America faces national water crisis

Fixing the water infrastructure of the United States is one of the greatest challenges of our time.

Hillary Clinton Disqualifies Herself from Presidency

Hillary Clinton has disqualified herself from the presidency by her own hand.

Did Aquino coddle and protect drug lords?

Benigno Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) most definitely coddled the Filipino drug lords, either out of his sheer incompetence, or outright complicity.

Aquino’s Yellow Ribbon soon to be forgotten, even scorned

All Philippine Presidents had adopted the Philippine flag as their own symbol, but Noynoy Aquino only wore the Yellow Ribbon during his entire term.

Aquino’s big crime vs nation: He defied Supreme Court ruling and allowed foreign dominance...

What kind of a Supreme Court do we have, that it has remained silent for three years now over the SEC’s defiance of its ruling?

Foreign control of telecoms: Estrada-Aquino’s biggest crime against the nation

Two presidents violated the Philippine Constitution by helping foreigners capture a strategic sector based on national and natural resources.

Foreign control of Philippine telecom industry further entrenched

PLDT and Globe are the biggest corporate deceptions against Filipinos as foreign owners of these firms have siphoned off huge profits from the Philippines.

Chicago Collapse Accelerates, Dozens Shot Over Memorial Day Weekend

With 3,000 millionaires left in 2015, Barack Obama's Chicago is now drowning in debt and pretty much flat broke with many parts of the “Windy City” have become rotting, decaying, gang-infested places.

Marcos was cheated, should file protest for country’s sake

It will be expensive for Marcos to file election protest against Robredo but he must do it for the sake of the country for her “victory” is a sham.

A Spirit Of Violence And Civil Unrest Is Rising In America

Waves of anger, frustration, violence and civil unrest are starting to sweep across United States of America, as the deeply divided nation starts coming apart at the seams.

The US’ Jones Act gets a new fight and a new argument

US East Coast refiners have long complained that the nearly century-old US shipping law called Jones Act puts them at a competitive disadvantage to refiners in Canada and Europe.

Empire of Lies: How the US Continues to Deceive the World About Puerto Rico

Already depressed-economy, Puerto Rico is being killed by US "vultures" and not being reported in the mainstream media.