South Africa, The Most Open Country for Foreign Direct Investments

South Africa is committed to improving its global competitiveness and reputation, and continues to compare well with other emerging markets.

South Africa’s Energy Crisis Tops Cabinet Agenda

Efforts to resolve South Africa's energy crisis and service delivery challenges in some municipalities are expected to top the agenda during the Cabinet Lekgotla (gathering) which is under way in Pretoria.

What REALLY happened: Behind Obama’s “Africa Trip”

China is Africa's number 1 trading partner. To counter Chinese influence and reinforce US presence, President Barack Obama set out on a week long Africa Trip 2013. However, Obama's propaganda tour which cost a hundred million dollars of American taxpayers monies did not go so well. It started out fine in Senegal, but when he came to South Africa, it went downhill which was not really highlighted in the Western mainstream media. It was total fiasco: He was confronted by thousands of workers and students who called him a "slave-trader," and accused him of war crimes and the betrayal of his electoral promises. Obama couldn’t even organise a photo-op at Nelson Mandela’s bedside, a symbolic image he had counted on as Italian geographer and geopolitical scientist reports.