February 17, 2014 (TSR) – The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has ordered three US diplomats to leave the country, because of supporting Venezuelan opposition to destabilize the country.

Maduro ordered the expulsions on Sunday, as tensions rise over the anti-government demonstrations being held across the country.


The American consular officials were not identified; however, Maduro said they had met with university students involved in the protests.

“It’s a group of US functionaries who are in the universities. We’ve been watching them having meetings in the private universities for two months. They work in visas,” said the Venezuelan president.

Maduro said he would not tolerate threats to Venezuela’s sovereignty.

Meanwhile, Leopoldo Lopez, a leader of the opposition, for whom an arrest warrant has been issued, called on anti-government protesters to continue staging demonstrations in order to increase pressure on Maduro.

Lopez made the appeal in a video recording posted on his Twitter account on Sunday, in which he also said he would march together with the demonstrators on Tuesday in the capital, Caracas, and then hand himself in at the state prosecutor’s office.

Lopez, on the run over the past few days, harshly criticized the decision to issue a warrant for his arrest, saying the move is illegal.

Venezuelan authorities accuse the opposition leader of murder and terrorism in connection with last week’s anti-government protests, which left three people dead and dozens of others injured.

The deadly clashes between government opponents and security forces took place on February 12 during a protest in downtown Caracas to denounce Maduro’s handling of Venezuela’s ailing economy.

A day earlier, five anti-government protesters were shot in the western city of Merida, where students have clashed with police in recent days.

In order to face coup attempts continue to consolidate the people’s democracy

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, on Thursday said that the only alternative against those who would perpetrate a coup will be the consolidation of a people ready to ensure the country’s sovereignty.

This was expressed from the Miraflores Palace, where he addressed the Venezuelan people to refer again to the violence perpetrated by the right of the country on Wednesday, in which were three dead and 66 wounded.

The president referred to the poem My personal revenge, by Tomás Borge, and then indicated that “only personal revenge” of the National Executive will be ” a nation of cultured and educated men and women, who consolidated the people’s right  to happiness. Our revenge will be that this democracy continues to consolidate, expand their horizons and will continue to ensure our people the independence of our country, such that left Commander Hugo Chavez “.

He said that against the destabilizing events generated by the right at home ” the most important thing is to continue working and building.”

He recalled that ministers related to peace building and Venezuelan youth are deployed in the country to receive proposals to be evaluated for inclusion in the Plan for Peace and Coexistence.

The right wing chooses violence

President Maduro said that the right sectors have chosen the path of violence to the called dialog driven by the government.

“I proposed the path of peaceful coexistence, I have proposed the path of tolerance, dialogue on diversity and peace, but from your ranks, political opposition leaders, what has emerged is that the option of violence not from revolutionary ranks, “he declared on radio and television.

He also took the opportunity to congratulate the members of the National Bolivarian Police (PNB ) and the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB ) for their work with violent acts recorded in Caracas and other states of the country.

The guards spent hours getting insults bullets. ‘All the shields of the guard are marked with bullets,” said Maduro, who reiterated the express order to protect the Venezuelan people.

In contrast, he stressed that the rally of the revolutionary youth made ??Wednesday sent the message “of peace, tolerance, respect, fighting for socialism, the struggle for new values.”

Surrender to authorities

The president urged the masterminds of the violent events Wednesday to surrender to authorities in the country and to no longer continue to destabilize the nation.

He reported that they have already identified the faces of all the people carrying guns in the incident, and said that every mastermind and perpetrator must respond to the Venezuelan justice. “I tell these fascist fugitives: Surrender, you are responsible for the damage that occurred yesterday in the country.”

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