US Embassy Bribing Venezuela Officials to Topple Government

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro made the accusations on his TV show, saying he provided evidence to regional organizations and asked them to mediate.

Obama Budgets Billions to Upgrade Crumbling Infrastructure

With over-$1-trillion deficit in infrastructure, the Obama administration hopes to open a national conversation leading to better transportation and stronger infrastructure across the United States.

Puerto Ricans Ask CELAC To Help Independence From U.S. Colonialism

With 54 percent of the population wanting independence based on a 2012 referendum, the leader of the Puerto Rican independence movement has called on the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States to help regain sovereignty for the island and to break away from the United States.

Joe Biden behind Venezuela Destabilization and Coup Plans, Says Maduro

The Venezuelan president accused Biden of planning his overthrow along with right-wing Latin American allies.

Obama Snubs Cuban Calls to Give Guantanamo Back

The White House claims Washington and Havana have a “wide variety of disagreements” over normalizing relations. Obama contradicts his own promise of closing down Guantanamo and refuses to give it back to Cuba.

US Supreme Court sets stage for historic gay rights ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court is getting back in the marriage business and agreed to decide a major civil rights question: whether same-sex couples have a right to marry everywhere in America under the Constitution.

Cuba and Russia strengthen bilateral cooperation

Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, a vice president of Cuba’s Council of Ministers, received Dmitry O. Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and examined areas of mutual interest such as economy, finance, energy, and many others

Will Obama close Gitmo alone? Unlikely.

Though President Barack Obama has obsession and good intentions in closing down Guantanamo, both parties in U.S. Congress will not let him.

Rousseff: Brazil Interested In Russian Air Defenses

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff told her Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin that Brasilia was keen on obtaining air defenses from Moscow and cooperating on nuclear energy.

Military, Unilateralism to remain backbone of USA policy – Obama

President Barack Obama declared that the US military will remain at the core backbone of America’s ability to influence changes abroad. Believing in American exceptionalism with every fiber of his being, he said that the Pentagon reserves the power to launch unilateral attacks when America’s interests are directly threatened.

Full Detailed List: U.S. Sanctions On Russian Govt Officials And Entities

The following is the full detailed list of individuals U.S. placed sanctions on Russian government officials, individuals and entities.

Obama signs into law barring U.S. visa of certain UN diplomats

President Barack Obama signed into law an act that bars entry of certain representatives to the United Nations, violating the Geneva Convention and international law which U.S.A. agreed regarding treatment and protection of diplomats from all countries.