Lebanon: Beirut bombing bears Israeli regime fingerprints

Lebanese President Michel Suleiman says Thursday’s deadly bombing in the southern suburb of Beirut bears the fingerprints of the Israeli regime.

Syrian Political Analyst assassinated by terrorists in front of his Lebanese home

Mohammad Dirar Jammo, a Syrian political analyst and head of the political and international relations division of the Global Arab Expatriates Organization was assassinated by armed terrorists in front of his home in South Lebanon during early morning of July 17, 2013.

Sheikh Qassem: Hezbollah Ready to Face Any Israeli Foolishness and Idiocy

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said that Bir Al-Abed explosion was part of a scheme targeting the resistance and its people and the most beneficiary of the blast is the system that serves the Israeli project.

Lebanon: Former PM blames Israel for ‘terrorist attack’, destabilization in Beirut

Former Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri has blamed Israel for the “terrorist explosion” that rocked Beirut’s southern suburbs and accused the regime of trying to provoke Sunni-Shiite strife in Lebanon.

Lebanon hands AL memo on both Syrian government and rebel violations

Lebanese President Michel Suleiman on Thursday handed the Arab League (AL) a memo, urging the warring sides in Syria to respect Lebanon's sovereignty.

33 Days War: A Film Israel and the West Doesn’t Want You to See

by Lady Michelle-Jennifer Santos, Founder & Publisher December 1, 2012 (TSR) - In the summer of 2006, Israel launched its war on Lebanon. 1000 Innocent Lebanese died in a small...