Egyptians, Army give ultimatum for Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood to quit in 48 hours

The Egyptian Tamarrod (disobedience) movement, which had collected more than 22 million signatures, together with the Army, has set a 48 hr deadline for President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood to cede power, following the latest spate of deadly violence in mass of hundreds of thousands anti-government protests nationwide.

Nine Egyptian MPs resign to support 22 million anti-Morsi, anti-Muslim Brotherhood protesters

Secular members of Egypt's Shura Council (upper house of parliament) said they were resigning from the council in support of 22 million Egyptians who want to topple US-funded President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt’s criminal court upholds Mubarak’s release over illicit gains

An Egyptian criminal court decided Thursday to support a previous court ruling to release ex-president Hosni Mubarak over investigations of illicit gains, but the former president will still remain in detention in other charges

Egypt’s President Morsi severs ties with Syria

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi announced severing ties with Syria, shutting down the Syrian embassy in Cairo and withdrawing the Egyptian charge d' affaires from Damascus. Morsi, whose Muslim Brotherhood is bank-rolled by the U.S. government and Qatar, also urged world powers not to hesitate to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria.

Egypt Supreme Court rules ‘Invalid’ Islamist-Dominated Senate, Assembly to be Dissolved

Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court on Sunday ruled unconstitutional an article regulating the election of independent members of the Shura Council, the upper house, as well as the law on the composition of the Constitutional Assembly.

Bright horizons of unity and passing through crisis in Muslim world

A review of the beginning of religious disagreements between Shia and Sunni, its gradual escalation to an apogee and then the recent years’ alleviation indicates a Sine curve.

BenghaziGate: Hillary Clinton ‘October Surprise’ Kidnapping Gone Wrong

There have been many theories and accusations about the Benghazi fiasco that not only cost Ambassador J. Christian Stevens his life, but the lives of his staff and one Navy Seal body-guard as well. This action which led to a complete conflagration of terrorist attacks against US diplomatic buildings throughout the Middle East and North Africa still remains largely uninvestigated by the government, unprosecuted by AG Eric Holder’s Depart of Justice, and refuses to bring the guilty parties to justice while many know the truth and are not coming forward. Even though President Obama is implicated in this oversees tragedy still the truth has not emerged. That has all changed. Finally, an authoritative figure with the proper credentials has stepped up to the plate to tell the true story of what did happen without the lies and cover-ups that have so far kept those guilty of murder from standing trial. The admission on the part of this man will likely blow the Benghazi scandal wide open and lead to arrests if we can get our legal system to act as it should.

Arabs across Mid-East hold anti-Zionist Israel and Qatar protests, flags, Emir effigy burning

Thousands of Arabs from across the Middle East, from Yemen, Egypt, Palestine, Libya, and Tunisia, have been holding protests against Israel and Qatar to denounce and reject Zionist invasion of Syria and Qatar's foreign policy of interference.

US driven by Nazi war machine

In reality, no sooner had the Nazi war machine capitulated, when it was promptly used as the foundation for American and Western military intelligence and counterinsurgency establishments. When we survey the carnage of criminal wars of aggression by the US and its NATO allies since the official end of the Cold War, including the genocides in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and currently in Syria, not to mention large swathes of Asia and Africa, it is worth bearing in mind the moral corruption at the heart of these governments that can be traced back to end of the Second World War. Today, more than ever, America’s clandestine partnership with the Nazi war machine is increasingly made manifest as Irish journalist Finian Cunningham explains.

Egypt’s court temporarily releases Mubarak over illicit gains

An Egyptian court decided Saturday to temporarily release former President Hosni Mubarak over charges of illicit gains, but still to keep him in custody over other cases, official news agency MENA reported.

Hosni Mubarak retrial set to 11 May, transferred to Egypt’s Tora prison hospital

The Cairo Appeal Court has set the date for the retrial of Egypt's former president Hosni Mubarak on 11 May and was transferred to Egypt's Tora prison hospital.

Egypt’s court to consider Mubarak’s appeal for release

April 14, 2013 (TSR-Xinhua) - An Egyptian court is set to consider Monday an appeal filed by former President Hosni Mubarak asking for release from detention, state-run news agency...