Iraq: ISIL are Devil-dolls of the CIA

CIA operatives have admitted that they fabricated Osama Bin Laden devil-dolls as part of a psychological warfare operation against Pakistan. Today, it appears that the Zionist wing of the CIA is still in the business of manufacturing terrorist devil dolls. The latest set of devil dolls is ISIL, the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant according to the author.

We control you: Arrogant Netanyahu and AIPAC still threatens USA

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is still one of the most powerful lobby organizations in the country, but fortunately, it is starting to lose its iron-clad grip on US policymakers.

Israeli Fed Nominee Stanley Fischer Has a Citigroup Problem

The Obama Administration is trying to appoint an Israeli and the head or former head of the Israeli Central Bank as the Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Stanley Fischer was also former Vice Chairman of Citigroup.

Israel orders: Zionists, AIPAC lobbies hard in US Congress for Syria war

The pro-Israel and most powerful Zionist lobby group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), is planning to launch a major campaign using the same strategy, tactics and blackmails like they used when they lobbied Iraq and Saddam Hussein, to push US Congress into supporting President Barack Obama plans to bomb Syria and violate all international laws for Israel's greedy ambitions.

When will Israel attack the USA – again?

Israel has long been waging war on the US by way of deception. To date, its operatives have worked from the shadows, hoping not to be detected. Their duplicity typically includes the displacement of facts with what the American public can be deceived to believe.

America’s Helen Thomas’s courageous legacy: Zionists go home!

In the USA today, speaking out against the evils of Zionism is career suicide. The Israel lobby has destroyed the careers of several of the greatest US Senators and Representatives of the 20th century. Even former President Jimmy Carter has been viciously slandered and sued by pro-Israel fanatics. Helen Thomas, the dean of the Washington press corps, spent her career watching the Israel lobby destroy Palestine – and American democracy. Helen Thomas paid a heavy price for speaking the truth courageously, forcefully and brilliantly. Her immortal words sum up the reality of the so-called Israeli-Palestinian conflict with trenchant eloquence: “Zionists, get the hell out of Palestine.”

EU’s decision on Israel like ‘a bucket of cold water on the head of...

The European Union has at last lost patience with Israel's refusal to comply with international law over settlements.

One-sided: US pressures Palestinians to succumb to Israel’s preconditions

A Palestinian politician has revealed the US puts more pressure on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to succumb to the Israeli regime’s preconditions for talks.

Sheikh Qassem: Hezbollah Ready to Face Any Israeli Foolishness and Idiocy

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said that Bir Al-Abed explosion was part of a scheme targeting the resistance and its people and the most beneficiary of the blast is the system that serves the Israeli project.

Israel uses Turkey military base to attack Syria from sea

Israeli regime has used a Turkish military base to launch one of its recent airstrikes against Syria from the sea. Israel has been under scrutiny since last week, when it was reported to be responsible for a July 5 depot attack in Latakia.

The Real Picture: Syria opposition, Israel discuss arms supply plan

A joint committee of Syria's foreign-backed opposition leaders along with some number of Turkish and Qatari intelligent officers have met and conferred with Israeli officials.

ICJ The Hague: Barrier to Peace is Israel, Annexation Wall, Settlements Despite Int’l Opposition

Marking 9 Years of the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion "On the Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory by Israel", PLO's Negotiations Affairs Department issued a new fact sheet entitled "The Barrier to Peace: Israeli Annexation Wall and Settlements Despite International Opposition." The International Court of Justice (ICJ) Opinion on the Wall and its unimplemented recommendations for the International Community are a reminder of the Culture of Impunity that has allowed Israel to be treated as a State above the Law.