Guatemala’s Rí­os Montt Genocide Conviction Omen for US Presidents and Their Hired Assassins

Ríos Montt held his great power as dictator of Guatemala for the financial and political and military backing he was receiving from US President Ronald Reagan's administration, and the administrations of US presidents before him, all of whom represented the interests of the financial consensus that really rules in America. Convictions like that of Rí­os Montt will help unmask the Washington-Wall Street domination of elections and hold over unscrupulous politicians not only to the degree of mass homicide, but a slower and greater genocide in many nations. Good people in general and activists in particular throughout the hemisphere recognize the economic occupation and terrorism by Uncle Sam and are calling for its prosecution as a crime against humanity. Jay Janson in his article, calls Americans of good conscience to condemn their nation's economic occupation and economic terror in neighboring Mexico and elsewhere.

IMF Chief Lagarde questioned over corruption probe

IMF Chief Lagarde heads to court which is targeting her for complicity in the misuse of funds because as Sarkozy's finance minister, she overruled advisers to seek the settlement.

Washington, D.C. Insider Says NYC Senator John Sampson Covered-Up Court Corruption

Washington, D.C. insider says nine-term New York State Democrat Senator John Sampson, who represents some of the poorest areas of Brooklyn, covered-up evidence of widespread corruption in New York Surrogate's Courts.

Our American Pravda: Mainstream ‘Presstitutes’ and the American Matrix

People around the world are often surprised at the extent so many educated Americans tend to believe whatever the mainstream media tells them and ignore whatever it does not, placing few constraints on even the most ridiculous propaganda. A theoretical physicist who studied under the famous scientist Stephen Hawking, Ron Keeva Unz, writes this striking account of the failure of U.S. mainstream media, regulatory, and national security organizations and subsequent coverups that leave the American public deceived. TRUTH is available but most Americans do not bother and simply draw their understanding of the world from what they are told by the major media, which overwhelmingly—almost uniformly—backed the case for war with Iraq, despite the misleading public statements, false press leaks, and even forged evidence such as the “yellowcake” documents by the Bush administration and its neoconservative allies who utilized the compliant American media to persuade our citizens that Iraq’s nonexistent WMDs posed a deadly national threat and required elimination by war and invasion. The talking heads on TV create their reality as prominent journalists across the liberal and conservative spectrum eagerly publishing the most ridiculous lies and distortions passed on to them by anonymous sources, and stampede Congress down the path to war like in Libya, now Syria and then the decades long Israeli propaganda on Iran. Most of the Americans who elected Barack Obama in 2008 intended their vote as a total repudiation of the policies and personnel of the preceding George W. Bush administration. Yet once in office, Obama’s crucial selections—Robert Gates at Defense, Timothy Geither at Treasury, and Ben Bernake at the Federal Reserve—were all top Bush officials, and they seamlessly continued the unpopular financial bailouts and foreign wars begun by his predecessor, producing what amounted to a third Bush term. The real destruction of the US Constitution, the basis for the United States, was achieved by the neoconservative George W. Bush and Obama regimes.

Thirdworldizing America: The REAL Reality Behind the Beyond Broke and In-denial Empire

The state of today’s America is deplorable and Obama Administration's "April" employment data is nonsense. Poverty is its “new growth industry.” America’s 1% has more wealth than the bottom 95%. Income inequality is greater than in all other developed countries. Over three-fourths of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck. America is a kleptocracy, run by corporate crooks. Bipartisan complicity lets them have things their way. Profits are privatized. Losses are socialized. Bankers are at the top of the pecking order. Ordinary people are exploited. Obama exceeds the worst of George Bush and thirdworldizing America. Ideologically over-the-top and they own him. Whatever they want they get. America is a democratic facade that masks New World Order harshness. Freedom’s fast disappearing. Inside the bubble, it’s paradise. Outside it’s dystopian hell. America never was beautiful. It’s worse than ever now in modern times. Wake up, Americans. Things keep getting worse, not better. You are heading America for tyranny and ruin warns award-winning American author, Stephen Lendman.

US Congress Corruption in Practice: Oh Look, Rep. Mike Rogers Wife Stands To Benefit...

U.S. House of Representive Mike Rogers, the main person in Congress pushing for CISPA, has kept rather quiet about a very direct conflict of interest that calls into serious question the entire bill and for good reasons: His wife stands to benefit quite a lot from the passage of CISPA, and has helped in the push to get the bill passed. He has not been forthright about whether or not CISPA is about giving information to the NSA (hint: it is) and unashamedly manipulating the American public by insisting that the only opposition to CISPA came from 14-year-old kids, with insulting and ridiculing remarks of course, in their basement. When this cybersecurity bill has nothing to do with safety, but big money for defense contractors. No one has really covered this key part of the narrative in the mainstream media, but this is the Real U.S. Congress and the kind of activities going on behind the scenes that the American people seem to keep condoning by non-doing and non-expulsion of their elected leaders.

Greed starts young: Little kids know to share, but hoard anyway new study shows

Children as young as 3 years old understand they should share with others, but they fail to follow this rule until age 7 or 8, according to a new study.

The State-controlled Corporatist Kleptocracy as “Protection” Racket: Chapters in the History of Daylight Robbery

Coolidge once said, "the business of America is business". It is easy to forget that the US was actually founded on the basis of a kind of white (in that sense "enlightened"), oligarchic absolutism. If a policy or action of government cannot be expressed in terms of someone's maximum private profit then it is indefensible in the US. The conditions of the Maastricht Treaty establishing the euro and the ECB are an attempt to impose those same ideological and political constraints on the European Union enforced by adoption of the Federal Reserve Act in the US. The Federal Reserve is essentially a technology for naturalising usury and endowing it with supernatural legitimacy. But just as it has been argued in some quarters that the US Federal Reserve triggered the Great Depression-- for the benefit of the tiny bank of banking trusts-- the European Central Bank, urged by the right-wing government in Berlin, is being pressured to follow the same rapine policies as the FED is pursuing today.

Greeks, Germans and Banksters: The Return of the Ancien Régime

The German press is saturated with reports intended to verify the myth of the slovenly, lazy and corrupt Southern European countries which virtuous and hard-working northern European countries mistakenly admitted to the European Union. The role of the most felonious corporation on the planet today is trivialized since the harmless fraud investigations in the US against the “mother of all racketeers“ (along with JP Morgan) are never reported in connection with their advisory and trading “services“ in Greece or throughout Europe. Yet there are numerous strands to the fabric of confusion being woven in the Greek dilemma. The criminals are at large and their business continues.

Thai PM expected to keep post despite legal battle

by Surasak Tumcharoen April 1, 2013 (TSR-Xinhua) -- Thailand's Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is likely to remain in power despite alleged charges of concealing assets. An investigation into the allegation, which...

Enforcement of Danish foreign bribery laws “weak” – OECD

by Luke Balleny March 23, 2013 (TSR- TrustLaw) - Denmark must investigate foreign bribery more proactively, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said in a statement on Thursday. In...

The big banks’ big lies in Australia

by Michael West and The Sydney Morning Herald March 3, 2013 (TSR) - The major banks are supercharging their profits at the expense of customers. Their funding costs have fallen,...