Israel Has Neutralized Palestine: Hanan Ashrawi

Israel has systematically targeted Jerusalemites, putting them under a triple siege, and matters in the city have now come to a head, Hanan Ashrawi, the veteran Palestinian negotiator told in an exclusive interview.

Palestinian territories face fiscal crisis, warns IMF

The Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Gaza face a deepening fiscal crisis this year due to the non-transfer of tax revenues from Israel to the Palestinian Authority, the International Monetary Fund has warned.

Palestinians not banking on peace talks with Israel

Palestinians are not hopeful on reaching a permanent peace deal that will end a decades-old conflict because of Israel's refusal to commit itself to stopping its illegal settlement building and recognizing the principle of the two-state solution based on 1967 borders, in addition to a 20-year-old fruitless negotiation.

Palestinian Negotiations with Israel Will Mainly Focus on Security and Borders: Abbas

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks will mainly focus on two issues: Security and Borders. When these cases are finalized, other files will be put on the negotiation table and both parties will move on to tackle other issues.

Abbas: ‘Not a Single Israeli’ in Future Palestinian State

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas laid out his vision: No Israeli settlers or border forces could remain in a future Palestinian state and that Palestinians deem illegal all Jewish settlement building within the land occupied in the 1967 Six Days War.

Palestine’s PFLP rejects talks with Israel, Wants UN not Zionist-lackey USA

A major faction of the Palestine Liberation Organisation rejected new peace talks with Israel just hours before their scheduled resumption in Washington on Monday after a three-year break. US presiding over the peace talks is pointless and will always do what Israel dictates them to do. This is the very reason why the Palestinians went to the UN: To take the Palestine case out of Zionist-lackey US hands.

Fatah, Israel snub Kerry draft peace plan

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had urged Israel to carefully consider a 2002 peace initiative approved by the Arab League which promises Israel peace with 22 Arab nations and 35 Muslim nations - a total of 57 nations that are standing and waiting for the possibility of making peace with Israel. The plan, put forward by Saudi Arabia at an Arab League summit in Beirut in 2002, offered full recognition of Israel but only if it gave up all land seized in the 1967 Middle East war and agreed to a "just solution" for Palestinian refugees. Softening the plan three months ago, a top Qatari official raised the possibility of land swaps in setting future Israeli-Palestinian borders. However, until today, Israel has been hard-headed about this and still continues to build illegal settlements on Palestinian land. It is important to note that the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is costing American taxpayers USD $3 Trillion as of 2003 and that the conservative estimate of total US aid to Israel is more than USD $123 billion as of 2011 and rising.

One-sided: US pressures Palestinians to succumb to Israel’s preconditions

A Palestinian politician has revealed the US puts more pressure on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to succumb to the Israeli regime’s preconditions for talks.

World Bank: Kuwait Donates USD $50 million Towards Palestinian Development

The government of Kuwait signed on Tuesday, an agreement with the World Bank for the donation of USD $50 million for the Palestinian Reform and Development Program (PRDP). In this donation, an additional USD $230 million donated by Kuwait to The Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) administered by the World Bank.

Palestine’s Prime Minister Hamdallah takes back his resignation offer

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah has withdrawn his offer to quit a day after he presented it to President Mahmoud Abbas.

Palestine Signs Agreement with UNDP to Develop Infrastructure in East Jerusalem and “C” Areas

The State of Palestine signed on Wednesday a cooperation agreement with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to launch the "FAIR" project to facilitate access to infrastructure services in the so-called "C" areas and East Jerusalem, in which development of infrastructure represent a top national priority and paves the way for achieving sustainable development.

Ecuador to open diplomatic mission in Occupied Palestinian Territories

Ecuador is going to open a diplomatic mission in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, more than two years after the South American country recognized Palestinian an independent state.