Documentary: The TRUTH about “Democracy” Part 1

February 28, 2012 (TSR) – A highly recommended documentary that we deeply believe can assist in waking up Humanity of our current global woes due to the Western notion of democracy and ideals that are based on denial and farce. It is time Humanity understand that such political idea has never worked and will never work, and must not be pushed to all nations with various cultural heritage. The way American definition of democracy is in essence, tyrannical. Yet, many are in denial of it. People want to see what they want to see, not what really is. Those who do are killed or ostracized like Socrates. Those who approve of imperialism and war are rewarded with a Nobel Peace Prize.

Bettany Hughes searches for the truth about the ‘Golden Age’ of Ancient Athens, investigating how a barren rock wedged between the East and West became the first democracy 2,500 years ago.

Democracy, liberty and the freedom of speech are trumpeted as the bedrock of western civilisation, but what was Athens really like?

Bettany goes deep underground to explore a treasure trove of pre-historic bones and ancient artefacts. In silver mines and tombs she uncovers evidence for what this society was really like.

This was a democratic city built on slave labour, manipulated by aristocrats, where women wore the veil and men pursued a bloody foreign policy, slaughtering thousands in the pursuit of the world’s first democratic empire.

The programme reveals amazing, sophisticated voting systems but also a society where smooth-talking politicians used spin, and where those who didn’t vote were known as ‘idiotes’.

This first episode charts the epic story of Athens’ victory in one of the greatest sea battles of the ancient world, when the Athenian triremes defeat Xerxes’ mighty Persian fleet at Salamis, and reveals the real story of the building of the greatest monument of this first democracy – the Parthenon – as a symbol of Athenian power.

FOR PART 2, click here.

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