Egypt faces war of terror: presidential spokesman

Egypt is facing a war waged by " terrorist forces," a presidential spokesman said in reference to recent clashes between security men and supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi across the country.

Egypt police arrest Morsi, top Muslim Brotherhood members, including El-Katatni

Egyptian security forces arrested Morsi and the head of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and another of the movement's top leaders on July 3, an FJP official and security sources said, after the army toppled Mohamed Morsi from the presidency.

Morsi’s anti-Syria stance dictated by U.S., confirms Muslim Brotherhood’s hostility to Arab Unity

Egypt's President Mohammad Morsi's announcement on severing ties with Syria, shutting down the Syrian embassy in Cairo and withdrawing the Egyptian charge d' affaires from Damascus on Saturday came in implementation of orders and dictates by powers hostile to Syria, led by the US and reinforces inter-Arab divisions according to various leaders.

Qatar’s Karma: Intel Chief and U.S.-trained Syria Rebels Recruiter killed by Al-Qaeda

The Emir of Qatar has been one of the main player behind the removal of Libyan Arab Jamahiriya's Founder Father, Col. Muammar Gaddafi and the current Syrian crisis in removing President Bashar al-Assad. Qatar has been fueling and running the armed militants and Al-Qaeda in the Middle East. In karmic speed, the Emir's intelligence chief who worked as a coordinator recruiting Yemenis and sending them to Syria after being trained by U.S. Special Forces in Qatar died from an al-Qaeda attack.

Egypt’s State Board recommends to dismantle Illegal “Legal” Muslim Brotherhood

by TSR Staff Reporter March 21, 2013 (TSR-Agencies) -Egyptian State Commissioners' Board (SCB) has recommended to the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) that it should uphold the order to dismantle the...

Endgame Scenarios: Saudi Arabia vs. Qatar on Syria

by Peter Lee January 30, 2013 (TSR) - With all the reams of reporting on Syria, I am surprised that relatively little is written, in English anyway, about the divergence...

Egypt: Morsi signs controversial Islamist constitution into law

December 26, 2012 (TSR) - Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi has signed into law a new constitution voted in despite weeks of opposition protests and low voter turnout. The national electoral...

Egyptian VP Mahmoud Mekki resigns amid constitutional referendum dispute

December 22, 2012 (TSR) - Egyptian Vice President Mahmoud Mekki has announced his resignation, state television reported. The move has come on the second day and final phase of...

They Are Supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria

by Ghaleb Kandil, New Orient News (Lebanon) December 11, 2012 (TSR) - The Syrian national state and its armed forces are continuing to fiercely resist the global war targeting them. And...

The Assads: Washington’s One-Time Favorite Family in Damascus

by Wayne Madsen December 11, 2012 (TSR) - Archived declassified files from the Central Intelligence Agency point to successive U.S. administrations supporting Syria’s long-serving President Hafez al-Assad, the father of...

Syria, Turkey, Israel and a Greater Middle East Energy War

Despite the miscarriage of NATO’s secret military operation against Syria, withdrawal by the West stumbles on two issues. Can Washington and its allies refrain from grabbing the Syrian gas reserves? And can they leave Syria in the position of being the only state in the region which escapes the control of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Facts on Arabspring: Ethnic Cleansing of Christians in the Sinai

by Khaled Abu Toameh October 5, 2012 (TSR) - In events being ignored not only by the Egyptian authorities, but also by the mainstream media and human rights organizations in...