Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal’s Entire Chinese Website Blocked in China

Access to the Wall Street Journal's Chinese-language edition,, has been entirely blocked since Aug. 2 in China.

Maduro Demands USA Retract Samantha Power’s Despicable Statement

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, repudiated a statement made by Samantha Power, the Obama administration nominee to be the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. During her confirmation hearing, Power claimed she would “contest” repression in Venezuela.

Mere Fear-Propaganda: Researchers say ‘peak oil’ concerns should ease

Fears of depleting the Earth's supply of oil are unwarranted, according to new research, which concludes that the demand for oil – as opposed to the supply – will reach its own peak and then decline. "Peak oil" prognosticators have painted pictures of everything from a calm development of alternatives to calamitous shortages, panic and even social collapse as the world reaches its peak of oil production – and then supplies fall.

US seeking to derail UN Syria fact-finding mission on chemical weapons: MP

A Syrian leading legislator says the US is seeking to derail the UN fact finding mission over the use of chemical weapons by foreign backed militant groups in Syria.

What REALLY happened: Behind Obama’s “Africa Trip”

China is Africa's number 1 trading partner. To counter Chinese influence and reinforce US presence, President Barack Obama set out on a week long Africa Trip 2013. However, Obama's propaganda tour which cost a hundred million dollars of American taxpayers monies did not go so well. It started out fine in Senegal, but when he came to South Africa, it went downhill which was not really highlighted in the Western mainstream media. It was total fiasco: He was confronted by thousands of workers and students who called him a "slave-trader," and accused him of war crimes and the betrayal of his electoral promises. Obama couldn’t even organise a photo-op at Nelson Mandela’s bedside, a symbolic image he had counted on as Italian geographer and geopolitical scientist reports.

Egypt: Qatar’s Al Jazeera raided, Muslim Brotherhood media off air, employees arrested

Egyptian Security forces have broken into the studios of Al-Jazeera Mubasher Misr and have locked up its employees inside, shortly after the arrest of crews of Islamic TV channels. Shortly after the military announcement of the ouster of Islaimst president Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood-owned television channel Misr 25 went off air along with several other Islamist-run channels, including the controversial Hafez and Al-Nas. The police also arrested some of the personnel working for these channels.

Bahamas Rejects US allegations it promotes Sex Tourism

The government of Bahamas rejected US accusations that it is a sexual tourist destination.

Obama in Berlin: Contradictions, Banalities and Lies of the U.S. Stasi Police Chief

The "Obamamania" or the Obama phenomenon, the result of a confluence of media manipulation, political inexperience and self-delusion, and the false conception that Obama’s African-American ethnicity which made the world assume that he would be more sympathetic to the plight of working people and would change the nature of American imperialism, is now gone. The world found out that the installation of Obama further consolidated the military/intelligence establishment’s control over the United States. In his speech in Berlin on Wednesday, President Barack Obama made much of the fact that he was the first American president to speak from the eastern side of the Brandenburg Gate, in what was once Stalinist-controlled East Berlin. This was meant to symbolize the triumph of what Obama called “open societies that respect the sanctity of the individual” over oppressive political systems. Once again, Obama resorted to lies as he defended the NSA surveillance to Germans and Europeans in a speech where the most glaring contradictions riddled with banalities and lies. Obama invoked the ideals of “peace” and “tolerance,” having just approved the direct arming of Islamist militias that are carrying out sectarian atrocities in Syria. He spoke of “justice” in one breath and his drone assassination program in the next, according to an American writer.

Israel against free speech: Intelsat halts services to Iranian TV channels

Communications satellite services provider Intelsat has announced the suspension of its services to the channels launched from Iran as the West's campaign, lead by Israel and USA, against free speech intensifies.

Food Companies Are Working To Make Their Processed Products Look More Natural

Food maker companies are fighting to make their processed foods appear more natural and have responded by developing technology and preparation methods designed to make packaged food seem natural. From lunch meat to burgers, they have a new goal: Perfect the art of imperfection.

Iran rejects media disinformation of sending 4000 military troop aid to Syria

Iran has rejected western media claims on the Islamic Republic’s intentions to send 4,000 troops to help the Syrian army in its fight against western-backed terrorists.

The Rumor of the Century: “Israel Wiped off the Map” Ahmadinejad’s Fabricated Comment

Iran is blamed for many things - for refusing to abide by the “reasonable demands” of “the international community”. Realities are twisted and turned upside down when it comes to news reporting by the mainstream media and American "official" narrative. Iran is being accused of wanting to start a war. Inherent in US military doctrine, the victims of war are heralded as the aggressor. Iran is not a threat to to Global Security. The threat to global security comes from the US-NATO-Israel military alliance, which continuously threatens Iran with a pre-emptive attack with nuclear warheads. This is the reason for destroying Syria, which Zionists are very much behind it. Iran does not possess a nuclear weapons program. Iran does not constitute a threat to Israel. It has natural resources that USA wants for global hegemony and to save its declining Empire. The alleged "Israel be wiped off the map" made by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on October 26, 2005 is sheer media manipulation and “propaganda in action”. The rumor was fabricated by the American media with a view to discrediting Iran’s head of state and providing a justification for waging an all out war on Iran. It is then propagated by many Zionist paid journalists and the mainstream media they work for, in addition to the Zionist paid and Jewish-controlled U.S. politicians. It is, therefore, essential to dispel the fabrications of the Western media. If Iran is attacked, we are potentially in a World War III scenario. The following text by Arash Norouzi of The Mossadegh Project wrote an excellent breakdown of Ahmadinejad's speech from farsi to English entitled "Wiped off The Map: The Rumor of the Century" in January 18, 2007 to enlighten our readers and confirm that the alleged “Wiped Off the Map” statement by Iran’s president was never made.