Netanyahu Faces Mounting Pressure To Cancel Speech To Congress

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's planned trip to Washington — opposed by the White House and many Democrats — has Israel in uproar.

Israeli PM Netanyahu rebuffs international boycott warning by US

Israel has dismissed US threat for facing more international boycott as ‘immoral and unjust’ as it persists not abandoning moves to sabotage a peace deal with Palestinians.

Zionists buy minds: Students offered grants if they tweet pro-Israeli propaganda

Israeli government plans to provide scholarships to hundreds of students at its seven universities in exchange for their making pro-Israel Facebook posts and tweets to foreign audiences, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, will oversee the programme and launched in August 2013.

Syria, Iran not threat, Israel produces 10-15 atomic bombs each year: Defense reports

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been doing massive PR campaign to rally the world against Syria and Iran to cover up the real TRUTH: The Israeli regime has produced 690-950 kg of plutonium and continued to build from 10 to 15 nuclear bombs of the Nagasaki type each year, several defense reports say. Israel, which also develops very sophisticated chemical weapons in addition to biological and nuclear weapons, refutes to sign any international treaty to allow UN to inspect its nuclear, chemical and biological arsenals.

Netanyahu undergoes hernia surgery as Israel approves 1200 Illegal Settlements

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underwent a surgery to treat a hernia as Israel also announced invitation for bids to build 1,200 housing units on its occupied lands in east Jerusalem and the West Bank, only three days before it enters a new round of peace talks with the Palestinians.

Zionist Lies: Netanyahu uses Iran’s Rouhani Misquoted Remarks on Israel

Two days before his inauguration as Iran's new president, Hassan Rouhani said on Friday that Israeli occupation of Palestinian land had inflicted a “wound” on the Muslim world, according to a segment of his remarks broadcast on Iran's state-run Press TV. An Iran's student news agency ISNA misquoted the President, and Netanyahu purposely used the false translation for his lies and propaganda on the newly elected moderate leader whom US is willing to negotiate with.

Israel backstabs revived ‘peace talks’ again, insults Palestine

Israel has again stabbed and insulted the peace talks with Palestine. It extended subsidizing several illegal settlements in the occupied territories, in a move which is expected to paralyze the newly revived talks between the Israeli regime and Palestinian Authority.

Proudly representing Israel, unable to make ends meet: The Deteriorating Isolated Warmonger

Israel is struggling to function from within and without. Its foreign ministry has deteriorated to critical levels. Diplomat salaries (an Israeli diplomat’s monthly salary during his first five years is roughly NIS 6,000 ($1,680) — among the lowest in Israel’s public sector — compounded with the fact that diplomats’ spouses are not compensated for giving up their careers and pensions when traveling overseas for a number of years, have not been updated in 10 years. Diplomats are now refusing posts. Within a few years, there will be no one left to go abroad.

One-sided: US pressures Palestinians to succumb to Israel’s preconditions

A Palestinian politician has revealed the US puts more pressure on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to succumb to the Israeli regime’s preconditions for talks.

Netanyahu Scrambling: Israel demands US to continue Egypt aid

Israeli regime has urged Washington not to freeze its annual $1.3 billion in aid to Cairo following the ouster of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi by the military.

ICJ The Hague: Barrier to Peace is Israel, Annexation Wall, Settlements Despite Int’l Opposition

Marking 9 Years of the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion "On the Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory by Israel", PLO's Negotiations Affairs Department issued a new fact sheet entitled "The Barrier to Peace: Israeli Annexation Wall and Settlements Despite International Opposition." The International Court of Justice (ICJ) Opinion on the Wall and its unimplemented recommendations for the International Community are a reminder of the Culture of Impunity that has allowed Israel to be treated as a State above the Law.

Israel’s top court gives govt 15 days to respond to appeal against gas exports

Israel's Supreme Court has given the government 15 days to respond to an appeal by four Knesset members and four environmental and political organizations against the government's authority to decide on the export of offshore gas reserves.