US Sends Navy Warships to West Philippine Sea to Confront China

In response to China's disposal of an abandoned Filipino ship in Jackson Atoll to protect the marine environment, the United States Navy has sent an aircraft carrier and a fleet of warships with its 7,000 sailors to the West Philippine Sea.

China Sent Ships to West Philippine Sea Only to Dispose Abandoned Filipino Ship

China admits in sending several ships to Quirino Atoll in the West Philippine Sea but only to remove an abandoned Filipino ship that had run aground on the shoal in late 2015 which might cause possible impediment to navigation safety and damage to the marine environment.

China: We’ve halted building man-made islands

China caught everyone off guard during the ASEAN Regional Summit by dropping a bomb saying that they have stopped the reclamation work in South China Sea.

South China Sea: Okinawans Want Their Land Back. Is That So Hard to Understand?

The U.S. military sits at the center of a dispute that's plagued the peaceful people of Okinawa who demand to have their land back for more than 70 years.

Japan Halts Work On New US Military Base In Okinawa

Japan temporarily halted work on a controversial new US military base in southern Okinawa as talks continue with local officials opposed to the project.

Fewer Filipinos back gov’t moves in South China Sea

The latest SWS survey shows at least 80% of Filipinos have been concerned that the South China Sea dispute could escalate into a full-blown conflict with China and blame incompetence of President Benigno Aquino government for resolving it diplomatically.

Quid Pro Quo: 300 Japanese Factories Relocate to Philippines as Aquino agrees US, Japan...

The Philippine constitution explicitly bans all “foreign military bases, troops, or facilities” as it also causing environmental havoc, but is being cynically circumvented by having the Aquino government maintain the base facilities, at which the foreign troops are stationed as so-called “guests” because US and Japan is one of Manila's biggest trading partners and financial aid donors. The new US-Japan-Philippine security alliance "coincides" with 300 Japanese manufacturing companies operating in China and Japan to relocate to the Philippines.

President Aquino Should Shut Up on South China Sea. China is NOT Nazi Germany!...

President Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy)? comparison of Nazi Germany and China is absurd and bears no scrutiny. Instead of giving irresponsible, inappropriate, inflammatory remarks and totally misleading historical speeches, Aquino should concentrate on making the Philippines, like South Korea, an economic, social and environmental success story which its population so much deserves.

Sabah and The Mysterious Case of the Sulu Sultan: US Sponsored Political Conspiracy in...

by Nile Bowie March 21, 2013 (TSR) - Filipino terrorists have occupied parts of east Malaysia, and leaders in Kuala Lumpur and Manila smell indications of a political conspiracy. WikiLeaks...

Obama signs Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), China firmly opposes

January 4, 2013 (TSR) - U.S. President Barack Obama has signed the National Defense Authorization Act of the 2013 fiscal year, the White House said on Thursday. According to the...

Contain China, Control Asia: America’s Pacific Zone of War and their Puppets

by Wayne Madsen November 2, 2012 (TSR) - The United States has successfully installed two America-compliant leaders as the heads of government of Australia and New Zealand, Washington’s two most...

China pulls out of Tokyo IMF and World Bank events

October 4, 2012 (TSR) - Several major Chinese banks have cancelled participation in the annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank to be held in Tokyo next week,...