Golden Triangle: Iran, China, Russia to Drive the World Away From Dollar

With US $19+ trillion debt and constant wars, the China, Russia and Iran axis committed to peace readies to drive the world away from dollar.

China not joining US-led coalitions fighting terrorism

China refused to join any US-led coalitions that have a military nature and this also applies to international counter-terrorism cooperation.

Game Over, USA. Russia Has Destroyed the CIA’s Arms Smuggling Operation in Syria

Russia has cut off major supply routes the C.I.A. has been using for the last three years to smuggle arms into Syria via Turkey for the terrorists, and without it the USA no longer have leverage over Assad or the Russians.

Poll: Top Ranking Feds Would Quit if Trump or Clinton Becomes President

High ranking Feds would consider quitting their jobs or retire if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton were elected president, according to a new survey.

HRW says ‘Politics of Fear’ Threatens Rights

Governments are using the politics of fear to roll back human rights according to Human Rights Watch World 2016 Report.

World in Transition: Brics end with China, Enter the Ticks

There's an uncomfortable reality for fund managers and for the rest of the world. The Brics end with China.

Xi Jinping: China Backs an Independent Palestine Based on Pre-1967 borders

Xi Jinping declares China supports the creation of an independent Palestinian state with eastern Jerusalem as its capital, based on the pre-1967 borders.

US begins implementing visa waiver restrictions

The US government has begun to enforce a new law on restricting nationals from 38 Visa Waver countries with visa-free travel to American soil with limited exceptions.

New Norwegian Initiative to Promote Freedom of Expression and Independent Media

As part of Norway’s foreign and development policy, the Government will step up its efforts to support independent media, provide protection for people who express their opinions publicly, and improve public access to information.

Philippines Defies USA, Becomes Founding Member to New China-led Bank

The Republic of the Philippines joined other US allies and defied American pressure by formalising its Founding Member status to the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

South Korean Comfort Women Reject Japan’s Politically Expedient Apology, Conditional Compensation

South Korean wartime victims rejected Japan and South Korea signed landmark agreement on Monday to resolve the "comfort women" issue because they were not consulted and regard the deal as giving up women's human rights.

Leaked Norwegian Foreign Ministry Report Confirms ISIL Smuggles Oil to Turkey

A secret report compiled by an independent Norwegian oil and gas consulting firm given to the Norwegian government in July was leaked and vindicates Russian President Vladimir Putin's allegation of ISIL's, also known as ISIS/Daesh/IS, vast oil smuggling trade in Turkey, sold in black market at a steep discount prices.