Stratcom says US Strategic Nuclear Deterrence Needs Modernisation

Stratcom Commander warns any nation planning strategic attack on United States and its allies to think carefully about their actions and its consequences.

US Sends Navy Warships to West Philippine Sea to Confront China

In response to China's disposal of an abandoned Filipino ship in Jackson Atoll to protect the marine environment, the United States Navy has sent an aircraft carrier and a fleet of warships with its 7,000 sailors to the West Philippine Sea.

Inside the mind of Bernie Sanders: unbowed, unchanged, and unafraid of a good fight

With never-before-seen documents from his first foray into politics, Bernie Sanders' activist roots were 30 years ahead of their time.

Canada sells off most of its gold reserves

Canada may be one of the world's biggest gold-mining nations but it is emptying its gold reserves.

Poll: Top Ranking Feds Would Quit if Trump or Clinton Becomes President

High ranking Feds would consider quitting their jobs or retire if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton were elected president, according to a new survey.

Bernie Sanders Makes U.S. History, Beats Obama Record With 2 Million Donations

Bernie Sanders campaign has been a raging success, as Sanders has launched a political revolution that changing the national political conversation on issues that matter to millions of ordinary Americans.

U.S. Pilots Confirm: Obama Blocks 75% of Islamic State Strikes

U.S. military pilots confirm that Barack Obama blocks 75 percent of Daesh strikes because he wants zero civilian casualties, according to a leading member of Congress.

Ex-CIA Director Petraeus Urges Using Al-Qaeda Against ISIL

Former US military commander and ex-Director of Central Intelligence Agency General David Petraeus proposes to harness Al-Qaeda terrorists, who was responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks, to take on the ISIL group as he warned that US credibility has been damaged in Syria.

Obama secures Iran victory as 34th senator endorses nuclear deal

John Kerry appeals to remaining waverers after support from Democrat Barbara Mikulski ensures Obama veto will be upheld if Congress rejects deal.

Understanding US $18T Debt and Why It Will Never Get Paid

At $18+ trillion, America's debt is the largest in the world for a single country. If the United States defaults on its debt, foreign investors would be angry, but current and future retirees would be hurt the most. Unlike American citizens, the U.S. government doesn't pay it's debt.

The United States Has Had More Mass Shootings Than Any Other Country

Of the 170 other countries examined in the study, America tops the world and most mass shooters in the United States obtained their weapons legally.

Gay Marriage Now Legalised Nationwide in USA by Supreme Court Ruling

LGBT individuals have a Constitutionally protected right to wed nationwide, the U.S. Supreme Court said in a historic ruling on Friday that caps the biggest civil rights transformation in a half-century. It is a momentous day in American history when the Supreme Court of the United States lived up to the words inscribed above the front entrance of the courthouse: Equal Justice Under Law.