressure against Palestinian Authority to dictate conditions and enforce certain settlement that would drop the right of return for big amount of compensation that will be financed by Gulf countries.

Western intelligence circles are on a state of shock, not only because of the recent military achievements by the Syrian government, but because all their estimates about the collapse of the Syrian government proved shortsightedness and major blow to their studies and analysis.

Qatari authorities have started an allover comprehensive and deep revision for its policy in Syria which would necessarily produce rapprochement with the steadfastness axis stretching to Iran. Some informed sources expect speedy transformation especially after the recent diplomatic measures taken by Gulf countries against Doha.

Western observers and diplomats have expressed admiration and appreciation for the active role the Lebanese parliament has performed recently. They also expressed hope that this will produce positive atmosphere on the government work and on the country as a whole.

Jordan is expected to usher in a major shift in its policies towards Syria, after the recent clashes between the Jordanian forces and takfiri groups across the border. Jordanian authorities are convinced those groups have become more dangerous to Jordan’s security than to Syria.

In Syria, reconciliation efforts underway are expected to increase in number and space to include many new towns and cities across the Arab country, sources told Al-Manar English Website.

This is due to the success the reconciliation has yielded and the new military achievements on ground by the government forces recently in the conflict-hit state, according to the sources.

Moreover, new military achievements are on way in many different fronts, especially after the government forces have mastered military plans

Syrian developed field plans heavily rely on the coordination of intelligence and military data that gives military forces full vision and an upper hand in the battlefield.

Russian authorities are expected to show the West more hardline positions vis a vis many issues, Syria comes at the top; especially after the recent developments in Crimea and the hostile policy the West used against Moscow.

Russia is determined to do everything to prevent any coming threat from Ukraine following the new developments in that country. Moscow considers everything happening there a matter of internal and national security.

According to observers, the fall of Yabroud has casted a winning vote in the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s ballot box. The observers’ went further to say that Assad’s victory in the upcoming elections would be a landslide victory.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that much of the fighting in the country’s civil war would be over by the end of the year, a former Russian prime minister who recently met Assad quoted him as saying.

Sergey Stepashin, who served as prime minister in 1999 under then-President Boris Yeltsin and now heads a charitable organization, met Assad in Damascus last week during a visit to the Middle East, Itar-Tass news agency reported on Monday.

“To my question about how military issues were going, this is what Assad said: ‘This year the active phase of military action in Syria will be ended. After that we will have to shift to what we have been doing all the time – fighting terrorists’,” Stepashin said according to the Russian news agency.

Meanwhile, US administration has decided to train and arm the militant groups in Syria in yet another desperate attempt to encounter the battlefield achievements that the Syrian government forces have attained, two US officials revealed.

The US officials added that the US will arm the militant groups in southern Syria at the Jordanian borders, noting that it will not provide them with air defense systems as it fears that they will be used against the Zionist entity, Israel.

Assad: Southern Syria First Defense Line in Face of ’Israel’

President Bashar al-Assad, Regional Secretary General of Al-Baath Arab Socialist Party, met on Monday the party’s leaderships in Daraa, Sweida and Quneitra provinces on occasion of the 67th anniversary of the party foundation.

During the meeting, President al-Assad said al-Baath Party was targeted by attempts to sully its image since the beginning of the crisis, but this didn’t weaken it; rather it made it stronger as it constitutes an essential base in national work.

President al-Assad said that Syria’s southern provinces, other than being the natural incubator of al-Baath Party, have formed, for decades, the first line of defense in the face of Israel, which explains the massive support provided by the Israeli enemy to terrorist groups that commit crimes against the people of these provinces and other Syrian citizens.

The President asserted that al-Baath Party is an ideological party, which distinguishes it from other parties, and as long as it remains ideological then the future remains open to it on the condition that it continues to develop its performance both on the level of individuals and on the level of devising policies and strategies as to protect the country.

President al-Assad underlined the importance of continuing and bolstering the national reconciliation process and for Al-Baath to play a pivotal role in it, saying “when we are strong inside, all that happens or is plotted abroad is meaningless.”

He stressed the need for citizens’ concerns and issues to be at the forefront of the concerns of party members and for them to take initiative to ensure providing citizens’ livelihood needs.

The President underlined the need to bolster relations between party leaderships and bases and establish clear mechanisms and standards to ensure that bases select their representatives in the People’s Assembly and local administration councils.

He said that the spread and expansion of a party isn’t done only by increasing the numbers of its members, but also by attracting more supporters to its ideals and policies through dialogue and persuasion and selecting qualified party members who have good standing and reputation in their social circles.

The meeting included extensive discussions on organizational, services, and livelihood issues, with discussions affirming the importance of national reconciliation, combating terrorism, supporting the Army and Armed Forces, and bolstering security and stability, in addition to underlining the growing public awareness of the true nature of the aggression taking place which helped uncover its pawns inside Syria and abroad and prompted many to return to the path of the homeland.

Source: Agencies


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