Historical Revisionism: 6 Million Jews, Holocaust and Palestine

This report accounts old original copies of mainstream media newspapers from 1869 - present to show how historical revisionism is done using mainstream media and "experts" as well as the sinister motivations behind the genocide of Palestinians and the illegal occupation of Palestine lands.

The world promised billions to rebuild Gaza, but didn’t deliver. Why not?

The $5.4 billion figure that US and the international community promised to Palestine to rebuild Gaza was announced to much fanfare and repeated often. But it wasn't quite what it seemed. Less than $1 billion of that new funding has been disbursed to Gaza since the 2014 war.

Vatican signs treaty recognizing “State of Palestine” on 1967 borders

The Comprehensive Agreement includes an official recognition by the Holy See of Palestine as a State in accordance with international law and on the basis of the 1967 borders as well as reinforcing new and unprecedented provisions related to the special status of Palestine as the birthplace of Christianity and as the cradle of monolithic religions.

Israel Has Neutralized Palestine: Hanan Ashrawi

Israel has systematically targeted Jerusalemites, putting them under a triple siege, and matters in the city have now come to a head, Hanan Ashrawi, the veteran Palestinian negotiator told in an exclusive interview.

No Fair Play in Palestine

Under international law, Israel is responsible for the protection and well being of people under its occupation, but it is instead trying to destroy an already impoverished nation. Set against the joy and excitement of the World Cup, there was no joy or celebration in Palestine. Instead, there was the brutal force of the Israeli army against defenseless people. This is no fair play according to the writer.

‘Normalization with Israel Impossible’ – Turkey’s PM Erdogan

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan harshly criticized Israel over the air strikes on Gaza which left dozens dead, saying that it is impossible to continue the normalization process with Israel under these circumstances.

Sanction Israel: The BDS Boycott will work, An Israeli Perspective

The channeling each year of billions in US tax dollars away from education, healthcare reform, and social services at home, to support Israel’s military machine, has linked the struggle for Palestinian rights with the causes of equality and social justice in the US and elsewhere. The injustice result-ing from Israel’s occupation, colonization, and enforcement of apartheid is heavily linked with corporate greed, environmental degradation, education cuts, and privatization of healthcare. The Israeli historian argues that the BDS movement is the best means to end Israel's oppressive occupation.

Israeli PM Netanyahu rebuffs international boycott warning by US

Israel has dismissed US threat for facing more international boycott as ‘immoral and unjust’ as it persists not abandoning moves to sabotage a peace deal with Palestinians.

Jordan Will Not Recognize Israel As Jewish State – Jordan Foreign Minister

Jordan’s Foreign Minister Nasser Jawda reiterated his response to U.S. Secretary John Kerry's peace plan that Jordan is against recognizing the so-called Israel as a Jewish state and Jordan will not be an alternative home for Palestinians or anybody.

Palestinians not banking on peace talks with Israel

Palestinians are not hopeful on reaching a permanent peace deal that will end a decades-old conflict because of Israel's refusal to commit itself to stopping its illegal settlement building and recognizing the principle of the two-state solution based on 1967 borders, in addition to a 20-year-old fruitless negotiation.

Kerry’s “Success” Worse than His Failure

The critical issue of the ever expanding illegal Israeli colonial settlements on the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) in the West Bank (WB), which are peace killing in eastern Jerusalem in particular, will make or break the newly resumed Palestinian – Israeli negotiations, and John Kerry's career.

Netanyahu undergoes hernia surgery as Israel approves 1200 Illegal Settlements

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underwent a surgery to treat a hernia as Israel also announced invitation for bids to build 1,200 housing units on its occupied lands in east Jerusalem and the West Bank, only three days before it enters a new round of peace talks with the Palestinians.