Cuba’s New foreign investment law to support development

Cuba's new Foreign Investment Law will go into effect this coming June, along with its complementary regulations, and that its primary objective is the attraction of foreign capital, to support the socio-economic development of the country.

Cuba to create own social media networks after US row

Cuba plans to launch its own social media sites to counter "subversive" ones such as a Twitter-like app Zunzuneo that the United States was funding and set up between 2009-2012 to destabilise the country.

Cuban-Venezuelan Oil Refinery Begins Operation

Cuban-Venezuelan oil refining firm Cuvenpetrol S.A., which has been operating in this south-central Cuban city since 2007, begins production.

Cuba’s Fidel Castro turns 87

Cuba was celebrating former leader Fidel Castro's 87th birthday, which falls on Tuesday, with concerts, book presentations and other cultural events.