5 Bills by Brazil’s Congress Threatening the Amazon in 2015

Demarcation of indigenous lands and mining in protected areas are among the subjects that will be discussed in the Brazilian legislature this year according to experts.

Clintons’ foundation has raised nearly $2 billion — and some key questions

Since its creation in 2001, the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation has raised close to $2 billion from a vast global network that includes corporate titans, political donors, foreign governments and other wealthy interests.

Saudi Prince on Rare Endangered Bird Hunting Spree in Balochistan

Saudi governor for Tabuk, Prince Fahad bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, is on hunting spree for rare Houbara Bustards birds in Balochistan despite a court-imposed ban and the government's insistence that the foreign delegation is only on a diplomatic mission.

Obama’s FY 2016 Budget: What’s In It for the Environment?

President Barack Obama unveiled his $3.99 trillion budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2016 this week, setting the stage for a showdown with the Republican-controlled Congress on funding for environmental issues such as climate change, clean water, clean power, and cleaning up abandoned mine lands. But what's in it?

Mystery Behind Dropping Oil Prices Solved – A Concerted Manipulation

Oil prices have conveniently fallen, perfectly timed to pressure Russia, Venezuela and Iran, as covert political subversion and attempts to sell all-out-war and other measures have completely failed to assert US interests around the world. The obvious answer was market manipulation.

South Africa, The Most Open Country for Foreign Direct Investments

South Africa is committed to improving its global competitiveness and reputation, and continues to compare well with other emerging markets.

The New Ukraine Is Run by Rogues, Sexpots, Warlords, Lunatics and Oligarchs

On the surface, today’s Ukraine and its political culture looks modern, attractive, refined, and much more favorably disposed toward everything Western and everything American because of the wind of transformations that swept through the country last year. But that is just a facade.

WWII reparations – Greece’s other dispute with Germany

The issue of wartime reparation claims over Germany’s four-year occupation of Greece, which ruined the country financially and left thousands dead, has complicated relations between Athens and Berlin for decades.

Arctic Oil On Life Support

With an estimated 90 billion barrels of oil lying north of the Arctic Circle, the continent has moved up on the list of priorities in oil company board rooms.

America’s New Golden Age of Black Ops: US Secret Global War Already in 105...

The United States has already launched special ops missions in 105 countries in 2015 -- approximately 80 percent of 2014's total.

The New Saudi King Salman’s Shady History and Deep Ties with Radical Islamists

King Salman, the new king of Saudi Arabia, has troubling ties to radical Islamists.

Saudi King Abdullah Dies, Successor Reportedly Suffers from Dementia

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has died on early Friday at the age of 90 and will be succeeded by his half-brother Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, which puts the region's most important Sunni power, OPEC oil supplier and America's closest Arab ally in the hands of a 79-year-old who is reportedly in poor health and suffering from dementia.