What REALLY happened: Behind Obama’s “Africa Trip”

China is Africa's number 1 trading partner. To counter Chinese influence and reinforce US presence, President Barack Obama set out on a week long Africa Trip 2013. However, Obama's propaganda tour which cost a hundred million dollars of American taxpayers monies did not go so well. It started out fine in Senegal, but when he came to South Africa, it went downhill which was not really highlighted in the Western mainstream media. It was total fiasco: He was confronted by thousands of workers and students who called him a "slave-trader," and accused him of war crimes and the betrayal of his electoral promises. Obama couldn’t even organise a photo-op at Nelson Mandela’s bedside, a symbolic image he had counted on as Italian geographer and geopolitical scientist reports.

US-NATO in Jordan: A “Lion eager” to tear Syria to pieces but can’t

While the Heads of State and Government of the G8 noted their disagreement on Syria, the NATO powers and the GCC are conducting "Eager Lion" war games in Jordan. Their aim is to set up an attack to be launched from the Jordan desert against the Syrian air force to prevent it from flying over a zone that has become a safe haven for the international jihadists. However, contrary to NATO declarations, this cannot be done without the approval of the Security Council.

Put the NSA on trial: Perjury is a Crime

With potential perjury, a crime, by U.S. top officials, and new questions about spying, let's stop assuming everything is legal. No doubt, all the U.S. statutory and constitutional questions surrounding the NSA’s surveillance operations are why when publicly claiming that the program is perfectly legal, Obama officials also, refuse to make public their jurisprudential justifications for such a claim. The U.S. administration clearly fear that when subjected to scrutiny, the PRISM program will be shown to be, as Sen. Merkley put it, “Out of sync with the plain language of the law” and illegal as American journalist explains.

James Clapper Is A Liar: U.S. Intel Chief’s “least untruthful” Orwellian Newspeak

Orwell is getting a heavy workout these days, but one of his lasting contributions to semantics was offering the most potent example of how totalitarian states manipulate language as a tool of control and deception. U.S. National Intel Chief James Clapper lied. That makes him a liar. There are no semantic wiggling on the fact that the U.S. government does in fact spy on everyone on the planet as writer says.

Take It From Debka: Israel is Losing in the Syrian War

According to Mossad-linked Debka, “the battle for Damascus is over”. The Syrian army had virtually “regained control of the city in an epic victory”. It isn’t just the capital, it's all over the country. Israeli Debka that helps us to grasp why Britain and France, both dominated by the Jewish Lobby, are so desperate to intervene. Once again, it is a Zionist war which they are so eager to fight. Unlike the Zionist dominated Media such in the West, the media in Israel is far more tolerant of criticism. It is Debka that reveals the latest development in Syria and expose Israeli lethal miscalculations. Israel lost according to Gilad Atzmon.

War and Rape Go Hand-in-Hand: Is Reform Possible in the U.S. Military?

There is a “schizophrenic situation” that exists within the US military. Women are advancing in the military ranks at an unprecedented rate and they recently were legally accepted in combat roles. The top brass have no problem welcoming women into the ranks of the military since in a volunteer military women are essential. However, at the lower levels, on what the U.S. military likes to call “the granular level” where individual male and female soldiers engage with each other as comrades and peers, many red-blooded young male soldiers do not treat women as equals.The anti-rape rhetoric is only for PR and does not apply to them. The sorry track record of commanders dismissing indictments and convictions would seem to reinforce this view as John Grant explains.

Little Boy Lost U2’s Bono: Mascot of Neoliberalism

Harry Browne’s book, entitled The Front Man: Bono (In the Name of Power), is considered an important book about Bono and celebrity, one of the few books about contemporary music that understands issues of colonialism and white privilege, especially in regard to Africa. The author called out U2's Bono as a fraud or incompetent boy who never grew up or faced facts. Browne's Bono resembled no entertainment or arts figure nearly as much as that other sad, sheltered boy, George W. Bush. Browne, according to Dave Marsh, described Bono as that little boy in man’s boots, surrounded by forces he fathoms no more than a five-year-old fathoms the perils of the sea, a victim of the world’s greatest con artists; not an egomaniac but someone so insecure he has found ways to be shielded from almost all harsh realities (well, at least his own). If the book were a movie, as Dave Marsh critiques, that one might be able to measure the price paid just by the way Bono looks at himself in the mirror.

The New Crime of Eating While Homeless

By outlawing dumpster diving, Houston is making life impossible for the most vulnerable.

How A Very Special Great Dane Changed an Abused Women City Shelter

There are many unreported and under-reported cases of abused women and children who get separated by pet-unfriendly crisis centers around the world. This is a story about a women's city shelter who added pet facilities because of the heroism of an intelligent, compassionate and courageous Great Dane and the refusal of a deeply grateful abused woman from being separated from her furry loved one. The dog saved the woman from the beating of her boyfriend and absorbed much of his uncontrollable rage and both ends of the hammer, surviving many injuries, including broken hip, broken ribs, and other broken bones. It is a story to remind our societies to grow up soon and treat these furry family members with respect, love and loyalty and honor, the same way they give us, humans.

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