by Staff Reporter

April 18, 2013 (TSR) –  Russian President Vladimir Putin’s annual question and answer session, his live call-in show, is due to start at noon on April 25, the Kremlin announced on Thursday.

The “Direct Line with Vladimir Putin,” as the show is called, will be broadcast live starting noon April 25 on federal TV stations Channel 1, Rossiya 1, and Rossiya 24, as well as on the radio stations Mayak, Vesti FM, and Radio Rossiya, the Kremlin statement said.

Putin, who has held yearly call-in shows since 2001 in which Russians from around the country have called the president with questions about anything from pensions to getting a new dress for Christmas, cancelled a show scheduled for December 2012, opting instead for a live press conference.

The Kremlin said then that the call-in show was being postponed and would be held during a warmer period of the year.

In keeping with a decade-long tradition, Vladimir Putin will hold a direct communication session during which he will respond to questions relating to the public, political and socioeconomic life of the country.

As in the previous years, the questions for the President will be asked not only by the guests in the studio, but also people around the country, with whom Vladimir Putin will communicate during live broadcasts from Russian cities.

People can also telephone or send text messages to the call centre.

The call centre will open four days before the broadcast (April 21 at 12 pm Moscow time) and will continue to take calls until its completion.

In addition, the programme website visitors posting their questions online will also be able to find out Vladimir Putin’s opinion on issues of concern to them.

During the live broadcast, Vladimir Putin will be asked the most interesting and relevant questions submitted to the call centre and the website.


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