Saudi-linked Syria opposition chief in France to seek arms

The foreign-backed Syria opposition chief Ahmad Jarba arrived in Paris on Tuesday for a two-day visit aimed at convincing France to boost its support for militant groups.

Fracking: French president says no shale gas drilling on his watch

French President Francois Hollande will not allow shale gas exploration during his presidency. France currently has a ban on shale gas exploration using hydraulic fracturing, the only current commercially viable technique.

French lawsuit targets NSA, FBI, tech firms over Prism

Two human rights groups have filed a lawsuit in Paris targeting the U.S. National Security Agency, the FBI and seven technology companies (Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Paltalk, Facebook, AOL and Apple) who violated French privacy laws by secretly collecting massive amounts of personal data.

EU Laughing Stock: 25 truths about the Evo Morales/Edward Snowden case

Unprecedented in the history of international relations, the governments of four European countries - France, Spain, Italy and Portugal - have closed off their airspace this week to the Bolivian president’s airplane. Is this a case of strict compliance with international laws or further proof of the servility of European ’powers’ towards Washington? To better answer this simple question, French pundit Salim Lamrani sets out a list of 25 facts.

Sarkozy resigns from France’s Constitutional Council

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has resigned from the country’s Constitutional Council following a ruling that said he breached spending limits during his 2012 presidential campaign.

France ‘has vast data surveillance’ like PRISM

France's foreign intelligence service intercepts computer and telephone data on a vast scale, like the controversial US Prism programme.

Declassified: French nuclear tests ‘showered vast area of Polynesia with radioactivity’

Declassified papers reveal that plutonium fallout hit the whole of French Polynesia, a much broader area than France had previously admitted. Tahiti, the most populated island, was exposed to 500 times the maximum accepted levels of radiation. The impact spread as far as the tourist island, Bora Bora.

Saudi Arabia supplying French-paid European arms to militants in Syria

Saudi Arabia has begun supplying anti-aircraft missiles to militant groups in Syria since two months ago which was paid by France.

Origins of Winemaking: How wine got to France 2500 years ago

Found in southern France, imported ancient Etruscan amphoras and a limestone press platform offer the earliest known biomolecular archaeological evidence of grape wine and winemaking.

French President Hollande Receives UNESCO Peace Prize for Invading Mali

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on Friday announced to grant the gold medal of the Felix Houphouet-Boigny Peace Prize to French President Francois Hollande in recognition of his peace efforts in Africa.

IMF Chief Lagarde questioned over corruption probe

IMF Chief Lagarde heads to court which is targeting her for complicity in the misuse of funds because as Sarkozy's finance minister, she overruled advisers to seek the settlement.

Renaissance Era: French Queen Catherine de Medici’s hairpin found in palace toilet

June 20, 2012 (TSR) - Conservators have discovered a four-inch gold hairpin that once belonged to Catherine de Medici, wife of King Henry II and Queen of France from 1547 until...