Nuke Test Ban Treaty Still in Limbo, U.N. Complains

United Nations complains that the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), which was adopted by the U.N. General Assembly back in 1996, has still not come into force for one primary reason: eight key countries have either refused to sign or have held back their ratifications.

China: We’ve halted building man-made islands

China caught everyone off guard during the ASEAN Regional Summit by dropping a bomb saying that they have stopped the reclamation work in South China Sea.

BRICS Bankers, G20 investors to discuss global finance in Russia and Launch Bank

Leaders and representatives of global investment firms and bankers from the G20, the BRICS and the China-Russia-led security bloc SCO will attend a financial forum in Russia to discuss a future roadmap for trade and investment ties within the BRICS and launch BRICS bank

BRICS renew firm support for Syria’s sovereignty and call for peaceful solution

BRICS countries stressed their firm support for Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and renewed their call for a peaceful solution to its crisis by the Syrian people.

‘Women must be at the decision-making table at all levels’ – Ban Ki Moon

The world must unite to end violence and discrimination against women and girls, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged at a high-level event in Chile on women and decision-making.

Council of Europe censures Norway on racism

Scandinavian country fails to combat internet-based racism or help migrants sufficiently, COE body says.

Kazakhstan adds gold for 28th straight month, Ukraine adds first time, Russia trims

The IMF says Kazakhstan boosted its gold holdings to about 193.5 metric tons in January, while Ukraine added to holdings for the first time since August, and Russia trimmed assets for the first time since March.

NATO to Establish “Command Centers” and Surround Russia

NATO will establish command centers in six of its eastern countries in coming months in part of a beefed-up response to Russian "aggressiveness".

Special Ops To Assume Greater NATO Responsibilities

NATO is incorporating special operations into all aspects of its operations and training due to Russia's annexation of Crimea and the ISIS threat.

APEC: China wins support for landmark free trade area roadmap

An Asia-Pacific summit today endorsed a Beijing-backed route towards a vast free trade area in the region, host Xi Jinping said, calling it a “historic” step.

Xi: Asia-Pacific Stands at a Crossroads to fulfill the Dream

China’s President Xi Jinping laid out an ambitious agenda and called for efforts to create and fulfill an "Asia-Pacific dream," citing China as a regional leader.

BRICS Bank: The End of World Bank

The BRICS nations' rebellion against Western-run pillars of the global financial system is more than just a political gesture: The BRICS bank is a threat and a bargaining tool.