South America’s New-style Military Coup

A new form of military coup d'état is emerging in South America. Today's new militarism is characterized by leftist military men who lead a rebellion, are jailed for it, and...

Midterm Power Shift Leaves Obama with Dilemma

At mid-evening , the shape of the 2010 midterm elections is becoming clear. The Republicans will take over the House of Representatives, while the Democrats retain control of the...

China must fix the global currency crisis

The prevailing exchange rate system is lopsided. China has essentially pegged its currency to the dollar while most other currencies fluctuate more or less freely. China has a two-tier system in which the capital account is strictly controlled; most other currencies don't distinguish between current and capital accounts.

Shoot the Sacred Cows!

Noted personal finance author Dave Ramsey, host of a globally syndicated daily radio program and host of a nightly Fox Business Channel program that teaches people how to become debt free, offers his views on the so-called "sacred cows" of business.

The crack in the roof of the world: ‘Yes, global warming is real –...

By MICHAEL HANLON Around me is an endless expanse of searing white beneath an unmarked blue August sky. In front of me is a roaring, angry river of...

How to detect DECEPTION with Science

This should help you in detecting warning signs that suggest deception. In our day and age, we are bombarded with public relations, image and branding, which is full of half-truths. Lie is a lie. However, this dense physical 'world' has even managed to make money off it. It is a true sign of how very low frequency we have become. We have thrown out decency, ethics, respect and love for ourselves. Bottom line: We have prostituted our Selves and this planet, all for the mighty MONEY, FLEETING STATUS SYMBOLS and POWER. We have a lot of cleaning up to do in sorting what is TRUTH, half-truth and what is blatant LIE.

Bailout on my Mind by MJ Santos

A parody of Obama´s first 100 days solving U.S. Economic Crisis by lobbying a $900bn (now $787bn) stimulus package penned by Democrats

All gone MAD for Obama

MAD ushers in an era of hope – with their latest hopeless issue! This is their tribute to President Obama by examining what the crowd was thinking during his inauguration – and taking a look at the first 100 minutes of his presidency! Funny Stuff!

Air Force Cyber Command: Building the Infrastructure for High-Tech War Crimes

Currently situated at the secretive Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, Air Force Cyber Command, the newest Pentagon command since the 1990s, is dedicated to the notion that the “next war” will be fought in the electromagnetic spectrum, one that envisions computers as “network-centric” weapons.